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A thought about the bees.

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 03:15 PM
So I have a nest of Africanized Honeybees in my wall, and I drilled a hole, sprayed the poison, hopefully that will do them in. I got to thinking about the supposed decline in bees and was thinking about maybe a sterility problem. If bees are subjected to pesticides on our crops all the time, without the luxury of washing them after purchased, then maybe they are getting some kind of mutation that causes queens to be sterile earlier in life. Or it could damage the queens reproductive organs, just like a lot of our prescription chemicals harm our various organs. It would also explain why large numbers of bees aren't beeing found, they would be dieing at the same rate as usual, there just aren't replacements. Does anyone know if they have looked into it at all? I searched on here and didn't see anything, was going to look into it.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 03:48 PM
Colony Collapse disorder,
Seems to be a lot of factors, some researchers have found links with Digital and Telephone masts, lost of evidence from France about the Bayer/Monsanto pesticides, causing problems, some evidence that the change in UV or light spectrum that is reaching earth due to a change in the Climate and Magnetosphere, Ionesphere etc that is they cant see the flowers as before.

Also it seems that as in recent years with the start of spring being earlier or later than usual as well as the change in the seasons this causes problems, also of course GM crops could be causing Gastro promblems. I feel it is like AIDS which is a mix of different things and stresses on the Immune system that when enough are present collapse the immune system, and as lots of research has pointed out HIV is present in people who never get AIDS also some people who have died of Aids have never been found to have the HIV virus, though this is very hotly debated.

There is lots on ATS about the bees look at my sig below, and here:

ATS Bees Thread Index

Everything you mention and much more can be found in the link above. I will update it soon for the last few months too, but all the good stuff research and contributions are in the Above.

I am anticipating this spring eagerly in Northern hemisphere to see whats happening with the native wild populations.

Kind Regards,



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