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The New World Order - and How to Profit From It

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 07:52 PM

International power broker Henry Kissinger -- who also happens to be Tim Geithner's first employer out of college -- said in a 2007 interview with Charlie Rose that "we're at a moment when the international system is in a period of change like we haven't seen for several hundred years."

And what's changing? Former President of the World Bank James Wolfensohn is more specific:

You will have a 22 times growth [in developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Mexico] between now and the year 2050. And the current rich countries will grow maybe two-and-a half times. This is not just ... a modest statistical change. This is a change in terms of quantum and in terms of importance.

A new world order is emerging. What will be changing?

Don't be alarmed by the recent recession/depression. We all were fully aware that the Rothschild's, Rockafeller's and Morgan's of the world were destine to collapse the world economy. How else would they be able to position themselves frontrunners for the New World Order? And which one of them has the strongest voice among the IMF? Well, nonetheless, perhaps it might be wise to invest what little you have left into companies that will lead this charge.

I, for one, believe that possibly a one world government is exactly what a planet needs in order to escape not just this adolescent technological (nuclear) era, but also the unified global presence to venture to infinity and beyond. Oh sure, of course there are going to be major global catastrofies (atmospheric, weathered, hunger, housing, locational resource depletions, etc). A planet can only house so many people before complete collapse. FEMA is the least of our concerns, but welcomed I am sure if perhaps we needed the assistance. But I shall leave that for another conversation.

I invite you to read this article regarding the G-7 (regarded now as G-20) and investment opportunities into companies like General Electric and Fuel Tech. I had just recently invested $2000 into GE (300 shares) when the stock as at $6.45 last month. Now hovering around $10.50 a share, I've made a decent little profit.


posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 08:15 PM
Profit? What Profit?

I always thought we would enter a brief "Moneyless" society before the new world order was established (No money for war = little resistance?), where gold and silver become commodities; and paper money becomes nothing but paper.

....You just completed my thought...

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 08:25 PM
You do realize that the money you have gained has doesn't really exist right?

You know that profiting from their control of us pawns is simply becoming one of them right?

Your stocks, are up, yes, and you may think they are going to continue that way, however this is what always happens before Hyper Inflation works.

And you are correct about the OWG, it's a great idea on paper, and would work wonders for the world if operated by honest and trustworthy individuals, however that is not the case.

Deny ignorance and realize that EVERYTHING you have, can be lost at the stroke of a pen, and it's fast coming.


posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 12:23 AM
I find both of your posts fascinating. You bring up excellent points and should be commended. However, you fail to realize that money still runs our economy, and both of you have jobs (or at least I hope) in which you earn an income. That income pays for your food, shelter, clothing, Internet connection, etc. What you are failing to realize is that you too can profit (big or small) in this economy. Do you care who profits from this? Is there anything you can do to stop it? No. You cannot or will not stop the mega NWO machine ripping our world apart.

Stocks might be on a short bull-run, and probably the economy will regain composure the second quarter of 2010. World economies are crumbling ... and those (if not all) national currencies are at rock bottom.

But I ask you, what are you going to do about it? Gripe, complain, toss out conspiracies based on valid truths and points which will not change the way your lifestyle behaves? That is not going to put food on your table, pay your electricity to login to sites like this, or slide your feet into $100 tennis shoes. Open your eyes.

General Electric is one of the strongest companies in the United States. Do you actually think their stock or merit as a company will crumble? They might have lost their TripleAAA rating, but don't count them or anyone else out for that matter. All I am suggesting for individuals like myself who have "spare change" is to invest in the right companies that will steer this economy into a one world government. If you do not wish to make a profit, that is fine by me. But 5 years from now when you look back at how your little investment could have made some decent coinage, just continue to blame the NWO ... not your blind and hard-headed ways.

p.s. Your comment, "You do realize that the money you have gained doesn't really exist right?" Actually, the money does exist and those profits will be sitting in my bank account in 3 days. That "not existent money" is paying for my trip to South America in July. Not sure what monopoly money you are playing with, but all funds I earn (work, gambling, investment, etc) pay for my goods.

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 01:52 PM
You did not make a good profit. The profit you made will be taxed if you decide to sell it off.

You lose. If you made a 500 percent profit, I'd say good deal. But as it stands you simply gave your money to a company that doesn't give a damn about you.

So you made a couple cents on the dollar. Is that going to make you a hedonistic mansion owner? Nope!

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 02:57 PM

So you made a couple cents on the dollar. Is that going to make you a hedonistic mansion owner? Nope!

What the f--k is up people's butts these days. I never said I was making millions. I simply stated that a person can make a decent profit by investing in stocks which will guide this world into a lone governing entity.

Sure, I made $1,215 in two weeks off of a $2000 investment. I will be taxed 30%, leaving me with $850 (but my personal write-off's will counter those taxes). That just paid for my plane ticket to South America, which I just booked (and paid for).

Don't misread the article into my own personal wealth, which believe me is quite sufficient. Enjoy life, relax without stressing yourself, and learn to open your eyes while not following the carrot on a stick. I take it your personal wealth is pretty shotty, therefore you find the need to troll. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 03:41 PM
"You cannot or will not stop the mega NWO machine ripping our world apart." -
It's that kind of mentality that pisses me off. Never say Never unless it's already happened.

And finally, do you honestly think your money actually means something, one way or another? Money has become so inflated that it's not worth much, although most people like to see the numbers rather then the truth.

The reason I choose not to profit off the coming of the NWO is because I will forever regret it when the government becomes corrupt (All governments will at one point), and starts leading the sheep into a cage where they may not be able to escape from.

And those sheep could even include my family, my friends, and people I really really care about; what about you?

I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I helped something like this come into the realm of reality.

Live the way you want to, but don't throw your lifestyle in everyone's face like it's the only way to go.

I for one, choose to be able to look back, and say:

"Hey, the American Dollar was destroyed, woot! I didn't make fake money off the stock market while I could! I am so happy that I did, I mean you can't even convert from old currency to new because it would allow people to fight the NWO with weapons!"


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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 04:13 PM
the flaw I see is that this enables the NWO to keep needs to be completely dismantled...

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