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The Bock Saga

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posted on Apr, 20 2004 @ 03:26 AM
hi folks. I'm Al. new here.
A few years ago i met a guy named jimmy chestner who spoke to us for 13+ hours about something called the Bock Saga. He said he sat at the foot of a guy named Ior who received the complete oral history of humanity on this planet. Humanity was born in Helsinki finland millions of years ago when a goat and monkey got busy and made man. before man there was no sperm. this story was all about sperm. the first man had the most potent sperm and he shared it with all the sons and sons of sons (in finnish 'father' is 'per' so we're all per's sons... get it? how bout you put your pole in the pea and you get people? i digress...) anyway its a bizarre and complicated story that i thought those that visit the ancient civilization forum might be interested in reading more about and Hey! lookie here! i've got a link:
more about the Saga, before the poles shifted (the ragnaruks) true n. and magnetic n. were the same and located at Helsinki finland. in those days you could stand on top of teh planet and watch the sun spin around you horizontally. they were all sun worshippers. well then something bad happened (i think i recall the story going something like the sperm eaters got perverted and wanted to put the sacred sperm up some thor friend's ass) and the poles shifted, creating the first ragnaruk, or ice age. the fins built a large igloo and lived under ice for an age or so and became white all the other survivers were down south and stayed the same color they always were; brown.
thats why you have krishna depicted as blue, when he came down from finland, no one had seen a white guy before. also in this story they say that moses was a woman. also they got this thing about sperm. its supposed to be really good for you (even better than urine!) the best quote from my friend jimmy was "you've got to suck seed to succeed!"
anyway its a looooong story and they're trying to excavate this cave that has a big rock over the entrance and when they get in then Icke will no longer be privy to The Biggest Secret!

I'd be interested in hearing your comments, feedback, thoughts, and if you've heard of this before, both conventional and unconventional wisdom on it

posted on Apr, 20 2004 @ 06:00 AM
well, that's an interesting story, i've never heard it before. if the excavation is true, i'd like to see what comes about it, but other then that stories passed down, again and again, always seem to change, so unless i heard the first story, this is just another folklore that holds nothing.

posted on Apr, 20 2004 @ 08:15 PM
It's interesting, but a lot of it doesn't hold up. I'm also suspicious in that the excavations are being done by investors (someone has a financial stake) aArnd amateurs. They're apparently very rank and enthusiastic amateurs, because mention is made of dynamiting a rock that blocked progress (this within the past 15 years.)

Moldern archaeologists don't do that. You destroy too much evidence. They dig around the thing.

I do question the conclusions, particularly from a technological and linguistic aspect.

posted on Apr, 20 2004 @ 10:00 PM
yeah there are a lot of problems with the whole story but interesting nuntheless...
apparently inside that cave there are golden statues of all the kings of prehistory.

when i was listening to the saga by my friend who had eaten of ior's seed (from a spoon.. he's not gay he went on to tell me.) he was able to tie the whole story together linguistically, that is, phonically using the aphabet and it was amusing as hell. i cant recreate it at all but his delivery was convincing.. unfortunately for him also in his small audience was a couple of linguists who said the whole think was bunk, linguistically speaking.
funny how the taoist also talk of "putting the pearl under the tongue" ie sperm eating.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 12:02 PM
It,s petty that so manny people make a fool out of this story.For over 15 years I try to discuss about the Bock Saga...mostly people don't want to hear.This blocks all progres in revealing the saga in a clear form! As much as the linguistic aspect, I have to do it with my Duch, but take (dutch)frisian,Saxson,Englisch, and old Norsk, and start first to read some of de Iceland sagas and tranlate will find out that its about the phonetics. The big problem is, that the Bock Saga is in Finnisch, and most of our european tong speaks different, so we don't untherstand, and mostly don't want to.

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 10:54 PM

Originally posted by Al_uh_Looyah
my friend who had eaten of ior's seed (from a spoon..


posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 12:23 PM
How did this thread even get here? Its from 2004 for cripes sake!!!

I still find the so called Bock Saka an assload of empty air though. Especially the wild variation of nordic and finnish words, as if this ancient race cant decide what they where. Or stuff like this, which doesnt even make sense:

By 1030AD however, the Catholics had conquered England, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. With their complete rule of the East Sea there was only one remaining unconquered target for the mighty catholic army of 30-35,000 mercenaries to complete the northern "crusades", the bloody and bestial conquest of the northern countries and people, their freedom, resources and treasures. As we now may say openly: the first warfare on Scandinavia was inflicted and directed by the new dictators in Rome, and conducted by "christianised" Franks ("Charlemagne", etc.).

The catholics didnt "conquer" these countries, it was mostly missionary work. Yes, there was a northern crusade but he's about 100-150 years too early (and more). Charlemagne had been dead for about 200 years.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by merka


You still have some serious studies to do within the history of the middle-ages of Europe.

Try starting with the establisment of the (new) Franco-Roman empire, led by a pope rather than an emperor. Yo may start with mobilisation and warfares of Charlemagne and then focus on what happened as Charles the Great brougth the Frankish art of warfare to its hight. His campaigns towards the "headon" north finally brougth the Germans into submission and the Carolingans to the peak of power, as the new Emperors of Rome.

Then you may read about the "christian forces" that kept pushing north until the end of the Viking-time when the Scandinavian kingdoms finally gave in - and the Baltic Sea lay open to the final battle of the north, as the last independant kingdom in Europe (Finland) was invaded, her population massacred and the capitol headland laid waste.

Four years later - with nothing left to conquer and loot in the north, the old alliance between Rome and Istanbul started to figth over who should rule over and benefit from the Baltics and Finland, in what is known as "the great schism". That eventually led the eastern and western halves of "Christs servants" to turn on each other...

Finally, after close to 200 years of conflict, Rome got the upper hand and Poland, the Baltic states, Finland and western Carelia became "catholic", implying 10 % of their gross income was to be paid to the archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen and the western church.

Since then we never heard ANYTHING about the pre-christian history of Finland and the Baltics, before modern achaeology started to find some fragments of its rich past. Still these discoveries were poorly understood though, until this old family-saga came out of the Archive of Folklore, as of 1984-85.


Not suprisingly, the controversial nature of this history led some leading historians of 1985 Finland to believe that it was an hoax and promptly state that it was "unscientific". Sadly they didn't care to check the facts given in the story, even, as it just "sounds to strange". The rather continued to argue for their idea of an hoax, telling their domestic and international collegues that the entire story was "made up" by the orator, the "highly imaginative" actor and historian Ior Bock; "with the help of amphetamine".

Privat friends of the family have stated that Mr. Bock never have used any such thing, "he do not even drink alchohol". Though, it's added - according to the traditions of his family and the old, local culture - he openly admits to smoke hemp (canabis), rather than tobacco, for "recreational purposes".
Everyone who knows something about hemp-smoking knows that it doesnt make you a genious anyway, just like that...

Today some major issues of this saga have been translated to English and published on the net. You may start at and check on both the accuracy and complexity of the saga. Then you may check on the last 25 years of the historical sciences and explain how a "mere phantasy" from 1984 have been rogressievely confirmed, by scientific measurements, discoveries and research.

posted on Jan, 28 2009 @ 09:39 AM

Originally posted by Al_uh_Looyah
the first man had the most potent sperm and he shared it with all the sons and sons of sons

Sounds messy!

Originally posted by Al_uh_Looyah
i think i recall the story going something like the sperm eaters got perverted and wanted to put the sacred sperm up some thor friend's ass and the poles shifted, creating the first ragnaruk, or ice age.

So that's what they mean when they asked if the Earth moved for me?

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