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Why Time Traveling would be bad...

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:10 PM
“I wanna warn ya all already that this text might be a mind job…”

Whether it is possible to, in the future, go back or forward in time I will leave unstated, however, I sincerely hope that we never ever find a way to go back in time.

Of course I have to admit that my heart from time to time have desired to go back in time to fix things, to visit and experience events that have no chance to reoccur.
It is of course an intriguing thought to actually go back and correct old mistakes you regret.
I know I have a lot of things to correct. But there is also an “but”. A big BUT.

What are the side effects of going back in time then?

Well, many. In fact I believe that the second we discover a way to make time-travels everything will turn into a mess. I can’t even begin imagine how it would be like.

I will try to explain why I believe this, and perhaps shine a light on this in a different perspective than we usually hear regarding paradox problems in the nature of time travels.

Before I begin to explain why, I want to make another thing explained first so you’ll understand later on what I mean.

I am talking about feedback. And I mean the kind that you hear when you put your microphone in front of your speaker or just have the microphone to close to the speaker when talking in it. What happens is that the words you speak into the microphone comes out through the speaker, most likely amplified.
This amplified sound will be picked up again by the microphone and send the amplified sounds through the amplifier again and amplify the sound even more.

This will continue till the sound cracks and burst into a one tone signal (feedback).

But ok, let’s get to the point.
If we develop a way of traveling through time it will be something that will stay forever and ever…
It’s not a technology that all the sudden will vanish. It will remain the center of everything for thousands of years forward.

What will the history books say in in thousand years and forward to 10 000 years?
Who knows...
But one thing is for certain, it will include our history. Since our history will also be the history in 5000 years.

Now let us say that something happens in our era that would more or less interest ANYONE later on in the future. Like a special New Years Eve.
Ok… time traveling might not be common in the beginning, but we know by experience how quickly things turn common. Even if Time travels would be restricted to military only, it would eventually become so common that anyone can travel where and where they want.

Remember we are talking about a time span of ten thousands of years.
And in my opinion you can have anything restricted for eternity. Everything reaches the surface at some point. And I believe this would happen with the technology of time travel as well. Soon EVERYONE will have access to the past. And when this happen the # really hits the fan.
Ok, let’s go back to the “Special New Years Eve”. Now when it is common to everyone, people will travel to the past just to make a shop or go to concerts or whatever they would even go to the past just to get laid. But also, some travelers might stay in the past for quite some time, get friends and even girl friends. Some might even start a family. Anyway, the point is that people will go back in time and have offspring’s.

What would happen if men go back in time and make women pregnant?
What if people under a time span of 10 000 years would go back in to the same “special new years eve” moment and have offspring’s, that time era would soon find itself pretty over populated in such a degree that the society would not work properly and fall. Perhaps cause there will not be enough food for everyone, diseases would flourish in a speed we can’t imagine.

Again, the time spam in 10 000 years, which is a long time but that wouldn’t make a difference for us.

Let’s play with number a bit shall we?
Let’s speculate that after a thousand years after the discovery of time traveling, the technology is known to the world and commonly used by everyone.

Let’s also speculate that approximately 100 people would go back in time to the same momentum everyday for 10 000 of years.
Ok, let’s start
At the year 2000 the population of Earth is measured to be around 6 Billion human lives.

we estimate to have around 9 Billion in the year of 2050. Imagine how many we are 3 or 4 thousands of years from now when we manage to grow from 200 000 people ( year 1 ) to 6 Billion people 2000 years later. But let’s go by the numbers of 2000 for now.


Let’s say that time travel would in the year of 10 000 AD be just as common as driving a car is for us today. Around 450 Million cars are active today. We are gonna use a lesser number though.
Let us play with the thought that 100 million people would use time traveling on a daily bases.

100 000 000 x 365 = 36 500 000 000

36 500 000 000 people, that's 36.5 BILLION people folks, would go back in time each year to the same moment. Not necessarily the same place, but still the same time. Perhaps to celebrate the New years eve of the famous year of 2000.

Let’s multiply that with 10 000.

36.5 billion x 10 000 = 365 000 000 000 000

Well, you can see the numbers.

This would mean that 365 000 000 000 000 human beings would visit the same time at once, even though they came from different time in the future they will all find themselves at the same time in the past no matter when they left.
One word: CHAOS.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:12 PM
On top of this we have our 6 billion people who should be there, and you can add even more millions to that since there would be a baby boom the year after since many of these 365 000 000 000 000 people would at some point want to have sex during this major calibration of the year of 2000, high consummation of alcohol and perhaps drugs and other things that might not be existent in the future anymore.

This would not hold together, anyone can see that.
You might see these number as fantasy numbers, but they are not.
The world would fall of other reasons as well.

We are talking about the world being majorly altered in matter of a few hours and the people of this era’s consciousness would have no chance to keep up with the change. It would be chaos every where, people would go mad and crazy, the world would become a giant killing spree arena.
The world would die…

This idea just popped into my head a few hours ago while reading about Stephen Hawkins comment on time travel and he said: “If time traveling where to be real we would have travelers all over the place already”.
And I tend to agree with him, since the second they discover the technology this event above would happen in a fraction of a second.
And this…is why I believe Time Traveling is a bad thing to wish for.

What are your thoughts about this?
You believe I could be onto something here or is it all bogus. Is there anything that doesn't add up? I would like to hear it.


posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:17 PM
And oh yea...

All of this is something from my head, it is just speculations. So I have no facts or sources that can prove or disprove anything.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by Akezzon

What have you been watching???
fun post though

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:40 PM
Star and Flag

Very good read,

It would completely destroy life as we know it,
you could go back in time and kill you grandma and then you wouldnt of been born, and then what would happen? And people could just take stuff back like advanced tech. and give it to cavemen, like if someone went back and gave a caveman a gun to help with hunting etc.
It would complete destroy reality as we know it and confuse everything.
Damn, it hurts thinking about it


posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by JacobNH
Star and Flag

Very good read,

It would completely destroy life as we know it,
you could go back in time and kill you grandma and then you wouldnt of been born, and then what would happen? And people could just take stuff back like advanced tech. and give it to cavemen, like if someone went back and gave a caveman a gun to help with hunting etc.
It would complete destroy reality as we know it and confuse everything.
Damn, it hurts thinking about it


There is another matter in all this as well.
On there are a 6 hour video in 3 parts where Ian Xel Lungold talks about the Mayan calander. And he also talks alot about consciousness. And how it have evolved for millions of years.

I'll supply the links in the end.

But just us bringing back items from the future to show a cave man could itself be a bad thing.

Try to imagine how a cave man would feel if you took him into the future to your job. First of all, he will be standing in a building, something he have never seen before. There will be lights in the ceiling, computers, phones, windows, cars on the outside etc etc.

The impressions would most likely be to much for him to comprehend simply cause his consciousness has not evolved enough.

More regarding the consciousness you find on these links.

They are long, but worth watching in my opinion.
Ian Xel Lungold - Secret of the Mayan calender ( 1/3 )

Part 2

Part 3

These videos has nothing to do with the topic though except that he explains my view of how consciousness would be a part of a time traveling collapse.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 07:25 PM
The thing is "what if" time is NOT linear. In fact it all exist simultaneously?
I believe you can experience a kind of time travel and effect change but all in theory.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 07:35 PM
reply to post by Akezzon

That would depend entirely on the nature of our universe. There are many possibilities, and I'll highlight just a few that would prevent time travel from destroying the world.

1. Whenever you travel back in time, you travel into an alternate universe.

This gets around the so called 'grandfather paradox' issue a few posts above. You can kill someone who looks just like your grandfather, but since it is another universe, it's not REALLY your grandfather. This interpretation requires, though, that there is no way to choose which universe you travel to, making it impossible to ever get back to your own universe. This in itself is, interestingly, a strong argument against the piopularization of time travel. If you could go back in time, see something tight, then pop back home, everyone would do it. However, if you got back in time, and then had to stay in that, or another, universe, you may not choose to do time travel. You'd never see anyone you knew ever again, sometimes, though, you'd see people that look just like them. Also, since you'd probably not travel anywhere near your modern time period, it's unlikely you'd posess the skills for survival prevalent in that timeframe.

Say, for example; I go back to the year 1600 AD, because I want to meet some Renaissace luminaries. Cool, right? Now, if I can't get back, though, I'm going to have to figure out how to make a living in that time frame. And I work in insurance. They would have no use for my expertise. Even if, with your time machine, you could get back to an alternate reality with technology similar to your own, you'd still have the alienation problem, quite disturbing to be sure.

2. Handshakes

There is a theory that the present is made up of waves of causality, from the past AND from the future, and that where these waves meet, we find the present. So, if something in the future causes somethign in the past to happen, the universe ("") will 'course correct' to make it happen. here's an example from a different site that I think works quite nicely:
TI stands for Transactional Interpretation, BTW...

A Switch in Time - My Lucky Shirt Example
For #s and giggles, let’s run through a scenario. Say I go down to the Adam & Eve pub to watch the big game and have a pint or two with my mates. Unfortunately, my favorite team loses miserably and I am devastated as I realize I forgot to wear my lucky shirt. Good thing I’ve figured out how to send myself a message back in time to remind past me to wear my lucky charm.

So then/now I get the reminder (maybe as a dream or some divine inspiration that I don’t even realize came from my future self), and pull out that shirt from my drawer instead of the other one I would have worn/did wear. Does my choice of one scrap of clothing over another have some massive “butterfly effect” on all of reality? If the transactional interpretation (TI) is correct, I think not. Other than a few wrinkles (another pun) in my personal life as far as wardrobe and laundry are concerned, the remainder of the universe is intact. No physical laws of nature are violated, as mass and energy remain consistent at all points. Under the TI of time, this just takes some quantum handshakes to knit things together and rebuild a consistent history, albeit slightly altered. The end result is a SpOOky little difference if you happen to be on this side of the Fourth Wall, but probably unnoticed by the players.

Happily attired I head to the pub to watch the big game team loses again despite the lucky garb. Distraught, I now send past me a more drastic message: kill yourself now and save a lot of pain (drastic I know, but Buffalo Bills fans will know what I’m talking about). Funny thing is that no matter how I try to commit suicide - gun to the head, crashing at high speed, etc. - it doesn’t work. That’s because I’m invalidating the transaction that brought me to this precipice in the first place.

Even under the TI, consistency must be maintained. I must be alive in the future to send that message. I pull the trigger, bullet enters my brain, no message sent and all the transactions are undone. Things are unknit and rewound back to just before that curveball of inconsistency is thrown into the mix. Unaware, I my finger keeps pulling that trigger ad infinitum, handshaking goes on until finally an iteration occurs where, in the course of things, quantum possibilities result in the gun misfiring. Miffed, I try over and over and the preservation of the necessary future transaction keeps dictating the ultimate outcome of reality, so the gun misfires again and again. I am immortal - at least until I get to the point where I set the transaction up. Having (re)lived the humility of my team going down in flames, I wander in front of a tour bus and go splat. My history, like this illustration, is at an end.
I couldn't tag that as an external source , apparently due to the size of the text block. However, it was initially from , a website for the show LOST (which is amazing). Anywho, what this illustrates is that ven if you go back into YOUR universe's timeline, you couldn't kill your grandfather. You'd essentially point the gun at him, pull the trigger, and the gun would misfire every time. Well, it wouldn't, but any events that would create a paradox would occur as kind of quantum fluctuations, and wouldn't 'happen' in the real world. I'm about out of space, but here's a link to that thread on the other site if you want more reading RE: time travel:A Link to the Past!!!

Have fun.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 08:09 PM
Hmm alternative unvierse. could be. could be.

But how many different would there be? Infinitive universes?
I dunno. i suppose it could be that way ofc. As I said, we can't prove either of them.

But yeah, let's say you end up in an alternative universe in the past where something happens with "your" relative that wasn't suppose to happen.

Now, even if it isn't YOUR universe, it still belongs to someone else.
So no matter how we turn and twist thing, we will always affect the time line even if it isn't our own.

Time is nothing we should mess with in my opinion, but I find it just as interesting and intriguing as anyone else.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 08:25 PM
I can take another example of why I believe as I do.

In my first post I said that time travelers might want to go back to see a concert.

let's look on that.

Mr. Miso Hoeni and his friend Hiro Nakamura from the year 3289 AD have bought themseves tickets to the year 1989 AD to go and see a Milli Vanilli concert. ( yeah, they are considered hot in the 40:st century ).
so Mr Miso Hoeni and Hiro takes this trip, lands where they should and runs away to buy themself a ticket.


They are sold out. So, they uses his advantage to travel through time and travel further back in the past to get a ticket before they are released to the public ( don't ask me how ).

Imagine all time travelers do this.

This would mean that we are having tough times getting a ticket. And every concert would be flooded with time travelers.

"Oh girl you know it's true...."

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by Akezzon

Very interesting read, if I may. I think you may enjoy The Wave Theory which I created and its located in my sig. It is a theory of time travel and it covers both voluntary and involutntary time travel and how it could be possible. The actual theory is over 16 pages long and is currently being reviewed by a board of scientists. But anyway, I have to agree with you that time traveling would in essense be bad. Why would someone want to go back to the past? I usually like the mottoL whatever happened HAPPENED. Leave it be." I do not believe it is possible to go forward in time, but I have that written in the master paper, which I cannot post due to legal issues and it being peer reviewed as of now. But I think (involuntary) time travel has had a huge impact on our past. After all our past has shaped our future and it seems that a lot of our future resides in the past. Something to think about...

Excellent Post- S&F

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 06:17 AM
The more I think about it, the less plausible it becomes, as time only moves one way.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 12:37 PM
Wanna thank the few of you who took your time to read and reflect.

Always nice to see if there is people who think alike.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 02:10 PM

Originally posted by cindymars
The thing is "what if" time is NOT linear. In fact it all exist simultaneously?
I believe you can experience a kind of time travel and effect change but all in theory.

You are quite right here, cindymars, time is NOT linear at all, but rather circular in nature. All things happen together, but in slightly different dimensions of time and space, which are really the same thing.

For those who think time travel is no existent, have you read anything about Project Phoenix, better known as the Montuak Project? Time travel was perfected in the 1060s by these people, although no one knows who they really are to this day. If you are "awake," then you know, deep inside, that practically everything has changed several times in the last 20 years or so. Time travel is real, and don't let the professional debunkers tell you different. Read a little on Montauk, and decide for yourself.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 02:17 PM
There are a few other pitfalls of Time Travel that would prove formidable obstacles.

1) No matter which direction in Time you traveled (if you could somehow arrive back on Earth, which you can't), you would immediately find yourself shackled by language. Even going backwards or forwards by as little as a century, you would stand out like a sore thumb because of your incomprehensible vernacular; most likely, the population would consider you uneducated or perhaps mentally impaired. Even if you returned to your own country and your own hometown, displaced by a century, you would find yourself isolated by the language barrier, severely inhibiting the exchange of useful information.

2) No matter which direction you traveled in Time, encountering and interacting with other human beings could result in catastrophic biologic contamination, either for you or for the population, or both. You yourself grew up in an era of vaccines for a variety of specific contagions, and through inoculation you have developed specific antibodies against those contagions; you still, however, carry those contagions, which may even be more virulent than their earlier incarnations. Let's say you go back in time by as little as a century — Your popping into another time frame and interacting with a population that has no immunity and is wholly vulnerable could quickly result in an unstoppable pandemic that wipes out a third or more of the Earth's population.

Same is true going forward in Time. A great mass of the future population may enjoy immunity against what we today would consider super plagues — Super tuberculosis, super influenza, super smallpox, for examples. As soon as you pop into a future time frame and interact with the population, you are exposed to super-contagions against which you have no immunity whatsoever. You could conceivably die within hours, covered in lesions and choking on your own bodily fluids; or, worse yet, you might return to your own Time, thereby contaminating your own population with contagions that would cut a swath of death around the globe in short order.

3) And here's the best one... As vast and seemingly infinite as the Universe appears to us, it contains a finite amount of matter and energy. Remember the basic rules of physics: Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and two particles cannot occupy the same space at the same time... The Universe contains, at any moment in Time, as much matter and energy as it can contain. You can't squeeze even one more atom into the Universe without precipitating a cascade of cosmic displacement — like a butterfly precipitating a Class 5 hurricane, right.

What do you think happens when a Time Traveler just pops into existence in a Universe that is already filled to the brim? Well, the Time Traveler's atoms cannot occupy the same space as the matter already existing at his destination point (be it liquid, solid, gas or plasma); so the Time Traveler has just injected more matter and energy into the Universe than it can contain. This could result in a cosmic displacement that might shatter the three-dimensional Universe instantly; or, and this is more fun, the Time Traveler's sudden materialization could cause the Space/Time continuum to collapse into a Black Hole at his destination point.


Of course, these hypotheses make a great many assumptions about the Time Traveler's technical sophistication and his ability to survive Time Warps and his expertise in interstellar navigation. The obstacles of physical Time Travel are mind-boggling, probably a challenge better addressed by whatever species we eventually become a couple of million years from now.

— Doc Velocity

[edit on 3/28/2009 by Doc Velocity]

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by Doc Velocity
and two particles cannot occupy the same space at the same time

Some interesting points there, and the above is why I don't think it's possible, because if I could go back 20 years, the young me there couldn't exist, because I've obviously grown 20 years older and I'm here, if that makes sense.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 05:06 PM
If time travel was easy, soon there will be almost no more people here. Everybody would be traveling to his chosen place in time.
I mean why go to work when you can travel back 10000 years and go hunting ?
Or travel in the past win the lottery and so on.

[edit on 28-3-2009 by pai mei]

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 02:50 PM
reply to post by Doc Velocity

Some interesting points.
Not sure about the 3:rd point though.

But maybe you're right. I need to educate myself a little more in that subject though.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 12:55 AM
Doc Velocity and '___'eviant said something about 'Butterfly Effect'. That pretty much sums it up

This is where the Illuminati comes in handy making sure the history and future goes according to plan(their plans). Just kidding

In Star Trek, they have something called the

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by Akezzon

this is all invalid though. Simply because Einstein and most improtanlty QUATUM PHYSICS has already proven your theory to be pointless.
Each time you go back in time you create a new timeline,so with each persons each action a new timelien is created,ultimately,there would only be one timeline where ALL those people are together at the same time, so what, there owuld only be this chaos on ONE of an inffinite amount of timelines. Who cares, it will never directly make the time-travellers life negative,because for him there will simply exist a timeline,where he and he alone can travel back in time,and another time-traveller wil ltravel into the same year,only to create his own version/timeline by his actions.

Your theory is obsolete

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