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Have you ever had an hallucination?

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 08:28 PM
Often times UFO debunkers will blame a sighting on an hallucination. If a group witnesses one then it's a mass hallucination. If wanting to see a UFO could cause one to hallucinate one then I should be seeing them everywhere. Have you ever had one?

I've had two. The second one happened on Daytona Beach. While walking with my wife along the edge of the water I could've swore I saw the fin of a Killer Whale rise up out of the water and then decend back beneath the surface. It happened about two hundred yards away near the shore. The only thing I could figure was my eye's were tricked by a wave breaking.

The first one happened in my home. My grandfather died when I was just about to get out of the service. When I did get out I bought his house. He had lived in it for many years. My father was born in this house. I had been living here for a couple of years with my wife and two sons ages 5 and 4 yrs. old. One night I was headed downstairs to the bathroom. When I move around the house at night I don't turn any lights on. A dim light over the kitchen stove and a street light out front provide enough light to get around.

As I came downstairs into the dining room I was surprised to see a man, my guess would be mid twenties, sitting at the head of the dining room table. He was wearing a white sleeveless undershirt and had dark hair, muscular build, hands folded before him resting on the table. As I was trying to decide what my next move should be he dissolved right before my eyes, exactly like the transporter on Star Trek.

I shrugged it off and figured that because I had just awakened I was closer to the dream state and had simply imagined it. For the few seconds that I saw him he did look completely real.

I have never seen an object in the sky that wasn't there. I've always been able to follow an aircraft or a bird or whatever. Both of my hallucinations were very brief. 3 maybe 4 sec. max.

An odd side note. A week later my five year old overheard me talking to my sister about the man at the table. He said "Maybe it's the man that looks out the window in the kitchen." My grandfather had a habit of leaning on a shelf and looking out the window. I never mentioned this to my kids. My sister brought out a family album and my son picked my grandfather, out of a book filled with pictures, as the man at the window. My son had never met his great grandfather.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 08:37 PM
Ok, that first one I'll give to you.

However if you wanna chalk up your second experience to "hallucination" that's fine, but it probably make the person who still wants to contact you, that is in that place, a little angry.

I've had many hallucinations in my youth (Woodstock) and really that's all I can say about that. I've also had many spiritual out of body experiences and dreams/visions that I will defend to the grave as being actual experienecs that I have lived through.

There is a fine line between crazy and genius, and in today's society we tend to want them to be crazier than smarter, which seems like self destructive behaviour. Seems that everywhere I look, stupidity and conformity are what is taught as being the norm, instead of new, fresh ideas that could invigorate the planet.

But I digress...As far as UFO's being a mass hallucination, I can see their point, whereas our constantly projected though of Alien existence ould very well manifest itself in the form of lights in the sky/abduction scenarios.

However I believe will all of the documented "evidence", all of the testimony from witnesses as well as people who have gone through these things, I highly doubt we are ALL hallucinating at the same time.

And to add, if it was a MASS hallucination we would see things simulatenously, there would be mass appearances everywhere that most all humans could see and related to. It wouln't be confined to just a certain part of the world at a certain given time.

Just my thoughts.


posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by miketwosix

interesting stories ... i myself have never had a hallucination, really hope i don't have one personally as i would be quite freaked out ...

off topic: this is dangerous water you're treading ... hopefully people won't derail the thread and bring drug hallucinations in and possibly lead to this thread being deleted

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 08:57 PM
I've experienced an honest to god hallucination once before....brought on by sleep deprivation.
Myself and a friend were driving to the northernmost region of Michigan from where we lived just south of Detroit....quite a long trek for those not in the know. We were meeting some friends up there at a cabin that we used to go to specifically to party. Well, my friend and I had been up all night at a house party and then decided to leave for the cabin at around 2am....We both worked together and had been up since 6am mind you. I chose to get behind the wheel and drive the full duration of the trip to the cabin. Roughly 3 hours into the drive, and only about 45min. from our destination, I began to have trouble focusing. Since it was winter, I cracked my window halfway down and my buddy did the same, and then I put on some super high bpm death metal to further awaken my senses. I was alright for another 10min or so, but then I saw a dark figure in the middle of the road right in our path!!! This freaked me out so badly, I didn't attempt to swerve or completely jam on the brakes though, as I know how easy it is to get yourself killed that way. Of course the figure that I saw wasn't there at all, and my friend was very angry with me to say the least, lol. He took over driving the rest of the way and we made it there safely. I have to say that this was a true hallucination brought on by sleep deprivation because my friend didn't see it at all, and whatever it was that I saw was there in great detail one second and gone the next. I should also state that driving in Michigan in winter, you are definitely extremely focused on the road ahead of you because of the possibility of black ice, or drifts being blown across the road that can easily wipe you out. I think this also played a role as it probably fatigued me even more having focused that long.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 09:01 PM
The closest thing I have had that might be a hallucination was under the influence of sheer exhaustion and fatigue. While on a particularly stressful assignment I had gotten about 4 thirty minute to one hour catnaps in the space of about 4 days. By the end of this period I kept jerking my head around and startling from having the sensation that someone or something had sneaked up me from the side, it was like a shadow approaching in my periphial vision. Creepy. Makes me wonder what might have been discovered in those sleep deprivation experiments we don't know about.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 09:18 PM

Originally posted by baseball101
reply to post by miketwosix

interesting story ... i myself have never had a hallucination, really hope i don't have one personally as i would be quite freaked out ...

off topic: this is dangerous water you're treading ... hopefully people won't derail the thread and bring drug hallucinations in ...

Why? they are pretty much the same thing.. Just because we live with a cultural bias that determines everything has to be touchable and measurable to be *real* we dismiss 1000s of years of collective knowledge from other societies as *pointless*

I've used this anecdote to illustrate the point before...

20 years ago several fieneds of mine were at a free festival. it was ealry morning so most were straight. One however was on an acid trip. Out of nowehre a silver orb like object appears in the sky about 30 degrees above the western horizon... so what happens?

The people who ere straight, spend the whole time gawking at it and pointing..The guy who was on acid thinks... damn that looks real... i wonder if I'm just seeing thing.s.. Fetches a camera and takes an excellent shot of the object...

You see what happened there?? The people who were straight simply accepted what they saw and were totally lost in the experience and not thinking straight at all. overcome by it all , if you will..The guy on acid immediately questioned his sensory information and sought to confirm what he thought he might be seeing...

What i am saying is this. If you have never hallucinated deliberately it's virtually impossible to know when you are otherwise... One thing i have noticed during hallucinating is that. there is a taste in the mouth... That taste has a slightly electrical flavour and makes one want to masticate more than usual... I would hazard a guess that the chemicals in the human brain are firing certain synapses that have a side effect on the sense of taste...

That means when i*see* certain things my immediate thought is do i taste that taste i remember from hallucinating? If i do i am bound to question the veracity of what i see in this reality..

If you will , many who have deliberately hallucinated actually have a *control* for situations where they are confronted with something that *really shouldn't be there*, that those who haven;t, simply don;t...

The you can split hallucinations into two distinct groups... Most acid/mushroom experiences are about distortion..not pure hallucination... Psychedelic drugs mix up the sensory data we receive so, for instance, sounds have a taste and visuals become a feeling sensation.... However, there are deeper levels where the hallucination is not just a distortion of this reality, but a completely new reality. Amy one who has undergone one of those experiences is well aware that. if you could project those so that others might visualise them, you can make people see whatever you want and convince their senses that it is a wholly real experience.

At this point it really does become a little freaky for some because. Many shaman will tell you the following. The world we access during those full on hallucinations is as real as our world and that those worlds are inhabited by sentient beings that can access our plane of reality at will. This opens up the possibility that, at least some UFO reports, are people actually seeing another sentient creatures way of entering our reality plane... When we were less developed we saw monsters or fairies etc etc.. Now we see craft, ie UFOs, that really "shouldn't be there"...

So the next time you see a UFO, take an inventory of the rest of your senses and see if they have changed? Can you taste something a little electrical, do you feel the need to masticate?..If so the chances are that you are having an hallucination, only thing is it might be another, non human intelligence, causing you to have it...

Scary ain't it??

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 09:39 PM
I'm not sure how realistic the term hallucination is anymore. I find in increasingly that human language is creating more problems and division than it's even worth noting.

I have so many otherworldly experiences that it would take pages to explain and discuss them all. Some on psychadelics, some totally sober, and others in deep meditation, and out of body experiences. They are all different keys to opening the doors into other realities that overlap and seep into this one. Most people, however, are terrified of this and from talking to many people and from my personal experience I believe this is why so many people completely lose it during psychadelic experiences and vow to never ever touch them again.

Our current mainstream version of reality is imploding on itself, time is accelerating, and people are waking up at an enormous rate. This is no mere coincidence, and in fact coincidences are a way to express a lack of understanding in the nature of our universe and how it functions. I'm am getting completely off subject, I digress..

Yes, I have had many "Hallucinations" but I don't find that to be a very appropriate term by any stretch of the imagination. Anything "Hallucinated" is no more or less real than anything else, it's simply how we decode what we are seeing. Perhaps death will be a lot like when we wake from those dreams we swear are real and say "Oh, it was only a dream!"

Be In Peace.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by miketwosix

Yes, I have experienced some things that some debunkers would say was caused by the whole hallucination avenue. On the other hand, there were a few things that I have witnessed within the close confines of others that would be less easier to explain. One person, seeing something extraordinary is one thing but when there are multiple witnesses it tends to throw the whole "mass hallucination" idealism out the window.

Some seem like dreams, and for lack of a better term... dreams that "we" were all experiencing at the same time, and with the same subject matter. This is not some reference to illicit substances being taken between many people, as was not the case for us when it happened. [as it does often]

This was as real as the touchy/feely/taste and smell that we call our reality.. but I digress. I will share that sometime.

Chalk it up to the human mind? Or something larger?
I dunno, honestly I hope to find out someday
As I don't buy mass hallucination as a write-off for one minute. That comes from a realist-skeptic.

Keep your head on straight,

[added a line]

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 10:22 PM
When I was really little, maybe like 3 or younger even, I was at my grandparents house when they lived on Long Island. They had like... a two and a half story house? Like... splitlevel-ish I guess? And we were on the middle half-floor that was like a big open space to the stairs and you could see like the upstairs balcony to the center of the house over the little railing and also down the steps to the lobby-ish area. It wasn't a huge house everything was kind of close together. So when I was little I practically spent all my weekends and holidays there... I miss that house...

Anyway, I remember it really vividly. I don't think it was a dream but I was very young and it may have been. But I think I was actually in the house at the time, I think I hallucinated it. I was on the stairs and moved to the middle level and climbed up onto the couch which had it's back facing this big-ish window with blinds. And I had seen something and looked out and it was a gorilla.

Since then, nothing really like that, sometimes when I'm really tired the carpet or words or the wallpaper looks kind of wavy. And when I have really high fevers I hear and see like, buzzing and waving. That's it, though.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 11:01 PM
See my thread...
Strange Writing Hallucination

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 04:51 AM
I had one--back when I was a freshman in college, I had a serious case of insomnia, and was on about my third day without much more than a cat nap, sitting at my new laptop, trying to work on a paper...

The laptop was "new to me" but bought used, and while I sat there staring at the desktop image, a picture started to emerge from the grey background. Looked like a Chinese dragon, absolutely gorgeous, but only visible in outline.

I thought... hey, the previous user must have had a screen saver with that image on it, and it musta somehow burned itself into the LCDs of the screen... and then realized that was impossible, and therefore that I must be hallucinating.

Needless to say, I did get some sleep that night...

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