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NEWS: Minor Train Incident Puts New Yorkers on the Edge

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posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 11:11 AM
An early Monday morning incident on the tracks between a LIRR commuter train and an empty Amtrak train near Penn Station had many New Yorkers late and on edge as they made their way to work. Approximately, 130 people riding on the LIRR train suffered from minor cuts and bruises. With the "Looming Threat of Terrorism" on American soil, and the subways considered a soft target, many New Yorkers were extra wary this morning when the incident occurred.

LIRR and Amtrak Trains Bump Near NYC's Penn Station, 130 With Minor Injuries
"No one critical, no one serious, all injuries appear to be minor," said David Billig, a Fire Department spokesman.
Scoppetta said the Amtrak train rear-ended the LIRR train, which was coming into Manhattan from the Long Island town of Ronkonkoma.
Amtrak spokesman Dan Stessel said the Amtrak train was on its way to Penn Station from a rail yard in Queens to pick up passengers for a trip to Washington.

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