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The Global Crisis, the ultimate secret of the Empire and UFO/EBE's

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 08:39 AM
This post contains conspiracy references towards Aliens / UFO's, NWO and Secret Governments. It fits into a few forums but initially I will post in the General Conspiracy. If this needs to be moved please do, I am new here in terms of actually posting my own thread. Thanks.

The increasing likelihood that the forces at play beneath the spiritual, ecological, social, political and economic crisis that befalls us are hidden from view and remain inscrutable from a conventional rational perspective

In a nutshell, the proposition that underlies and connects them is that there is a secret world (or quasi-global) government which is by definition neither democratically elected nor publicly accountable, and which may have been able to connect with or tap into forces that are at least partly non-human and possibly originate outside our planet. Though not all the cited books make the latter allegation, which some authors such as John Perkins or Peter Dale Scott may not agree with, they all bring various pieces to the puzzle we are trying to construct – or unravel, and all demonstrate and conclude that the global socio-political and “scientific” reality is not what most people are taught and subsequently believe it is.

1] Many authors, even among those of relatively conservative persuasion, have shown or acknowledged what Nafeez M. Ahmed calls “ the increasing criminalization of the state ” at the global level, but particularly applying to the most powerful or leading states, beginning with the “sole superpower” and its closest allies: the UK, Israel and other NATO members.

Ahmed asks in the same article entitled “ Torture, Rendition, Terror and Oil: a Primer on Deep Politics ” (Op-ED News, 11 Feb. 2009): “ In the service of what powerful vested interests are states acting in this increasingly criminal manner ?” and provides in response the definition coined by Peter D. Scott for “ deep politics ” : “(a system) in which institutional, non-institutional and para-political bodies, criminal syndicates, politicians, judges, media, corporations and leading government employees, resort to decision-making and enforcement procedures outside…law and society. What makes these supplementary procedures “deep” is the fact that they are covert or suppressed, outside public awareness as well as outside sanctioned political processes” (in “Drugs, Oil and War”).

Ahmed adds that this situation generates “ a form of police-crime symbiosis where the defining parameters of which side controls the other are no longer clear ”.

John Perkins is one of several expert witnesses who, as a former actor within the system (“an economic hit-man” as he defines himself) has documented and shown how this criminal hidden ruling structure spread its tentacles to control global economy and politics . He provides a vivid illustration of the operational methods used by the global powers-that-be, some of which were analyzed by Noam Chomsky in his books “ Manufacturing Consent ” (1988, with Edward S Herman) and “ Necessary Illusions ” (1988).

2] Dolan, Salla, Good, Sherman, Marrs, Harris, Greer and a host of other researchers have gathered and presented some of the massive evidence that our planet has been for many decades at least under the frequent or constant watch of intelligent highly technological “alien” (?) visitors who may or may not be “human,” but who do not belong or report to any known governments or corporate authorities in any country, and who often interfere with military, energy-producing, telecommunications, aeronautical and astronautical systems and organizations, with the apparent design to prevent any aggression from “our” side and to curtail or control our defensive and offensive capabilities.


posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 08:40 AM

Many nation-states have now acknowledged through the relevant official agencies or from the lips of very senior political and military leaders that they have been aware of this presence and potential threat for many years and have tried, without much if any success, to track down, study and understand the nature, origins, motives and goals of the “unknowns”. A documentary by Jose Escamilla entitled “ The Greatest Story ever denied – Proof of the Alien Presence ” in one of several that provides hard and solid visual evidence from NASA and other “official” records about alien ships filmed in the atmosphere and in outer space.

3] Some researchers , especially Michael Salla and his colleagues in the realm of Exopolitics , Paola Harris, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Stephen Bassett, NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Greer, Victor Viggiani and others, (supported at least in part by many “whistle blowers” and by various high level government officials such as the former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer from Canada, Admiral Lord Hill Norton, former Chief of the British Defence Staff, French Defence Minister Robert Galley and General Bernard Norlain, once Hill Norton's counterpart in the French Air Force, the late Colonel Philip Corso from the USA, Dr. Jacques Patenet, Director of GEIPAN at the CNES (the French NASA), Prof. Jean-Claude Ribes, associate director of the National Institute for Astronomy and Geophysics, France and Nick Pope who headed the “UFO Desk” at the UK's Ministry of Defence) have concluded that certain government agencies, especially the military-industrial administration symbolized by the Pentagon, linked with the Intelligence complex led by the CIA and NSA, have accumulated substantial information on the “alien” presence and activity.

Paul Hellyer said as much in his address to the 2006 Exopolitics Conference in Hawaii: “ It appears that real government has passed from elected accountable representatives of the people to an unelected, unaccountable elite group of senior government officials and industrial leaders .” This is the covert state that Senator Daniel K Inouye of Hawaii described as “ a shadowy government with its own Air Force, Navy and fundraising mechanism…free from the law itself ...” which Lewis Laphan called the “ permanent government ” as opposed to the visible elected one.

In this regard, the statement made to Clark McClelland, Mission Operations Monitor for NASA on 16 July 1969 at Kennedy Space Center during the launch of Apollo 11 by Senator Barry Goldwater , a long-standing member of the select committee on Intelligence, is conclusive: “ The UFO situation is at the highest level of national security. Much higher than the H Bomb .”

The implication is that the aforesaid agencies, known or unknown to the public, have used this information - and possible access - to further their goals of global domination, justified by the imperative of planning for “planetary defence” against any and all invaders from space , camouflaged as national security preparations against a foreign enemy, formerly defined as the USSR and now as China, Russia and accessorily the international Islamic threat, embodied either by an amorphous terrorist network such as Al Qaida or by a regional power like Iran.


posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 08:41 AM

Richard Dolan, one of the most “political” of the authors mentioned defines the situation very well in the preface to his aforementioned book (“ UFOs and the national Security State ”): “… America is a country with a bad conscience, nominally a republic and a free society, but in reality an empire and oligarchy: vaguely aware of its own oppression .” He describes the mysterious realm of “ special projects ” surrounding government military UFO intelligence and research as “ a project that is taking place in near complete secrecy, for purposes unknown, by entities unknown, with access to apparently substantial resources and technology .”

He compares this elephant in the room to the Manhattan Project which in its day was completely hidden from the public and from legal or democratic oversight, though it consumed the then colossal budget of $ 2 billion towards the attainment of a very ominous goal that was only revealed when it was achieved - with the detonation of the first atom bomb in the New Mexico desert at Los Alamos on 16 July 1945.

one of the most troubling signs that we are all being lied to can be found in the colossal amount of funding that the “ black budget ” of the United States has attracted in the last decades , to the point of hollowing out a number of government and private institutions by diverting their resources to unknown ends.

On the basis of figures provided by the US General Accounting Office (GAO), the funds that have simply disappeared from various departments average 1,5 to 1,7 trillion Dollars per annum in the last few years. In 1999, according to Salla's research, the figure was 2,3 trillions. He combed the US budget for the “single line items” which are unspecified allocations that CIA apparently siphons off to various departments of the Pentagon and the Intelligence Community for which it acts as a conduit and paymaster under the provisions of the 1947 National Security Act and the CIA Act of 1949, entitling it to spend public monies “ without regard to the provisions of law and regulations relating to the expenditure of government funds ”.

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 08:42 AM
The role played by certain shadowy elite secret societies such as the US, Yale-affiliated Brotherhood of Death, better known as “ Skulls and Bones ”, the annual Bohemian Grove conclave, the Bilderbergers , Cecil Rhodes's Secret Society or Inner Circle , the “ Black Network ” reported by police investigators into the 1991 BCCI scandal, the Pilgrims Society , and other Masonic or putatively Templar (“ Illuminist ”) cryptocracies is not easy to define, but some might serve as antechambers to the “Sanctum” of the global oligarchic control structure whose tentacles and ramifications extend, through a web of interlocking partnerships and cross-holdings, to the major banking, financial, energy-owning, high-tech defense and intelligence-related equipment manufacturing corporations, and at whose core is the US Federal Reserve system, controlled by its private owners since its inception in 1913. The latter effectively controls global credit through its monopoly on the Dollar as the world's reserve currency.

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 08:44 AM

This six-page document titled, "Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies", is the first document to use the phrase Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, or EBEs. It says the presence of unidentified spacecraft is accepted as de facto by the military - and this is dated June 1947.

It deals with the subjects that you would expect competent scientists to deal with - i.e., where do they come from, what does the law say about it, what should we do in the event of colonization and/or integration of peoples, and why are they here?

The document suggests that in the event that EBE's desire to settle here on earth there will be "profound change in traditional concepts" of law and the possible need for a new "Law Among Planetary Peoples." There is also propositions concerning the necessary creation of a "Cosmic International law" that would protect the rights of all celestial states to lay claim on otherwise unclaimed solar territories.

Finally, the document addresses the presence of celestial astroplanes in our atmosphere as a result of actions of military experiments with fission and fusion devices of warfare. The authors of this document encourage consideration of our potential future situation and safety due to our present and past actions in space.

How can we avoid a perilous fate?

Steven Spielberg has reported that prior to the release of his film “ Close Encounters of the Third Kind ,” inspired by real events, in 1979, he received a 20-page confidential letter from NASA specifying what could and could not be included in the definitive version of the movie.

The alleged secret treaty or treaties seem to follow the recommendations contained in a draft memo purportedly authored by Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer in June-July 1947 for the American President, which envisions “ the peaceful absorption of a celestial race(s) in such a manner that our culture will remain intact with the guarantee that their presence not be revealed

Lastly, we should consider the possibility that our atmospheric tests of late could have influenced the arrival of celestial scrutiny. They could have been, curious or even alarmed by such activity (and rightly so, for the Russians would make every effort to observe and record such tests).

In conclusion, it is our professional opinion based on submitted data that this situation is extremely perilous, and measures must be taken to rectify a very serious problem are very apparent,


Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer

Director of Advanced Studies

Princeton, New Jersey


Professor Albert Einstein

Princeton, New Jersey

ATS got a little mention i see in the first external link

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