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The Experimental Government & The Run Away Train.

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 04:56 AM
After 6,000 years of controlled recorded history they still can not get it right.

From ancient Sumerian and Egyption theocracies to the beginning of democracy in Greece which seeded the "republic" we knew as the Roman Empire to the Roman Catholic, athiest and Islamic Monarchies of middle age and renasissance times all the way to the latest and greatest socialist, communist and democratic "unions" we see springing up all across the world in todays version of re-occurring events, and they still can not get it right.

Lets take a look at the recipe:

A little free will, a little monetary "simplification", a little declaration of "independence", a little "sniffed out corruption" (to show everything is under control), a little bit of "change is just arond the corner" style media and throw on top some heavy handed moral religious guidance.

Aaaahhhh, what is that stale smell we all inhale on a daily basis?
Well, other than the obvious answer of complete and utter bull# coming from the over/ under educated at the pinnacle of our governments, that tantelizing nostril widening perfume would be that of our greatest achievement as attributed to the human race...oh ya...government.

As we all know the latin base of this word we all know so well is

"govern"- or to control
"ment"- or mind

Yes my friends, this is our lives as a society. We have been, and we will continue to be controlled as the mindless astrophysicists, constructionists, haitians, customer service agents, everything in between and oh yes conspiracy theorists that we all have been trained to be.

But as the seeds of knowledge that have been planted many moons ago have been cultivated and are growing (as we speak) through out modern societies squirming brains we have only ourselves to congratulate for one grand change in this broadway spectacle.

Instead of knowing nothing about everything being done behind closed doors we now know a whopping 5% and they do it right in front of our noses. No doors needed. So a big thumbs up to us for that litle factoid.

As they progress, and with each failed experimental government such as the Soviet Union, the old version/ attempt at an EU or Nazi German Empire, Spanish/ French/ oriental monarchies, Italian/ South African/ South American socialist and fascist regimes. What have they left, but two shining beacons.


Two massive coal powered freight trains, each a mile long, completely full of cargo on the same track are heading towards each other. One heading east and one heading west. Both are gaining speed rapidly as the track descends from two opposite mountain tops thousands of feet in the air straight down! Who would have ever designed it this way!? The wind is blowing south and the smoke is billowing out of each stack. Both horns are sounding loudly as they approach the ravene at the base of the mountains. This doesn't look good. Both attempt at applying the brakes but nothing. They are way to heavy. Both are completely overwhelmed with too much weight! A collision is imminent, it can be seen from miles away. The closest town at the bottom in between the mountains sounds the emergency alarm. People are jumping out of the trains. The train enginner and staff all jump out with golden parachutes. Others screaming as they free fall while onlookers from the town below brace themsleves for impact.


A thunderous collision, the ground shakes, the sparks fly, mayhem is everywhere, smoke and fire consume everything, people are screaming as twisted metal rains down upon them, all hell has broken loose! Women and children are crying, men are running away.... but wait, could it be? There is still an engine growling and moaning? YES!! A horn blows with victory. But how is it possible? The smoke is still too thick to tell which one will emerge..Oh my! Unbelievable!

But what happened to the other train? Where did it go!? We know at least one was completely obliterated! Think of all the consumable goods that were on there! Hundreds of thousands of tons of stuff and train and coal. People were on their too! It was a freight/ amtrak! Must be worth trillions plus the compensation for the poor fools family and such! What will happen? Oh dear God!

Then faster than a speeding bullet the banker standing their that saw it coming and sounded the emergency town alarm whipped out his pen and loaned the train engineer enough money to fix and rebuild his smashed train. A team of investigators were sent by the town that had built the train tracks at the top of the mountains to investigate the collision.

In a surprising turn of events the team found no traces of either train, but at the same time also came to the conclusion that the mountains were not steep enough for the brakes to work that caused the wreck for the fourth time since building the tracks. So after the investigation and raising of the too low and unsafe mountaintop train tracks the towns people were sured of their safety and not to worry because nothing like this would ever happen again. The government had it all under control. So they were told to go back to work as normal.

the end

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 06:13 AM
thanks for the star...for some reason that actually means something..haha

a little to bored on a saturday night I think...hey its better than drinking too much and loosing your behind at a the tables though, eh?

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