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Stupid Americans

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posted on Feb, 2 2003 @ 02:32 AM
Subject: Stupid Americans
Msg # 1492
Date: 2/2/03 3:28:28 AM EST
Author: IDNeon

It's come to my attention, that sadly many americans are not like me, but are rather quite stupid :-(

They peddle this event off as either nothing, or they blame NASA, people say Bush cut funding for NASA when he actually raised funding from Clinton's original proposals.

Common Americans are so stupid, they don't even know that the money they carry in their wallets is unconstitutional.

So to all stupid Americans, grow up, the space program doesn't need budget cuts, it needs a 100 billion dollar a year budget increase.

The military is what needs a budget cut, we now have the power to make our impression on both the world and through out all time, without a massive army, we can do it through exploration.

The future "rulers of humanity" will look back upon america as the founders of their way of life, as we look back on the Greeks and Romans for ours.

So stupid Americans, please pull your head out of your ass.

Health Care and Welfare is unconstitutional, as it gives government undue provisions to pass laws and regulate your lives, how anyone can want MORE government control and regulation, is just sick.

The government should quit most of its other functions, and pass them back to the states, as federalism demands, it should work its way over the next few decades BACK on to the Gold standard, and it should focus its primary efforts into the space program, not the military.

Kennedy was on to something, the world was never so at peace as it was the day man stepped foot on the's a shame our politicians (driven by stupid americans) can't see beyond their own short lives, and see that America NOW this generation...US, can leave an impression not just on the world but off it, so great, that 10,000 years from now providing we don't blow ourselves up first, humanity will still recognize the stars and bars, even if they no longer salute it.

The above post is something I posted for AOL I think it sums up what America needs to start doing, and how most people are just ignorant a$ses who want the government to think for them.

The Above does not need to be fully agreed with, it is just a general outline, but the concept is neccissary.

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posted on Feb, 2 2003 @ 04:03 AM
FM, try to keep at mind that we are not probably alone in the Universe. What will we do if we find another civilisation who's not peacefull ? Space and military budgets are necessary for our collective security.

posted on Feb, 2 2003 @ 04:19 AM
You missed the concept UP
those wars would probably be benificial anyways.

It's easy to say "don't attack Iraq" they have babies and human faces...but a slug creature that spits ooze, I think we'd settle to make total war against them

Good ridance to "War protestors"

By going into space, we can't lose

On a more serious note...warring space farers seems VERY unlikely.

Because of the great distances that would need to be covered to wage a war...war fought between systems would be by far more regulated than ours are today.

If even that...more likely than not war is limited to settlers invading a planet, if you can gaurd your planet you have nothing to fear.

But organized warfare in space seems highly unlikely primarily due to the emmense size of space, and also to the fact that you could just go around nuking planet and thus the war would be too costly (MAD on a galactic scale

So don't fear the "aggressive aliens" I'm sure a year against them and our barbarous race would teach them a thing or two about war (we'd need the year to steal their technology, as every military action leaves accidents and debris lying around

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posted on Feb, 2 2003 @ 03:24 PM
I read somewhere a while ago that the US is still spending the equivalent ammount of funding on the militarty since the cold war. thats pretty horrible if its true. Plus we practically give away all of our old weapons to the countries who will probably turn around and shoot us with them. Who comes up with these bright ideas?

posted on Feb, 2 2003 @ 08:58 PM
I do agree that most Americans are stupid. I agree that Welfare should be cut except for the disabled.

"The military is what needs a budget cut, we now have the power to make our impression on both the world and through out all time, without a massive army, we can do it through exploration.
I disagree with that statement. The military does not need a budget cut. The military and technology should be the #1 priority to any politician or citizen. Military and Technology is the reason there is still a U.S and the reason we have won past wars. With out a U.S there is no NASA. Until we live in an utopian planet. Military is #1 priority. Space exploration right now is only a want, not a need. Military is a need. If it were up to me, all the welfare money would go to black projects (not black projects as in the ghetto, but black projects as in top secret aerospace research). And black projects intersect with your "space exploration".

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