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The Bailout, NWO and the End of the World in 2012.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 04:33 PM
I don't know where to put this, it stradles the fence between 2012 and the Credit Crunch. Anyway here goes.

I got to thinkiing today about the bonus culture of the banking system and the financial elite in general. How the hell could they not have seen this meltdown coming? Then it hit me, THEY DID! But why did they let it happen? Simply because they knew that in 2012 something ( I don't know what but that's for another day!) huge is going to happen that either renders banking/money redundant or worse.

They have this knowledge and because of this they 'said what the hell....may as well enjoy the last few years, make a few billions and spend it'. Then the government realises that 2012 is coming and money is pointless so lets just throw more money at them!

Then I further pondered the bailout. Billions of dollars being spent to prop up banks and financial institutions. The losses that these banks face are not real...I mean not one of them had a billion dollars in gold or notes laying around that went missing. The losses are all on computer screens, the leveraged financial instruments are just that, instuments.

This got me thinking, that if the losses are all figures on a screen, then the tillion dollars that Obama has pumped into them could have gone anywhere. I mean all someone had to do is enter a few figures and there you go! $ -200,000,000,000 becomes 200,000,000,000.

Now what really is happening with all those zeros on the screen. Maybe they are preparing an ark or something to survive 2012, building huge underground bunkers (like in Deep Impact), or they ae just pumping the figures into their own accounts to spend their last years on earth living the good life.

I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future we get a whole heap of CEOs and other wealthy people resigning and taking gardening leave/early retirement.

You see, the Credt crunch and 2012 are linked, the fianacial elite know the end is in sight, instead of lending to each other they've decided to keep their money, to try and buy their way out of 2012! Either by building means of escape or just hedonistically blowing their fortunes in a big party, ending in 2012.


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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 04:59 PM
Maybe. My idea is that they (whoever they are) are creating a perfect storm to divert us away from the real intention of what is culminating in 2012. With other words: 2012 will be a positive event but clouded with negative elements so that people will be mad and desperate at the time that they should be happy and receptive. My thought about it is that whatever happens we should stay positive (while acknowledging the bad stuff) throughout the whole ordeal, how difficult it may be. On the other hand you should be active in this time in whatever way you can. Interesting times

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 05:03 PM

Originally posted by Harman
Maybe. My idea is that they (whoever they are) are creating a perfect storm to divert us away from the real intention of what is culminating in 2012. With other words: 2012 will be a positive event but clouded with negative elements so that people will be mad and desperate at the time that they should be happy and receptive.

I kinda know wht you mean...sometimes I feel like it's a big smokescreen effort. Since 911 it's been one thing after another. Always negative. You may have a point there. Gotta work it into my negative theory somehow!

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 05:40 PM
you've got a pretty good outline there....

but i see the development of the need for a bailout, coming from our congresspersons instructing the regulatory agencies to 'back-off'...
allowing the derivatives to not be regulated, as per vote...
ditching the post-depression 'Glass-Steagall' Act,
allowing excessive speculation by the financial firms...

Why?? because all these 'Representatives' were getting humongous
'campaign contributions' from the likes of Fannie-Mae/Freddie-Mac
and Goldman sucks/and the half dozen Investment & commercial banks that positioned themselves to be "To-Big-To-Fail"

and then to have mouth-pieces like rep. B(s)Frank... protect them from
the necessary prosecutions that are warrented

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:07 PM
nice idea and it got me thinking. on another thread were going to get visited by aliens in 2013.
but were going to get tossed into space in 2012 when the planet swaps polarity.and there will be few survivors . now obama knows the aliens are on there way [the us has known since 1950] what if the whole arms race wasnt against east and west but earth v aliens to come , but got out of hand . they decide to partial disarmement as they know most of us are fubar in 2012.
the illuminati get hold of this info and decide to cash in there chips early= financial mess were in now .the event happens in 2012 leaving a sparsley populated planet ,the aliens then land when the dust has settledin 2013 they thank mr obama for his work then eat him [possibly]then set about re colonizing the planet with their own kind as there planet is about to go fubar. they then keep the illumanati as pets [nice]while man strives to survive in the wilderness[ which he can do cos hes adaptable and got a funny thumb]

just a thought!!!!!!!!
ps sorry i started writing a film script at the end

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:13 PM

Originally posted by da pickles
the aliens then land when the dust has settledin 2013 they thank mr obama for his work then eat him

Not ALL doom and gloom then lol!

I love it! There's more to this meltdown I'm sure...a connection to 2012...and why not your Alien theory..It'd be worth it to see Obama eaten!


posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by kiwifoot

Of course the two are linked!

2012 relates to 'the end of the World as we know it', and the World has now seen how the markets and financial systems that underpinned the economic securities of nations, organisations and individuals, for millenia from the time we chose to exchange tokens instead of barter, are mere constructs of man and don't really exist.

All the 'wealth' generated through economic growth based on debt and the
promise of the never never, is just 00000's in the machine! It's not real, just a house of cards built on sand.

I agree that, world wide, the banking and finance people who have rewarded themselves, should be brought to book in some way. They have indeed acted as gangsters, when you think of the draconian actions they will take when borrowers default. The police are thugs; they will not bring criminal prosecutions for fraud or misappropriation against those who govern them and governments are afraid of their people; they want to keep populations largely ignorant of just how fragile the human system of monetary exchange is and so any attempt at prosecution by them would be tantamount to admission of duplicity. International coalitions and authorities? What would they gain, even the established churches, from taking direct, restorative action against those who have made fat on the bailout, let alone the fact that so much had already been creamed off the top during the years of market growth?

Governments and their advisors will merely seek to draft more regulations, spin these out for media consumption by the masses and hope that we all feel that justice has been served so that they can go on as before.

Today I saw people queuing at the out of date bargain counter in the supermarket. How long before people are not prepared to politely queue and wait anymore? The competition for resources can only increase.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by teapot

lets hope the queues are'nt to big, as the quote says society is only three meals away from anarchy

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:31 PM
We cross the Milky Way galactic plane on Dec.21 2012 which according to "The Horizon Project(google) will likely cause a geographic pole shift with devastating results. Who knows what's really going to happen. The above seems plausible though.

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