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Court Bias

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 01:10 PM
You have some uproar about a 14 year old girl posting nude pics of herself. Is the uproar about her being a sexual predator at such a young age that she'd already be thinking about luring in older men? Nope, its all "aww, poor girl." WTH? She committed a crime. But if they find any of the man who looked at the pictures? People would be surrounding their house with torch and pitchforks.

Just like you hear of a guy going to jail for rape because... He was at a 21+ Only bar, picked up a girl for a one night stand and... She used a fake ID to get in and was really 15. How the hell was he supposed to know? He went to a place where you have to be 21 and older to get in. So he didn't think to ask for a Birth Certificate or any thing.

Or when High School girls crash a local College party, guys drunk as hell and probably high, but hey its a college party the people there must be college students and thus 18+. 20 years later as they leave jail...

But the courts are biased. Just like a man can be the picture of perfect, make tons of money, get married to a pretty woman, have kids... But when she starts sleeping around, doing drugs, abusing the kids and he files for a divorce... She gets more then half his stuff to support her drug addiction and almost always no matter what the situation is she gets the kids. Woman could be on video drowning two of her kids, she'd still get the rest.

And same with sex cases. A guy and a girl get drunk, have sex, wake up the next morning she cries rape. No one thinks the guy was raped even though he was also drunk. According to the law when a woman is drunk she is not responsible for any of her actions but the man is. She could have purposly gotten him drunk cause he is some hottie and she's a nottie and she has a huge crush on him but the courts don't care. A woman could drug a man, force feed him viagra, then have sex with him against his will, no court will take the case because they are biased.

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 01:54 PM
I'm a very firm believer that the courts should look at every charge brought upon them with a situational view on it.

For example, my father; a hardworking retired navy man of 20 years, father of two, has had a good ole thrashing on his family jewels due to his wife those years. She never worked a day in her life while he did, what she did do was handle the money and bills. What we didn't know was that as the years passed she had stashed away 45 grand of HIS money for when SHTF. And it did one night, for protecting me from a wild screaming lunatic of a woman, he somehow battered her, using only his knowledge as an MP. He gets hauled of to jail for domestic abuse, loses his current security job, because he now can't handle a gun. My dad has been nose deep in quick sand for years since this all went down, he never fully drowns, but comes quite close to at times.

My point is now almost 3 years later, she's dragged the court dates and their bureaucracy out to the fullest. She's just recently won his full retirement check for child support for my sister, she has her rent paid, still is not working, and being a horrible mother to my lil sis. My dad on the other hand is working 40+ 6,7 days a week, just to make ends meet. It's ridiculous!

Now what I purpose for the court systems to do, is whenever a person is brought up on a charge, thier sentence should not be decided just on the nature of that charge from the get go, which I have seen happen multiple countless times. The judge should be required to look at the situation behind the PERSON before condemming them, for a lil bit of mary jane, or a minor underage drinking or seven. *chuckles* If the person could back up that the courts decision or punishment would be more detrimental to the person's life, plans, aspiratiions, and responsibilities, then maybe or jails would be less full.

Courts are extremely biased.
The motto here in Virginia Beach.

Come on vacation, leave on probation.

~John Adams~

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 10:03 AM
I could not agree more with the premise of this thread. And what's sad is it will receive little to no responses, and the ones that do response, will typically be thrashing the ideal behind the thread.

If i may add a few examples to where i believe this thread was heading:

Gender bias primarily rules the Family Courts because our society still buys into the ideal that a mother is a better nurturer than a father. In some cases this is true, especially when you're dealing with a dead-beat dad. But most dead-beat dads don't even fight for custody (hence their term "dead beat")

All one really has to do is a google search to find court papers and press coverage of millions of examples of gender bias in our courts just like this one.

it takes the ideal of correcting sexism too far.
Yes, there are men out in this country that treat women unfairly. But that does not mean to fix it, you treat other men unfairly as well.

I hate that mentality, and feel 0% sympathy for any women who supports it, regardless of what has happened to her.

Our country has made attempts to make things equal...and i give a lot of people credit for that.
But others have come along in attempts to get their own recognition, or pass their own hateful agenda's, and they've turned the tables.

I'm not responsible for something my Great Great Grandfather may have done, so don't hold me as such....otherwise you're just a hypocrite with no brains.

Our country has turned into this neurotic, politically correct, hate machine for men in general, and it really is quite despicable.

What makes things worse, is there are still very large groups of women who still aim to make matters far worse than they are.

These groups of women are largely known as Feminists.

I took a creative writing class when i was in College oh so many years ago, and i had a female teacher for this class. I was one of 3 males in the classroom i thought it'd be cool ... plus i loved to write, so i signed up.

Our very first paper of the semester was titled "Why women are still persecuted in the work place"

That was the topic she assigned us. We were to cite court cases, press coverage, etc, to show reasons why women are still persecuted.

Well, i was one of three people in the entire class that wrote about why women ARE NOT persecuted any more than any other person in the work place any longer (because of P.C.) and how in a lot of instances, the attitude has actually done a 180, instead of evening out.

I received a D on my paper because "You did not follow the given topic"

I cited numerous court filings, all kinds of stuff from the news, i believe the minimum was 7 pages, and my report was 18 pages long.

The only reason i was given a bad grade was because i was able to throw it back in her face. I do not believe women are persecuted, and further more, what kind of topic is that for a facility that promotes higher learning?

After a long, drawn out ordeal with the faculty and dean of the school, our papers received the average grade of all people in the class - a B. Stil not what it deserved in my opinion, but it was better than a D, so i took my victory and moved on.

This country is eating its self alive with prejudice and bigotry around every corner you turn. Mainly due in part to the MSM propagating "My team" politics around every turn and getting people mobilized against others based on their ideals and beliefs. Why else would certain MSM outlets be able to get their listeners uproared over the idea that our President has ties to the Muslim religion (not a political bait, that's a cold hard fact that can be backed up with a lot of proof, and is used to show the influence media has on the moronic masses)

But, i guess that's the world we live in.
What can ya do, besides stick up for yourself and those you love, and say forget everyone else ? :shrug:

[edit on 30-3-2009 by Fremd]


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