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Eyes On The Atlantic - Webcams In Caribbean - Europe - U.S.- Africa - Looking Out to Sea

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 07:25 PM
Here is the companion thread, with the "Eyes on the Pacific" Thread I did yesterday. All the webcam links are direct to webcams - they are all looking out to water. These links cover the whole spectrum of the Atlantic.

If you find any more, that I missed, please post them and Asala (awesome Mod) will insert them in the main OP here with credit to you.

These links are for the "fun of it" besides if there are ever any warnings, from Tsunami's - Hurricanes etc. you can come here and click on the links to view the various areas.

It is also nice to see the water and different parts of the world, though one beach looks just like another after awhile. Some are not just beach views though - anyway, have fun, exploring.

Some of these are not "live" - I am finding, but I am still putting them in.

Here is a link to hundreds of webcams -

Now for the individual areas

The Caribbean I will do first - all of these places I know very well - (where I lived half my life)


St. Thomas - (btw: that is looking out to the mouth of Charlotte Amalie Harbor - Frenchman's Reef Hotel in background)

St. Croix -

St. John -

St. John - Hurricane Hole -

St. Barths(site to multiple in St. Barths) -

St. Barths - from up on Mountain looking to water) -

St. Maarten -

Anguilla -

Anegada BVI -

Cooper Island BVI -

Barbados -

Cayman Islands - (don't know - why the long page link - but that is what they had.)

Abaco - Bahamas -

Keywest - many many choices here -


Venezuela -

Argentina -


Florida - many choices of beaches -

Florida - Miami Beach -

As hard as I tried - I could not find anymore along the coast up to Maine - sorry.

But here is one in Maine

Maine -


France- Hossegor Beach - many choices here -

French Rivera- Nice -

France - D-Day Beach -

France - Labaule -

U.K. -

Seychelles -

Moracco - yeah - I know Africa - but still in with this group) -

Okay, that is all I have for you at this time. If you find others, please post them.

You can use these to decide where you want to go on vacation too!

For those who missed it the companion thread "Eye on Pacific" is located here: Eye On Pacific - Webcams

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