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My encounters, Help if you can!

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:51 PM
I am posting this with hopes that some of you here will have info on what is going on with me. If you know anything about what you're getting ready to read PLEASE post and let me know

I know there will be skeptics here too, so you all may please post as well, just try to keep it o a minimum if you wish as I am trying to get info on what is going on with me. Thanks all who post and read.

Well, I have looked around and seen a lot of the site stories, and alot of the responses. People basically calling other people liars. I don't really care what they think because I know the truth I just don't particularly want to wade through the people trying to debunk a story and the other people who may not really know what they are talking about. Plus the fact that I have never told anyone my WHOLE story I just don't want to deal with their reaction.
I understand this may not be what you normally do. But I think your opinions on some of the things that have happened to me would be helpful for me to understand what may be really happening.
I'll start by telling you the first experience I can remember. Just for you info, I live outside of Knoxville,TN (Go Vols) near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. When I was 12 years old and in the 7th grade I attended a basketball game at the middle school, when the game was over around 8:30p my mother arrived to pick me up. We left the school and headed directly home. We lived nearly 12mi. from the school. About six miles into the trip we were traveling down a fairly popular 2-lane highway, no other cars were in our sight that I can remember (at least not directly in front or behind us). My mother looked out the window and said "What is that?". I looked out the front windshield and in the sky to the front left of our vehicle was a craft. I have searched all over the internet and through books over the years to try and find anything that closely resembled this craft. I have not found a single photo, story or any other depiction of what we saw. She slowed the vehicle down to a near stop and we watched the craft. After studying the area over the years (I drive by the location nearly everyday) I have to say that the craft was no more than 100yds of the ground motionless, just hovering. The craft was presumably 2-300 ft in length/ 100ft+/- wide, the sides looked to be 30-35ft tall. It didn't have any particularly bright individual lights. How can I explain? Imagine being in an airplane and flying over New York City at night. All of the buildings and lights. Imagine taking a picture of all the bldngs and lights and cutting that picture out to the dimensions I described above. This would give you a great visual of the craft. You could literally see into it like you were looking between the buildings. We watched it for what seemed like only a few minutes and drove off. One weird thing happened next. Though my mother and I both new what we had seen was unlike any type of air vehicle we had seen before, we didn't talk about the incident for 4yrs. Not a single word. What 's even wierder than that is that sometimes I would think to myself "Ask her when you see her tonight about the incident," and when I would see her it was like the memory was blocked from my mind. Though a few yrs later while watching a program on ufo's and the like we finally did talk just for a moment. My father and brother were there and immediately treated us like nuts so we shut up about it.
During the 4 years until we talked about it I think I may have had other experiences, but I am not sure. I had dreams of flying, and not just flying like on a plane. I had dreams of flying out of the atmosphere and past planets and stars. But during these flights I was on no plane, it seemed to be me, alone, flying with no assistance. I thought that maybe they were just really cool dreams. I talked about these some with my family just in regular convo., "You're not going to believe the dream I had!" type of thing. These dreams occurred regularly about every 2-3mnths for years, in fact I still have them, but with a bit of a different understanding.
This is where it gets wierd for me and I have a bit of a time trying to justify to myself what happened because I know with-out a doubt 100% sure that I was awake and in my car and lucid. I don't know how else to explain to you that I was as awake and lucid as I am right now typing this. I had just gotten off work, around12:30a, and was headed home. On my trip home I drive down a 4-lane highway that, during the day, is heavily traveled, but at night is not as busy as I live in a small town. On the trip, there is a stretch of highway that climbs a hill a couple hundred feet and then crests and on the other side descends maybe 250-300ft. I had crested the hill when I noticed a wierd light on a craft. It wasn't extremely bright, but it was obviously a lot smaller than the vessel that I had witnessed years before. It too was only a few hundred feet off the ground. As I drove down the hill, the light began to intensify. Then about 2/3rds down a yellow beam appeared from the craft and shone on the road directly ahead of me. It was a bright, bright, bright yellow light with a hint of amber. It appeared to be very thin, maybe only a centimeter thick. It was, however, very wide. It covered nearly three lanes of traffic and ,again, it was directly (30ft) in front of my car. I couldn't stop, I really barely had time to react and felt almost no emotion toward the incident. This part makes me feel funny to even type to someone across the country because of the insecurities I have about the subject. When I drove through the beam I could feel it hit my body. From my feet, up my legs, into my stomach, chest, and onto my head. I had a nearly unexplainable feeling. I could feel every minute spot that this beam covered. It was a numb, very very very intense tingling (?) feeling mixed with a different emotion I can best explain by saying, Imagine you're riding a roller coaster and when you come to that point where you are at the top of the rails and you are just about to begin the descent, the coaster is moving slow, then faster, and faster, then you go over and you just want to scream because you don't know if it's fun or scary or what. Those two feelings mixed together is what I experienced as the beam passed over my body. When it reached my head I remained concious, but what happens next makes me, I don't know, let's just say my heart rate is rising as I type. I could feel my conciousness, not my body, just my conciousness being relieved from my body. I could still see, but no body. I was traveling up this light. I can remember every little detail. Ascending into the sky a few hundred feet, watching the ground get smaller, the road, the lights everything getting smaller. This took only a split second and I was inside the craft. The craft inside wasn't very large, about the size of a middle class home bedroom. I only stayed inside the craft for what seemed a couple seconds. I could see the inside, but it seems I never stopped moving. How do I explain? I was brought in through the front and exited what seemed like through the bottom. I was back in my car at the bottom of the hill, in a daze almost. I was still very much coherent, but felt as if I had just awoken. Even more my car had traveled about a quarter mile while I was outside. I don't understand how it didn't crash. I don't understand any of this! Nothing about my life or my life-style changed after this event. I didn't tell a soul about this, for obvious reasons of sounding like a lunatic. I went on about my life, every so often having the flying dreams. The only thing that changed, and I like to think it was me and nothing else, is I seemed to be a little smarter than before. I was an ok student in school, nothing special, but now I seemed to think clearer and tended to be right a little more often, my thoughts in my head just seemed to be tighter, if that makes any sense. But again, I like to think that was just me growing up a bit.
I didn't know where to look for answers to what I experienced. I thought about going to a psychiatrist, but was scared about what would be said or done. I just kept it to myself and kind of stewed on it for years. Everywhere I went I just tried to act normal and fit in. I always felt like, "Boy, if you only know what'd in my head!" I continued to have these flying dreams and life went on.
I sold real-estate in Gatlinburg, TN throughout my early twenties. I made great money (100-150k yr), and life was generally good. Then as soon as the job had came it was gone, no more market. I got a job doing hardwood flooring, the money slowed down and so did my life and lifestyle. Instead of showing property in the day and meeting with clients at night I was laying floor and sanding during the day and watching tv at night. I began to wonder about all the things I had been experiencing again. But, now I am a little bit older and want answers. I talked to a friend of mine. An older man that always asserted that the Earth was hollow. I always thought he was crazy, I still don't know. I decided to tell him that I believe UFO's are real. I did, and instead of looking at me like a loon he said, "I don't believe their real, I know they are." I asked" How can you be sure, how do you know?" That's when he handed me a Sitchin book, "The 12th PLanet", He said to read it and if I was interested he had more of them. I thanked him and took the book and read it. It opened my eyes to a lot of different possibilities. Before this I had no idea that there was actually literature out there that was serious about this type of subject. I finished the book and decided to try and do more research on the internet about my experiences.
Before when I did research I always fell into the regular UFO phenomena, Roswell and the like. But now I was finding new and more interesting things. This leads up nearly to the present. It has been a few months now since I started doing more research and found some interesting info. I found that the type of dreams I have are not wholly uncommon. Using this information I decided to try some new things. I clear my head just before I go to sleep and think really about nothing, just try to get relaxed. But now I can almost control my dreams completely. I have not really heard of people "controlling" their dreams, but I can. When I first lay down, I take a deep breath and think a calm thought. I close my eyes and re-vision my previous dreams. As I am drifting off to sleep there is a moment that I can identify conciously as the moment I am falling to sleep. I can feel my mind in dream state starting to leave my body. It doesn't really have an absolute feeling, but I'll try to explain. I can feel my mind leaving my body at my feet, and then my head, it's like I am folding up like a sheet of paper. Imagine laying a piece of plain white paper on a table, now imagine that each end has a string coming off it. If you lift the strings at both ends and the paper folds like a "U". This is how it feels when I am leaving. The last part of me to go is in the middle, it is the hardest part to get right. Some times I get stuck there. When that happens it wakes me up. I can feel myself coming back into my body. I can especially feel it in my head, where it feels like I am being slammed back in. I can feel the jolt and everything, like riding in a car at 5m.p.h. and hitting a brick wall, it is trully incredible. I have only gotten out a handful of times, maybe once every couple weeks. But when I do get past the middle part of my body it is incredible. I can go anywhere I want, I can do anything. I mean I can travel the world in anyplace, places I haven't been before. Then when I awake I can remember the places. I thought I was going mad when I first got out under control until I looked up a place that I went to called Kure, North Carolina. I went their and flew down the road and over a pier. No one was there and it was like a Ghost Town. I woke up and remembered. I had never heard of the place, but I was just there! I looked it up and sure enough there it was. I can leave the planet and fly into space too, though I don't know where I have gone to or the names. But I can and when I do this there is a time that I am traveling into the sky where I almost stop it's like I can go no further for a second and then all of the sudden I pass through the atmosphere into space. Lou this is why I am starting to get really wooried about what's going on. Oh and one time I was trying to leave my body and I was nearly out when suddenly I was jolted back into my body, and by the dood in my room was some sort of creature. I have read about people with sleep paralysis and they say that they are paralyzed and when they awake they can't move and they feel a presence in the room. For me, sort of, except this being WAS there! It looked like nothing I had heard of (not grey, or funny man with big ears). Imagine an e-wok from Star Wars. Now take away the hair, pull a hood around the head, squash the face a little, make the eyes small and round, very small nose, and the mouth was terrifying. It had like two big teeth that looked more like horns set wide on the top of the mouth, and two similiar that set wide on the lower mouth. And almost like another set of teeth inside. I saw this creature for about five seconds, I sat up in my bed without taking my eyes off it, it took a step back and disappeared instantly! I didn't sleep much that night. Lou, this is why I am getting worried, Everything I ever thought and have been taught is not happening how it was explained. Now that was about a week and a half ago. Afew days later I was looking on the internet and got directed to I typed in "are aliens real" and you can probably guess what came up. After reading about the first 30 pages or so of that thread and the last few I decided, "if you can talk about your experiences and not feel crazy", I needed to get in touch with you. I finally found that sleeper is lou baldin and that led me to your blogspot. So I am writing this to you because I don't think you'll think I am crazy or pass judgement. Also I really want to know what you think about why this is happening to me and if you can explain anything I have told you. Thank you for any help you can give me. I don't care if you discuss this with people you trust that know your situation, I am just not ready for this to be on the web. After all it is what is happening to me in my life and people I know read this they would call me a lunatic and alienate me from most of my friends. Anyways thanks again.


posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:04 AM
That is a very in depth story of your extraterrestrial accounts. What you may be experiencing when you sleep are lucid dreams, although it is quite astounding you managed to travel to a real destination you had never been to. Whatever is happening to you sounds amazing and I can only hope to have similar experiences in my life.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:28 AM
Thanks for the post and the help. I am very lucid in my dreams, my senses seem even better than when I am awake, though I have never noticed my body in one of my experiences.

I recently, two days ago, had another dream. Some have told me they are out of body experiences, because I am always concious and can feel myself seperating at the point of sleep. I traveled to a place I was told was geneva, and I was over a great lake, and information just popped into my head that told me I cold achieve anything I wanted to through Omega. I found that Omega is a greek letter, but I have no Idea what the message meant.
It's 3:30a here so I am going to hit the hay. Please keep posting and I will reply to all tomorrow. Thanks again for your help and anyone else who would like to help or ask questions.
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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:52 AM
Its called astral travel AKA out of body experience. Ive seen many people talk about being able to do it. Ive been able to float around my room a few times myself. Ive also seen creatures. Although the one I saw was about 7 feet tall and it was looking at me through my window.

I dont think its dangerous or anything. maybe you should research astral travel to get tips from people

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:31 PM
man, I was always interested in astral travel, just couldn't quite
come out of my body. I get to feeling all numb all over my body,
so that I can't feel anything anymore. But then, I go back to normal.
Once I was able to black out, like I see all pitch black and feel like
I'm not in my body anymore. But that happened only once,
and I panicked then and got right back in my body. It would be cool
if you could somehow describe what happens and what to expect
when one goes all the way. I find that your descriptions of coming out
like a folding sheet of paper was very informative, the best thing I have yet read. Maybe you could describe the whole process in detail like that,
I would really appreciate it. I really want to visit a lot in my other form,
I mean, the world is huge, I wouldn't mind going to other planets or something.

Oh, and the creatures, i think they're other dimensional creatures,
I doubt they could hurt anyone, not physically at least... I had my share
of sleep paralysis and I do remember feeling something watching me
next to my bed at one time. I felt scared, yet compelled to look. finally when I came out of my state I looked and nothing was there.
Anyways, good thread, I'm looking to read more.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 12:53 PM
about the sleep thing, i can always feel myself falling asleep, but when i start to "leave my body" and get the feeling, all sound from around me disappears, but i lose total control of it and it's almost like i'm completely awake after that. i've had some lucid dreams where i control what i do, but not other people and my surroundings, and as far as i know i haven't been to 'real' places. the farthest i've gotten to to my goal was when i felt myself almost pop out of my body, i was surrounded by a foggy blueish-purple color. after that i don't remember anything that happened.
So i know the stuff you've encountered while sleeping is possible because i'm getting close to it. but i don't think we can ever know why this happens or what exactly the experience means.

about the 'Omega' reference, i've heard a few things about the omega state you can reach in hypnosis or lucid dreaming. there's not much info on it but i've heard if you ask your greatest fear to be shown to you you will learn a lot. maybe just ask a lot of important questions while in your dreams; try to interact with your conscious and other things.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 01:51 PM
I will explain what happens to me when and before I begin to "get out".

But before I do that I want to say thank you to those who post with questions and suggestions. So "Thank You" and please continue to post. I read so many other threads at different times and so many people were being attacked and that hasn't seemed to happen, though being skeptical is a good thing, it is often times misused.

So onto my experiences with "Astral Travel?" or obe.

When I was younger, maybe 6-7yo, I can remember my first dream that I actually controlled what was happenning. I had a re-occuring dream that I was being chased around my house by a bigfoot. I has this dream every couple of months it seemed for months.... Before I go any further you may be asking how I can recall the exact time that the dreams were occuring. It was just before the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie came out, the one where controlling there dreams was suggested to kill Freddy... I remembering thinking when I was young that "If I could control my dreams then I could get this bigfoot to stop chasing me! So a week or two passed, maybe more or less, it's hard to pinpoint how long after I had the idea the dream actually occured. While I was being chased by "Bigfoot" I stopped and turned and looked at him/her, it didn't look at me at all, it kneeled down, like it was tying it's shoe, and I said "Leave me alone". Without ever looking at me the Bigfoot stood up, jumped off our patio and walked with it's head down into a bamboo thicket we had growing next to our house. I remember feeling supremely confident about standing up to my "Nightmare" and controlling the dream. I remember thinking, "Hey, you can control your dreams". Now that I am a bit older and have thought about the dream again, I often find myself wondering if the Bigfoot was really trying to scare (I was scared). I wonder this because if it were trying to to me any harm it easily could have. I wonder if it wasn't just trying to play with me and when I turned and told it to leave me alone I hurt it's feelings. I feel like this because it wouldn't look at me and walked of as though it was sulking a bit. Anyway, that was the first time I controlled a dream.

Now, I have to say at that age I had no idea of "Astral Travel" or o.b.e.
In fact I have recently (Within the past month) just began to understand what a lot of the symptoms are.

You must understand, though I can "Get Out" of my body whenever I please, the circumstances have to be just right. I mean I have to have a series of days of low stress and also a very calm mindset throughout the day leading up to. An hour or so before bedtime I clear my head and start to regulate my breathing (Meaning I just make sure that my breathing is slow, and mid to deep, and constant) I try to clear my head from any outside distractions and focus on what is about to happen. I have to focus on this a lot because certain aspects of getting out can be very scary. I have to be confident that nothing is gonna happen to me when the certain things begin to happen. Confidence is key for me...

...When I was about 15-16 I would wake up having a bad dream and roll over to my opposite side (My left side) and go back to sleep. I discovered that nearly all of the dreams I have, if not every one, occur while I am sleeping on my right side.

When I lay down to attempt to "Get Out" I always, always lay on my right side. I continue my measured brething for relaxation (it also helps if you are very tired from a long or hard day of work or exercise). I close my eyes and, this part some of you may do naturally but I had to learn to do this... When you are R.E.M your eyes are constanly moving. So when I lay down, on my right side, I close my eyes and begin to imagine different things (anything you choose, as long as it's not too exciting or depressing), but I make sure that my eyes are moving. As I do this I can feel my body beginning to relax, to be cont

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 02:18 PM

...beginning to relax and then relax a bit more. At this point you have to be very aware the you are getting ready to encounter the point where you are about drift off to sleep. With practice it becomes somewhat easy to identify. This may be one of the hardest parts, you must maintain mental conciousness while somehow letting your body fall off to sleep. When I realize I am at this point I can feel a strange vibration throughout my body. I then feeling my feet lift from my body, then my head... at this point I am almost out but one of the hardest parts is next. My mid section remains connected to my body and it takes patience and confidence in knowing that I can do this to get the rest of the way out. Overall the hardest emotion to control is knowing that you are really "Getting Out", this emotion by its self can cause you to wake up, happens a lot to me and is very frustrating. When I get almost all the way out, except for my mid-section, I sometimes get to excites and get "Slammed" back in. I say slammed because it feels like riding in a car at 5m.p.h. and hitting a brick wall, literally I can feel my out body being slammed back into my "home" body, for lack of better terms.

When I do get all the way out it is amazing. It is almost like what I imagine Superman must feel. All of my senses are extremely heightened, vision, feel, smell, are the main ones. This is another stage where I have to remain calm, because the sheer excitement can cause me to get slammed back.

While I am out I can do anything I want, go anywhere I want, but sometimes I am taken (don't know how to explain it) to different locations either here or on what I believe is different planets. I think they are different planets because the things I have seen is nothing like I have seen here (Earth)... I can try to explain some of them if you wish, but I am sure I will sound like caveman trying to explain a plasma television or a cell phone.... I don't think the planets I have been taken to are very far, though I can't be sure because I can't distinguish how fast I am traveling. The most recent other worldly travel I had I passed a purple and orange/red planet(?) on the right and then what I think is a star on the left and then I was there.

When I travel on Earth I can either fly high in the sky or low to the ground. I have never seen my body while out. The best way I can think of to explain it is that I am completely connected to everything around me. Imagine a clear globe, now imagine that it is floating. Now imagine that globe is complete conciousness, that is how I feel. I can see anywhere around me I choose. It sometimes is frustrating to try and explain, sorry if I am not making sense.

Now, I said I can "Get Out" at will pretty much, that is if the circumstances are right. Many times I get close to "Out" and don't make it. I generally have a successful OBE once every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes more sometimes less. I am hopeing(?) that some of you here can help me understand more about this so I can do it more often. Please ask any question you wish, and if you have any information or anymore information you haven't posted.

Thank You,

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 02:43 PM
Lucky ! Lolz!
The UFO thng cn never be cnfirmd by u or me . Keep studing cases thats what i cn say .

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 02:55 PM
In 1976 I experienced an OBE that felt forced, like something was pulling my soul up via 'tractor beam', as-it-were, and I prayed real hard in my mind to Jesus, to make it stop, and it did. Never experienced anything like that, before or since. I'm not a religious or spiritually-oriented person, though. Just can't get into that, is all. But my whole life has been touched by the ufo phenomenon, which I described in a 'ufos and aliens' thread, awhile back, requesting our ufo experiences. So I wonder, are those 2 phenomenon --connected--? Like, do people who have an encounter have obe's, or do obe'ers have encounters --because-- they are obe'ers, or do ufo encounters --cause-- obe's? Etcetera. And why is that.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by esteay812

Wow, that sounds fantastic! I apologise for not being able to assist you in any way, because you are far more advanced than myself. I might have to give your technique a go.

In regards to having nightmares only when you lay on one side. I have had similar experiences. When I was younger I would have nightmares whenever I faced the closed side of the room. It wasn't always my left side or right side, it depended on the orientation of the room I was in and where the door and windows were located. The problem was I got so sick of facing the open side of the room that sometimes I would lay the other way just for a change but try to make sure I turned back before I went to sleep. It felt so good, but if I fell asleep before turning back I would have nightmares. This went on from age 4 for probably about 10 years, then I just got fed up with it and decided to ignore it and it went away. It's hard to explain exactly how I got over it, but I suppose I realised they were only dreams and could do no real harm so I stopped worrying about them. Ironically nightmares became a trigger to allow me to realise I was dreaming and become lucid, so needless to say, I have no more nightmares.

I just thought I'd share that with you.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:05 PM

Your information is very useful, and I think I am on the brink of
getting out of my body. I guess it is more difficult for me because I'm
older, all this used to be so much easier when I was a teenager, too bad
I never experimented with it to the fullest potential, maybe if I did
I wouldn't have as much trouble as i do now. I was never able to get
out of my body, at least, not consciously, when I was young I had a lot of
sleep paralysis, I don't experience that anymore.

Thanks for everything, you were very insightful and helpful.
I promise not to give up and continue to try my best to
improve myself.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:47 PM
I had a very odd OBE once sitting up in bed too fast. I sat up and everything was black, in the distance I could see white humanoid objects moving as I got slightly scared those objects noticed me and started to approach me. At that point I snapped out of it.

Very odd.... Anyone ever experienced anything like that?


posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:49 PM
lol there are some weird people on this forum.

Dreams are dreams, they are unpredictable and unreplicable.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:51 PM
I hope very much mine was a dream, cause whatever it was I did not like it one bit.


posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 06:41 PM
Thanks for sharing. I trust in your words because even though if you are be making this up, it is still possible - I can relate to some parts of the story.

As I was reading your post, it pulled out of my memory childhood experiences with flight - I had a lot of it. Hoovering above bed and flying across the room was the most usual thing when I was 6 or 7. Another awkward thing happened - I was convinced that the air had no value left (I didn't know this is oxygen I meant) in it and I am breathing in emptiness (or "empty air" - I remember calling it) and will die - I was 8 I guess.

I have predicted future few times (one just recently - a week ago - could not believe my thoughts)

Never had any direct experiences with UFO's. No astral things happened since then apart form flying in my dreams very often - mostly 300-500 feet high - on average just above trees.

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 07:14 PM
Interesting. I feel like I had a few OBE experiences when I was 2 years old, again it's really a blur but all I can remember was touching this toy trumpet ( very small ).. and then suddenly I'd go "oh not again!" and it'd be night time suddenly and I'd see my self going to sleep from a 3rd person point. It happened a few times but then I never touched it again so it never happened again. My parents still have those toys, I wonder if I should touch it again?

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 07:15 PM
I have a few things to add. Most you've probably heard of and maybe some you haven't. The out of the body experience, happened to me last month. I wasn't sure if it was a dream or not because it was so vivid. But one second I'm on a ship, looking down at the water, and the next I am free falling thru space staring at millions if not billions of other different planets. Close, far, inbetween - it was possibly the most gorgeous thing I have/had ever seen.

The strangest part occurs when I wake up. My boyfriend had rubbed his hand against my face and said to me "Get up..." I immediately woke up and my boyfriend was not there. He does not usually sleep in my house either, considering we both live in two different places. This by far was number two that scared me. Number one was the creatures I dreamed of. Which I am still not sure to this day why or what it was exactly that I did dream of.

In the dream I was around a man - or what appeared a man to every one else. But as cat had senses, so did I. There was something off about him - and the main part of it- the part that nobody else seemed to witness was what this mans features looked like.

He was real short, dark, almost almond (?) colored skin. Except it had a weird tint to it, a color I had never seen. His eyes were small but sticking out in the front of his head. I never saw him walk, but somehow he moved and traveled around the room. I can't express to you the deep intense look held into his eyes. It was not normal, it was not human. And this is what makes me believe that it could've been something more than a dream. What though, I don't know. It was like he was holding up a facade so I could see him. That if he didn't look the way he did that I wouldn't even notice his presence. And THAT is what I fear the most... is something like that real, imaginable? Possibly. Possibly not. Considering the other stories here on ATS where people claim to have seen them be there and then disappear, I don't think anybody has a clue to what the truth is. But I can tell you what, I'm not gonna lie when asked, I do believe other beings are out there.

Now it seems to me you have a right to ask these questions but I believe, and I think you already know this, that no matter what anybody says that you are not going to find the answers you are searching for. It is something you must, and you only, find on your own? Right? Or wrong? (?) that is definitely how I feel most of the time because I am a deep skeptic when it comes to believing other people. Heck - they may be telling the truth. I believe your telling the truth on what you see - but I don't believe anybody else can tell me an answer and it fit all the questions I have asked.

So good luck on your quest, I do hope you find what your looking for.

- Another soul

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 10:29 PM
Thanks for sharing your experience, i to have had similar lucid dreams, in fact i can remember mine as soon as i wake up like it's clear as day, i tell my partner but she just says i've got a huge imagination.

This morning i had a dream where my country was hit by a tidal wave and at the same time an atomic bomb had gone off in my city and i was in the middle of the mushroom and i said to myself i will not die and no one else will die, and sure enough everybody survived but the water was still proceeding into the city. then i woke up. I live in NZ.

Also sometimes on occasions i am sleeping and i consciously feel awake where i realise my body is asleep and my consciousness is awake, then i quickly zapp to other planets where the terrain is colourful and mountainous like ours beautiful, there are beings as well similar to humans but it is as if there is no time and things manifest in an instant. Like a being would be a few hundred feet away then in a sec the being is right in front of me. Then i quickly feel like i am zapped back into my body and i awaken...

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 11:18 PM
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I'm like completely anti-alien. When I get my hands on one of them aliens, I'll bash their face in. I can't even eat my dinner in peace without them aliens with a psychic in my head making my stomach growl like crazy. They'll pay dearly for making my life miserable 24/7 for the past few years... with barrage of bullets.

When you see that alien again, let him know what I said I'll do to him too... cuz that goes for any alien from anywhere. He's toast.

Don't be fooled with some bogus out of body experiences, them aliens can make you think some wild stuff. When you see a nasty looking alien standing over your bed again, just bash his flat face in before he steps back and disappears.

That's my advice.

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