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Another layer down, the living reverse course.

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 07:45 PM
Police just shouldn't carry tasers...

or guns...

or batons...

They should only be allowed to go out on patrol and just give verbal recommendations to people who are doing something illegal. They don't have any right to encroach on our liberty.

If someone wants to walk around smoking a blunt, looking at porno, naked, etc... they should have the freedom to! Who is it hurting? If an 8 year old sees a man and women walking around naked, or having sex in public.. ISN'T IT A LIE TO COVER IT UP?

I think it is... and I think that the SYSTEM is preparing us from young children. They are molding our minds to believe in subjective truths... to believe that certain things are "bad" and that certain things are "good". To give us "celebrities" to worship, and "products" to DESIRE. Most of all, reality is hidden from us as young children, and into adulthood, under the guise of "protection".

They say the laws are for "our protection".. but from just what perspective is "our"?

Yes, it is PROTECTION, but for WHO? I'll tell you who. It is protection for the powers that be. It is their insurance policy that our minds are conditioned and controlled by WHAT THEY DECIDE...

It is their insurance policy that they INFECT US WITH THEIR ARTIFICIAL MORALS.

It is sheer audacity that another person would come up to them and PHYSICALLY FORCE them (or even recommend, for that matter) to cease their own freedom of action. Making things "illegal" (how is that term for a systematic police state!). It's a term straight out of a dystopian reality - ONLY THAT WE ARE LIVING IN IT AND FAIL TO RECOGNIZE IT - or at least, most of us.

The cold hard truth, is THIS:

"Stop where you are CRIMINAL SCUM! That activity is ILLEGAL. You will be DETAINED and IMPRISONED! If you do not comply immediately PHYSICAL FORCE will be used to INJURE, INCAPACITATE, AND/OR END YOUR LIFE."

You think that's bad?

"You will be judged in a court of "law", AFTER WE, SERVANTS OF THE POWERS THAT BE, JUDGE YOU HERE, AND NOW!"

Of course, we all know that we are guilty before proven innocent, unlike what the stream of governmental propaganda says. It is clear as day that the agents of TPTB judge us beforehand.

In reality, you are judged at first by the artificial and systematic moral system called "law", and it is applied to you by people like you, who carry deadly weapons, and who can detain you - or KILL you. They can do this if the "law" says that it is okay... the law that is created by the powers that be.

It is not a law. It is a proxy that TPTB use to systematically control, exterminate, subdue, and intimidate the people. The unknowing agents of this process are our very own "police" who we have been propagandized since childhood to revere as something called a HERO.

The above is just some of what we have allowed our CONTROLLERS to do to us: treat us like "things" which have an existence that is only tolerated until we do something to break the stringent rules of our masters - and we all know the rules are 95% arbitrary. We all know that we are WAGE SLAVES who must work to eat, to have medicine, to have shelter... TO LIVE AND SURVIVE!

To put it into perspective, most of us SLAVES are required to work 40 hours a week, or 145,600 hours over our entire lives... JUST TO HAVE THE PRIVILEGED TO EAT AND HAVE SHELTER.

Contrast that with the AVERAGE BIOLOGICAL REQUIREMENT of 8 hours of sleep a night, or 204,400 hours of sleep during our entire lives. This means that we are living under a SYSTEM CREATED BY THE POWERS THAT BE which FORCES us, with most of us not even realizing it, to spend 71% of a BIOLOGICAL REQUIREMENT performing actions that are FORCED UPON US BY OUR OVERLORDS in a SYSTEM that we are, once again, encouraged to love as Children while in the indoctrination centers referred to as "Schools".

"Capitalism is great, children! Long live money! Long live the controlling device of our overlords. Long live their drug of material possession. All hail. All hail. All hail."

Even worse, assuming that the time that we are not literally FORCED to work, or the time we are sleeping, the majority of our lives, which we consider off time - 1,366,560 hours - is STRICTLY MANDATED AND ENFORCED BY THE OVERLORDS WHICH HAVE IMPOSED THESE DEVILISH SYSTEMS UPON US.

Isn't it funny that we consider it to be "free" time?

Free from what? Certainly not free from the control or influence of the powers that be, through stereotyping, television, advertising, "law" enforcement.. the typical PROPAGANDA MACHINES that INFLUENCE most of us to think the way we do, to pursue the things we do, and to have the egos and attitudes the way we do.

What kind of DYSTOPIA have we allowed ourselves to get into? WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

ATS is supposed to be a place where the truth is exposed, but IT IS NOT. It is merely one layer in the ONION OF LIES that are perpetuated by people and organizations like the Bilderburgs, Rockefellers, NWO, IMF, CFR, and all the others that YOU'VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF. I've found another layer, and I know you must think I am off my rocker, but that is the same thing that the people who live in one layer-of-lie above you! Can't you see?

You all think you have arrived at the truth. You've come to the conclusion that a NEW WORLD ORDER is being created, that the government is covering up ALIEN TECHNOLOGY, and that world events are orchestrated by the powers that be.

It's absurd how much the government tries to, nay, DOES control us. What more, that is only the beginning! They are restricting us for a reason. They are preparing us to be DOCILE and COMPLIANT for what is to come... I'm not talking about something as pathetic as martial law, or a police state.

... and I dare not say it. I dare not to think about it for too long. I must let my mind go back to the seemingly comforting system that our overlords have created for us, as I recommend we all do, for ignorance truly is bliss once you have seen the truth.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 09:16 PM
Once upon a time all of mankind lived in very small collectives that some have called TRIBES. They were a travelling people because they were totally dependant upon the natural world to provide them with sustenance their collective needed to survive and, because the readily available foodstuffs were scarce, they were always on the move and looking for a new source of edible foodstuff. This is not unusual. Most of the large mammals are forced to migrate in order to supply themselves with an easily available food supply. Compared to today the human population was small in number because of this.

Those early humans were feeble in respect to many of the other life-forms that roamed the planet in those days, but they had one thing going for them that the other animals did not. They had unusually large and sophisticated brains, which gave them an edge in the survival sweepstakes. These creatures were capable of pattern recognition. They had imaginations. Where intellect was concerned they were vastly superior to any of the other species that were competeing with themn for the very same foodstuffs. They figured out how to make tools to increase their advantage over the other critters that competed with them for survival.

And then, one day, they figured out how to selectively grow the plants they needed for food. Even beyond that, they figured out how to domesticate certain animal species that were also a favorite target for slaughter and consumption. When that happened the human species ceased to be a migratory animal and the city-state was born.

In the old days, when the human population was small and mobile, the rules were very loose and there was no central authority to dictate what a person should or shouldn't do. The survival of the one was completely tied to the survival of the whole so there was no need for rules upon personal behavior. Everyone understood they had to contribute to the greater good.

But after the advent of agriculture and animal husbandry the humans became immobile, they became settlers upon the land, and the population exploded. There were huge numbers of folks all going by the old rules where everyone was free to pursue their own fancies and it led to an increasing number of conflicts and personal vendettas. In the new world of the city-state the old maxim of individual freedom was counrter-productive. In its place was substituted the order of the central government as personified by a King. Rules and laws were established as a means to the greater good. In order to legitimize these rules the concept of an all-powerful god was invoked to add weight and legitimacy to the new found government. The king ruled because their god chose him to do so. This was the dawn of the priesthood.

This is the genesis of the system that you currently rail against. Has it become corrupt? Yes! But it was corrupt at its very inception. The heart of the matter is that if anything is going to get done in a population that numbers in the hundreds of millions then there has to be rules of some kind. We can't all just run off doing what we will without recognizing the impact that our actions might have on other people. That is the basis for the propaganda that you find so offensive. Has the authority of the state been abused? You bet! But anarchy can't work in populations that are this large.

You claim we're "forced to work". Work has always been the bain of mankind. Whether you're digging all day for tubers to help feed the tribe or laboring in a factory to assemble televisions, you have to work to survive. That is our lot.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 09:37 PM
At the OP,
Feel free to buy a plot of land and grow your own food. No one is forcing you to work for anyone.
If criminals have guns, then the police need guns. JMHO.
Have a nice day.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:19 AM
An old quote fits perfectly here.

"So the police, to avoid brutality,
shouldn't use clubs or gas or dogs.
I suppose they will have to use poison ivy."

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