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Anyone have an idea to help me ?:)

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posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 09:01 AM
Hi again, wow many posts im posting today whole of 3

Well some times I kinda go into a extreme paranoid state for some hours or some days. I can't sit in a chair with my back against a window or my door. I have to sit on a chair or something up against a wall so nothing can get behind me... Everytime I go to the bathroom i "spin" around to check the door and stuff... I mean, I'm almost 18 and it sucks, I can't fall to sleep when it happens and I feel like something is behind me watching me all the time.

I remember it started when I was like 10 or something when I had it very often, then it stopped after a long time and here recently I had again.
Last time I found my self just laying in bed and didn't dare to move me out of the place I just was there all still...

Thats the most freaky thing I know of I think, I can't describe it sometimes I just get so afraid out of nothing ??? When it is worst I'm afraid that every time I close my eyes and I open them again something would be there. Actually I don't really know what it is that I'm expecting to be there...

It sux, well most of the time I don't think about it and im fine.
Does anyone have it like me ?


posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 09:08 AM
this used to happen to me all the time. it all started after i watched an episode of "Are You Afraid Of The Dark". that show scared the pants off me. i would walk down my hall with my back pressed against the wall. i would never sit with my back to a window. i would check all kinds of closets and crevices... i would lie in bed with my back down so i could see everything around me.

i got over it all, but to this day i still cant fall asleep on my stomache.

anyways, the way i got over it is by resisting the urge to "spin around" or i would diliberatly sit with my back to a dark window. i wouldnt check places, because i knew that there was nothing there. it took about a week and a half of doing this, and the feeling eventually stopped. good luck either way

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 09:12 AM
Tell your parents if you still live with them, and try to get them to take you to a psychiatrist. Could be a medication that would help with that, and you should see if there is help.. you never know if it will get too bad later in life, and you lose everything because you are too paranoid to leave your house. And don't think that you can just wait it out and see if it gets worse, because the changes will most likely be so gradual that you won't even notice them, until one day when it's too late.

Not trying to scare you or anything, just telling you what could happen..

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 09:16 AM
Sounds like you suffer from some form of anxiety. If this is so you can go to your chemist and they've got non-prescription stuff that can help relieve it. But I'd probably go see your GP if it's really bothering you.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 07:41 PM
The sad thing about today is these new "disorders" that need "treatment"...negative....try some self control...dont do the things you "feel" the need too....example...many kids develop a hand washing problem....they feel the need to constantly wash their hands for some what do you do...stop...plain and simple...drugs will only temp. stop something...if you want something to must take control and stop it yourself....or just stop watching scary

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 07:55 PM
Strange stuff..

Well the first step is knowing that this is odd behavior.
As the others here say you need to tell a doctor this as a simple med may be able to help you.

Have you got alot of things going on in your life that is very stressfull?

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 08:08 PM
i would agree with asala and the other member who said that you should seek some medical help.

There are two other things you can do. Try meditating and not thinking about anything, or start by thinking about something you like, like a day at a beach or something like that.

You can also concentrate only on your breathing, breathe slowly and concentrate on this. Don't stop and get discouraged if at first you don't seem able to accomplish this, keep trying. I would try this for about a week or two, if the problem persists, then seek medical help.

Do this everyday at least once. Also another way you can do this is by doing exercises at your house, or if you enjoy tai chi, ask your mom, dad, or a friend to buy you a video about tai chi and try it out for a week.

I always think that legal drugs should be the last resort for this kind of problem, but if your feelings get the best of you and you don't feel you can hack it, talk with your parents and seek medical help.

Talk about it, that's the best thing you can do, instead of keeping it inside. Coming in here and asking for help is a big step in finding a solution to this. If there is noone else you can talk to, keep posting in here. There are enough people that would care and would listen to you.

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posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 09:53 PM
Well, I was always kinda like you when I was younger as well (sometimes still am). But I'd need to know a little more. Do you know what you're afraid of? I would always know what I was afraid of, and reason with my self, use logic to get rid of it. Like I would be afraid of a murderer and tell myself in my mind "Why would a murderer be wait specifically for ME and know where MY room is in MY house? Out of so many houses, so many rooms why would he/she pick mine?" or "Something can't even fit in there!" Are you afraid of spiritual things? I can sort of help with that, cause I thought alot about that stuff (I still do over think everything).

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 09:59 PM
When I was younger and alone in the house this kind of happened to me...probly lots of other little kids too, maybe from watching too many horror movies as a child. Yes, I think that's it...I used to think people would be waiting for me to kill me around every corner, but not in the back of my mind I would think that, but realistically I would think "yea right, no way"'s hard to explain. But yea, 12 years old and watching Halloween revenge of michael myers or nightmare on elm street 4 in a dark house by yourself can do that to you for a while...but if you are feeling like this all day long and stuff you might have some problems. If I am by myself I occasionally get "scared" feelings out of nowhere, but I don't really think anything of it...figure out how serious it is, if your mind is just playing tricks on you, or if you really are scared/paranoid.

[Edited on 19-4-2004 by Shoktek]

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 03:59 PM
I have a friend, now bieng treated with drughs for
Schizophrenia--he sees things on top of that; go ahead and get tested

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 04:02 PM
sorry; that came across as asshole.

Look, I have obsessive compulsive problems, but I also have other gifts, but what you are talking about could be skitzo, so it might be worht testing because there are drugs out there that eventually help--after making you miserable for two or three months as you adjust

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 04:03 PM
I agree with basement, You need to take control of the situation. Although some of us need medication, make it alst resort. I would try to conquer this with my MIND, and then seek professional help, but save the MEDS for last. After all, they might cure our paranoia, but give you something worse.... Like a chip! Who goes there?

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 04:08 PM
ppl have sorta said this already, but whenever you're feeling like some1 is behind you or whatever, just talk yourself through it, saying, "whats the likelyhood of there actually being something there?"

i guess im being a little bit of a hypocrite, cause i still cant take a shower when no1 else is home, for fear of some1 else coming inside.

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 04:13 PM
nah, Its nothin as bad as skitso, its just a normal occsonal anxiaty attack, only seek help if they become an interferance in your day to day life, i.e. stopping you human interaction or stopps you from goin to work. I get little paranoia attacks some days too man.

posted on Apr, 24 2004 @ 04:23 PM
I have that same problem, not as bad anymore though. Im not sure how i overcame it, i guess i just stoped caring after all those years of worrying somthing was there that never was. I still have some times where i will only lay on my back in bed so nothing can sneak up on me, when that happens ill 'face my fears' and say # it to what ever is there, or i will lay on my back all night

posted on Apr, 27 2004 @ 05:05 PM
There really are other beings around us on different dimensions and many people can sense that something is watching them. The beings are actually very wonderful beings and there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of them. But they can be frightening for the human to encounter and for this reason they stay hidden from humans or even scare humans away from themselves. They may even desire to interact with the human in various ways, and sometimes they interact in a frightening way so that they teach the human that other beings do actually exist and yet due to the fear they induce they purposefully prevent the humans from developing attachments to those beings

posted on Apr, 27 2004 @ 05:25 PM
Ok, one thing to mention about the drugs thing:

I'm supposed to be tested for ADHD. My psychology teacher told me what he would suggest is getting on the medication to supplement what I cannot control. Meanwhile, I'm to see a psychologist--or someone who helps with learning disorders--to learn techniques to help myself. As I learn control, Im to ease off the meds, so that I cannot have to depend on my meds, but myself. Depending on what is out there, drugs for this may be similar. Now, what I do know about drugs for this is that they make it WORSE for the first few months, and then it gets better. Id prefer to see people without meds, but not all meds are a bad deal, as long as they truly improve life.

posted on Apr, 28 2004 @ 07:38 AM
If youre scared in your own house...get a nice sized dog...seriously...

posted on Apr, 28 2004 @ 07:58 AM
I've had this occasionally whilst about to hope into bed. I would hope into bed and then it was almost like there was something in my room, just floating above me, so i would face the wall, eyes closed, and if i opened my eyes i would also expect to see something there.....

Fact of the matter is that nothing was there, but it still seemed like something was there, floating... But you realise...there is absolutely nothing there...

Nothing is there physically, though you might thinkt here is something there spiritually....but it cannot harm you... ;P So just laugh at it, and think how funny you are thinking at this point in present..... You are spinning around because you think something is there, thought here isn't and you rightfully know there isn't, even if you might think there is spiritually, there is nothing there physically. And you cannot tell if there is spiritually....So you just LAUGH at how funny the situation is and has become.

You REALISE there is nothing there, and if there is you cannot tell there is, so now imagine seeing yourself through someone elses eyes, watching you from a few meteres away, or through a camera jsut say, and imagine youa re watching yourself looking at nothing, turning around in the toilet, doing little spins. What would that person be thinking? That you are crazy? Or jsut having a good time in the toilet, doing little spins and dance moves? A ritual perhaps for worshiping the God of the Toilet? Just Laugh buddy. Reach out and try to grab what you think is there, that you cnnot see. Curse at it, swear at it, laugh at it, give it some insults, just talk to it, and then say "OMG i'm becoming nutz...i'm a nutta...i'm talking to mah self, and the toilet and something that isn't there, but might be there in the spirit world but cannot harm me...I'm afraid fo somethign that cant harm me and that most likely isn't there and i cant tel it's there...HAHAH" And laugh at that too coz it is funny. Graba toilet tissueand ask if it wants to have a cry.

If you think somethign is there spiritually....It cant communicate with oyu, it cannot harm you, you cannot harm just chat to it, even if it's not out loud. Just know in your mind that you think there may be a seperate entity hanging around you and it could be tehre all the time...Talk # with it.

Soon enough it wont be something you're afraid of, anxious about, paranoid about, it'll be something you can think out loud to, say anything to without anything happening to you at all. If oyu get this feeling, oyu wont be aranoid or anxious anymore, you'll just straight away end up saying, "Wazzup, whatchu want buddy? i'ma kick your ass if you dont stop talking to me. Fiine that's it, i'ma neck you witha fart"... There is nothing to fear... You wont be afraid of it....

The only thing you might fear or be paranoid about is getting caught, talking to what would seem to be yourself, by other people....if oyu forget where you are or who's around to hear you mumbling on about # to yourself ;P

You goota realise life aint always serious and life shouldn't always be taken seriously. Too much seriousness in life ait's seriousness...and seriousness aint fun? And what's the point of living just to be alive even though it's not realy being alive. Having fun, the time of your life, and having a #ing good time is what life is all about. Paranoia, anxiety. It's all a load of #. If you cant deal with these things....then you gotta find a way, and thinking about it all, and realising that you can have a good time and laugh at that # that is troubling you, is damn funny and good, and it can get you into a good mood.

Have you ever had someone fully yell at you....and oyu jsut start cracking up laughing, or have this huge big grin on your face that you find it hilarious that youa re getting yelled at, told off, or whatever?

Damnit man.

there is nothign there buddy. Just relax, and take a load off, coz tehre is nothing there...

And if yu still feel paranoid, and have this anxiety.... Closethe doors. By this i mean close the doors around the hosue where noone will be going into, sucha s a spare room ,a study that noone uses, laundry doros, bathroom doors, toilet doors (should be closed already damnit and if tey aren't...u MAKE THE HOUSE STINK!!!..and that's jsut wrong...get some toilet freshener also so after u take a crap..u can spray ;P...lemon freshness buddy...lemon freshness ;P)

just Chillax buddy...noone is there and noone can hurt you one little bit....and if u really think there is someone there spiritually...have a pray to god, or ak them to go away, or jsut chat to the biatch and spin # with it, show it a pube or 2, show it ur ass, make some weird faces in the mirror and crack up laughing. Helle even just mess around with ya hair and laugh at some of the #ed up, funny hair stylez you create.

Tehre is nothing ot be afraid of and no matter how messes up ur hair styles, insults, bad breathe is or weird ur faces are, it and noone can harm you, so live it up

[Edited on 28-4-2004 by DaRAGE]

posted on Apr, 28 2004 @ 09:11 AM
Quane -

One thing you may take away from this thread, is the fact that you are not alone.

As a child of about 8yrs I suddenly became obssessed with my mortality. I would ponder and worry continually on the subject of death, it affected me greatly when trying to get to sleep, my mind would tick compulsively just on this subject. I started to leave a night light on which worked somewhat, and then started listening to talk radio so as to take my mind off it. I guess after many years of worrying myself, my mind turned to other things, the radio and light certainly helped, would recommend this before moving on to any kind of drugs.

If you start with the drugs you'll only build your anxiety up again as you anticpate coming off them, that in itself will cause problems.

I don't believe your obssessive behaviour is uncommon at all, as we all suffer from these disorders to some degree, we just keep them to our selves for fear of being ridiculed and categorized as a fruit loop.

It's hard to think rationally when you're having an anxiety attack, but you can overcome this, and you will develop away of dealing with it, until one day you'll realise somebody on a thread suffers the same way you did, then hopefully you can offer them reassurance that they are not alone.................BEHIND YOU...!!

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