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Spiritual Guides or Subconscious-hacks?

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 11:16 PM
I've been interested in this for so long. Are spiritual guides any more than subconscious mind-hacks? As in, are we simply tapping into right-brain subconscious processes and giving them a personality?

Is there any way to prove either way, or is it simply a matter of belief and faith? I find it interesting that many gifted individuals are interested in spirituality. I'm a funky left-handed individual, who always had an interest, and holistic perception.

From the beginning of my memories I've had orders of thought. Some were visual, mixed with sounds. Some visually guided, with slow lateral thinking. Others were....something else. Sometimes I'm trying to solve a problem, and there becomes a considerable amount of tension, followed by a release and insight. A crystal clear frame of what is the end result, and the process begins to link back to my current situation.

The funkiest thoughts by far, are the ones where I've got my conscious voice, that's always around....guess you could say my ego, asking a series of questions trying to solve a problem. As I'm doing this another thought process seems to already be aware of the answer, and will at times chime in the best solution, which I can't consciously figure out how the heck this was just done.

This sounds crazy, but I don't know how else to put it. As if a voice, but not just a voice. A color, sound, feeling experience, that carries a ton of information very fast.

I think maybe I'm just looking to far into this? At times it seems that the answers are so beyond what I'm consciously considering that it comes from another source, but then I just remember the metaphor of the conscious mind being just the tip of the iceberg.

The only thing that really makes me believe that this may be coming from a spiritual source, is that when I follow the advice, it's always correct, and I end up releasing tension, becoming more at peace with myself.

My question is what exactly does the experience seem like to those who believe their selves to have spiritual guides, and do you at any time think it may just be subconscious processing rising up to the surface?

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 02:51 AM
Its just following the heart man.

I dont really know what it is. I do think it is internal and somehow connected to my brain, but it almost feels like its coming from another source. Not something outside of me, but kind of everywhere.

I do think its something related to my psyche, but I dont know. if you analyze it too much youll distort its meaning.

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posted on Mar, 9 2009 @ 06:50 PM
I was just wondering when I was abovetopsecret going thru the recent posts just who/what is a spirit guide. Then I came down below and saw the thread and thought awesome

I've heard its out higher self. If its my higher self than it has more knowledge than I do or ever will. It seems to know about everything. Thank God.

The voices I hear (because it isn't always the same voice I hear when I'm being told something) each seems to have a different line of work they are in contact with me about. There is the one that relates to me things that help with the here and now of everyday life.

Theres one that tells me in vague fashion things to come for me.

Then there is the one I call the town cryer. His messages don't seem personal they feel like they are going out to a group. It's like he's reading a proclaimation and its even signed at the end by a name.

The one that seems to be in my everyday life has the same voice as the person that shows himself when ever I'm very sick or at a crisis point in lifes journey. If I'm not sick or at a crisis point and actually see him I stop dead in my tracks..It's like warning, warning Will Robinson

Which usually means something/someone is not as the seem to be.

So I wonder since they take good care of me are they Angels, people from past lifes in a soul family or are they aliens of some kind that for some reason picked me to hang with and communicate to me with thoughts?

Theres more than one and all have distinct jobs so I figure it can't be just a form of higher self.

I came here to ATS/BTS to find answers or something that might help it click on just who/what they are. I'm fixing to find out

I've also ran into voices that don't come from inside of my head. No one there but you can feel the warmth of breath on your skin and those ones just leave me cold. You can't seem them and for some reason they call me by the wrong name the same name but its not my name. Maybe they are confused and thats why they can't talk to me with thought.

Lord I love these smiley's down here

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