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Human Tech Mistaken For Alien Tech?

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posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:45 AM
Hello all,

We see posts and threads on this site about unidentified flying objects in the sky which when flying defy standard physics as we know it. Well, I stumbled upon the below article and wondered if this might have something to do with the phenomenon. Below is a little excerpt from the article and I'll admit I do not know the credibility of the site, maybe someone could vouch for it. I also know that someone will say ''well I bet we got that tech from the aliens in the first place'' but I doubt that highly for many reasons.

''''The B-2 bomber employs sufficiently high voltages to significantly reduce its weight. This enables the B-2 and other classified antigravity vehicles to display flight characteristics that appear to defy conventional laws of physics''''

If the above is true and there has been testing then wouldn't it be completely possible that it is these craft that have been spotted by us public? This would account for a lot of sightings that people believe are alien crafts.

Again, this whole post is made on the assumption that the above article is legitimate and if this information has already been posted on this site (I did do a search) then I apologise.

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