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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 02:03 PM
Looking around at the current state of the world, one could easily conclude doom and gloom and give up all hope. The news fills viewers with emotions of fear and uncertainty while promoting products supported by the very same companies were told 'we need' to bail out to survive the 'recession' and coming crisis. I like to be informed as much as the next person, but with so much information floating around about failing economies, looming war, umemployment levels and whatever other agenda they are pushing the news and any elected officials are the last people to listen too.

I know that EVERY individual reading this has a different idea about their/our future. This is the single most important aspect of this gives each of us our own eyes and opinions on the world we live in.

Knowing that we should all be able to discuss/swap/exchange and build ideas together in a way that it benefits everyone...regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion.

The consitution starts...'We the people of the United States'...I recommend we start looking to our family, friends and neighbors for a new way to work together without bitter arguments and name calling. This movement/idea would be 'We the Humans for Common Action'. This idea stems from all the bickering that continues to go on in the face of this 'crisis', without anything meaningful getting accomplished.

So what I am asking is for anyone/everyone please contribute any idea you feel may better our situation, enivornment, ecomony. There is no limit to the possiblities discussed...ex. local farming options, creating local currenices, building small communities, better ways to organize oursleves, etc.

I look forward to hearing more ideas....

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