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Security Vulnerability Threatens Internet

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posted on Apr, 20 2004 @ 07:20 PM
A security flaw involving TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) in combination with a vulnerability in Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) has been identified that could allow hackers to perform denial-of-service attacks or session hijacking. Internet Security Systems, a security resource group, says the most vulnerable to these denial-of-service attacks are network infrastructure providers and business networks.
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Networking products from Certicom, Check Point, Cisco Systems, Cray, and Juniper Networks are among those vulnerable because of the flaws, according to the National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre. More details are available here.

Businesses using equipment from those vendors, some of which have not yet issued patches, should implement IP Security to encrypt network traffic so TCP information won't be available to attackers, reduce the TCP window size, and not publish their source TCP port information, the U.K. security center advises.

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