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Breaking News: Barack Obama prepares for UFO arrival, open alien contact

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:04 AM
This isn't my headline but it certainly grabbed my attention I can assure you.

There are many on this site that have this inner feeling of knowing that something is going to happen shortly and find it very hard to communicate exactly what you know I am one of these members.

I came across this today that kind of puts everything in to perspective. I believe with my whole being that something is about to happen. I believe that people have received mixed messages when it comes to the NWO and all the restrictions that are being implemented to 'shut down societies'

All News Web recently received a series of brief emails from some-one who claimed to have worked in the Pentagon within the DARPA agency on a project that involved collaborating closely with both NASA’s Ames Research Center and SETI. The person who has identified herself as ‘Tina’ has provided us with a number of scanned documents that back the veracity of her claims to some extent (these documents confirm a professional relationship to the Department of Defense, they do not relate to any information regarding the aliens).

According to ‘Tina’s’ emails some powerful security figures would like to thwart this open contact but are powerless to do so. Many figures associated with NASA and even the Pentagon are positive about the event and a conspiracy to hide the truth form the world’s population is not unanimous.

I believe there are some who are getting increasingly worries about being found out therefore, they are trying to put a lid on something that is about to explode.

Major churches have been briefed on the matter and are being given time to shift their positions so as to accommodate this new reality. The US Govt has been ‘requested’ to mend and clean up rivalries and conflicts in preparation and this extra-ordinary event and this is the primary reason for Barack Obama’s peace gesture to Iran and indeed his very presidency.

The truth will finally be told but not until they can get away with as much as possible before that time.

What all parties agree on is that the best course of action is to leave any announcement of the event to the absolute latest possible time so as not to frighten people or harm the economy.

What makes me chuckle is when I read about people saying that SETI was set up for the publics interest yeah sure of course god forbid that a corporation would build abything for their own gains
lets not forget the LHC that just so happen to break down as soon it started plssssssss
wise up!

According to Tina SETI is receiving and concealing regular explicit signals (and has been doing so for at least seven years)

Link to Source

I don't know about you but I am waiting on the edge of my seat, soon this site will be scarce because there will be nothing to talk about

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 06:09 AM
Existing thread here:

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