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"The Sanctity of Contracts" Bogus AIG Argument

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 08:43 AM
Frankly put, anyone who wants to argue in favor of AIG employees receiving their bonuses has a shorter memory than your average goldfish. On March 9th, changes to a contract were ratified by an organization which was all but forced to change it by the government. Yet, nobody seems to be able to remember THIS FAR BACK!

Middle-class Americans - who had NOTHING to do with the collapse of the economy - were forced to give up "bonuses" which were owed to them by the Big 3, these bonuses were negotiated for in 2007 instead of annual pay raises. The UAW contract was not set to expire until 2011. Yet, at the behest of the government, the contract was forced open and number of concessions were made.

As a result of the A.I.G. rescue, taxpayers own almost 80 percent of the company.


I actually work for Ford Motor Company, even though Ford does not need a loan from the government I had to give up things so GM and Chrysler could attain loans.

We own 80% of AIG, yet we do not have any say in how they run their business?

The truth certainly is stranger than fiction.

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 09:17 PM
Good post. I just can't wait in the next couple months how much info ( if any ) is going to come out of this.

All i know is that people are starting to know too much and some of the people who are in on it are going to have to take the fall so the real powers can hide like the cowards they are.

Our country kind of is all ready falling apart, except nobody will notice until it is way way way too late and then who knows what illogical things may start to occur.


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