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Permanent war??

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posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 08:25 AM
Does any one remembers George Orwel's "1984" novel (that with the Big Brother)

Written in 1948, it predicted a new world order in wich only 3 countries existed: Oceania, EurAsia and EastAsia.

In this book, Orwel stated this theory: For the survival of the human kind it is necesary that a permanent, global, conflict should exist, and as the alliences change, so should the recorded history be alter so that afterwards, no one be able to prove anything.

As I recall, in the beginning, the conflict was between Oceania allied with EastAsia against EurAsia, only to change into a conflict between Oceania allied with EurAsia against EastAsia, and then back again.

Now isn't this possible, let's say: Oceania are te US, EurAsia is the present US allies and that EastAsia is the radical arab world?

Facts from history: about 30 years ago, the US were in "cold" war with the East-European (communist, back then) countries and friends with the oil producing arab world. This means something like Oceania+EastAsia vs EurAsia.

In the present, the US is in war with the oil producing arab world and friends with the East-European countries. And this would mean Oceania+EurAsia vs EastAsia!!

Damn, he was rigth, has he??!!! George Orwel, I mean.
Since the WW2 has ended, no one can say that was really peace on Earth, contrary, in fact, it was o constant struggle for world domination, just like in the novel, (though not as violent as in the book).

But here is were he is (my guess) wrong:

first, in the end the US will be in a war ("cold" or "warm") against the rest of the world. That would be Oceania vs EastAsia+EurAsia, and not like in the book.

secaondly, he should have called his book "2004", and not "1984"!! (allthough he named it reversing the last 2 numbers of the year he has written it 1948-1984).

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