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Mystery stones may have Mason-Dixon survey ties

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 02:59 PM
Here's a very interesting article on the discovery of some marker stones in Maryland which could have been some of the markers put in place to settle a boundary dispute between the Penn and Calvert families..


MARDELA SPRINGS -- Who would have thought that stone markers near here would have "DaVinci Code"-like ties to the past?

Surveyor John Andrews of Salisbury could hardly believe the story that the sole surviving instrument used by surveyors Jeremiah Dixon and Charles Mason used in the 1760s to run the famous division lines between Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania were found hidden in the floor of a room under the Liberty Bell tower at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. That was one secret revealed, but Andrews and fellow surveyors have a more pressing matter to investigate here on the Shore.

In rural Wicomico County, they have discovered six mysterious stones that may be tied to Mason and Dixon which even historians and scholars of the famed surveyors did not know existed.



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