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Earthquake/Volcano Predictions from Our own World Watch and Various other Sources

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:34 AM
Ever since I did my Dec. 08 "Quake' threads from the Webbot predictions, I have been watching Earthquake news, boards, science sites, radio frequency sites, the list goes on and on.

I spend time during the day - looking at all the "information' available on volcanos and Earthquakes.

I also visit sites discussing animal behavior around the U.S. (mainly), so in watching everything, I thought I would put a thread together here, for those that are interested in "Earth Movements" predictions and post - as things are predicted etc.

I had done a "Whales beaching" thread - wondering if a big quake would come due to the beachings. 2 - 4.7 quakes did hit close to the beachings in Australia, but looking at the history of beachings to a Huge quake hitting - I found there could be a few weeks between the events.

To me it makes sense that whales and dolphins would be hearing grinding of the Earth and the Earth would be grinding way before an actual "Huge" quake hit.

So, personally, I feel the beachings in Tasmania was the result of the quake and volcano in Tonga. That is my "take" on it.... right or wrong.

I do searches about beachings almost everyday, one thing I have found, there may be a report of "found" carcassess way after the fact, due to so many uninhabited islands of the Pacific.

Also yesterday, I posted on a thread in ATS - that there was a line of clouds that looked exactly like "Earthquake Clouds" that I have also researched. Those clouds were close to the Tonga area. I could not get a screen shot, but they WERE there.

In putting many things together, this BTS thread will be those "predictions" that others from science sources, alternative sources, and my own thoughts.

Anyone else who would like to "predict" quakes here - please join in.

There are various sources I go to, everyday - one I find very interesting and on that site - there is One person who gets it right every time - regarding big quakes.

The site is:

There is a section "Jack Coles" - who is in prison somewhere, but he calls in predictions - he got the Tonga one - I don't believe anyone "knows" how he gets his predictions, but he does get them. I have been impressed.

I also found, once I began concentrating on Earthquakes, I have been "sensitive" to them. I will find my : ears popping, headaches, ear tones (which I have always had - never related it before), earaches, etc.

I found there would be quakes nearby etc. - I am still do not know how to relate one symptom to various events.

4 days ago, my right ear began a "new" and odd thing - I was getting deep ear pulsing - not a steady pain - but a "pulsating pain" it last for 2 days. It stopped 2 days ago (volcano - then quake in Tonga) .

I have found the last 2 days - t.v. interference on national channels - yesterday morning 3/20/09 and again this morning. Since there is no solar storm going on, I am wondering why those are happening.

There is a thread I put up yesterday, for when a Big quake happens in the Pacific and Tsunami warnings are put out, the thread has direct links to Live webcams throughout the Pacific, so all of us can easily go to the thread and "watch" for anything.

That thread is here in ATS:

I will do an Atlantic thread on webcams, in the near future.

This is the 'setup' of the thread here .....

Why on BTS? - because "predictions" are not an exact science - yet I believe people do "get it right" with looking at many aspects.

This thread is different from those on ATS - because it is using other sources along with our own ways of looking at what is happening.
Also, I believe there will be a lot less - critizing of the "predictions" here than on ATS.

I will be posting - some predictions immediately after this thread is started, I don't want to insert them here in the main OP - as this is the "set up" of the thread.

Predictions will also take in and made through the "History" of quakes in certain areas - after events in other areas.

I have found - quakes happen at one place in the world and then have an antipodal affect on another place in the world.

A great map for finding the antipodal affect is here:

For those interested in these predictions and making your own predictions, please posts.

I have found, we are incurring and will be more - some major Earth changes. With our magnetic field weakening and solar storms hitting the earth with the "hole" now...... I believe we are going to start getting bigger Earth events.

Also, discussion of events/predictions "not happening" is good too, (ways of refining predictions).

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:44 AM
I will make a prediction - regarding quakes, right now...

I believe, from watching the antipodal map and the large scale quakes that continue in Indonesia - with the antipode being the Puerto Rico trench.

In watching Puerto Rico's and the Virgin Island's quakes that have been occuring over the last few months ................. they are getting stronger and more frequent.

To give you an idea of the frequency of them.................

In the 1990's on average they had about 300+ quakes a year (very small)
But beginning around 2002 - they began getting many more quakes a year.
In fact - funny enough - the Puerto Rico quake site - has not released the quanitity of quakes that have happened since 2005.............. wonder why?
But up to 2005 from 2002 - they began getting over 900 quakes a year happening.

With all of that in mind, including looking at the history of Puerto Rico's trench..................... I am actually going out on a limb here ...............

I am going to say right now - I believe by mid summer to the beginning of fall (yes - I know it is a long time out - but it is the "prediction of the event") - there will be a "seriously Huge quake - around the 7 to 8 M range - that will also cause a tsunami in the Caribbean area.

I have studied that area intensely - why? I lived down in the Virgin Islands - it was my home for 1/2 my life - and I have many friends there. So - in digging up as much as I have been able to............ I am making that prediction.

I will also set up a thread on ATS - of Atlantic webcams...... because I do believe this prediction has a very good possiblity of happening.

link to Puerto Rico Seismic network :

Edit - to add link

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 11:12 AM
A little more - Info on Puerto Rico -

Puerto Rico has had in the month of March - 202 quakes - just in 20 days - the quakes have averaged around the 3M.

Tried to post the list here - too large - direct link to quake list:

Watch when good sized quakes hit (all the time now - in 5M range) KEPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONESIA

You will see - quakes pop in Puerto Rico - it is the antipodal - you will see this is a continual result of the quakes in Indonesia.

Wanted to give you a "little" more info, on where I am coming from with "predicting" a Big quake in the Caribbean.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 12:20 PM
There is a distinct EQ cloud in the Tonga area right now. I am looking at it from "flashearth" - does anyone know how to screen shot an image from flashearth?

I would like to insert it here.

edit to provide link:

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posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 05:19 AM
I'm one of those people who gets symptoms before earthquakes. I've noticed that they are moving northward, both on the globe and on my body. It's been happening for some years now, though in the beginning I had no idea what it was. The last earthquakes, in Italy and just after that in the Kuril Islands, were particularly long and painful to me.

I have small pains almost daily now with some days showing strong but not particularly long-lasting symptoms periodically throughout the day.

posted on Apr, 20 2009 @ 12:05 PM
I also think there's something brewing in the Caribbean region, but I'm feeling a volcano rather than an earthquake. The increasing number of earthquakes seems more like a pre-eruption swarm to me. However, I must confess that I may be biased because Montserrat ruined my honeymoon.

I also wanted to verify questioningall's accurate prediction about the Tonga earthquake. She pointed out those "earthquake clouds" several hours before the quake happened.

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