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I'm Getting Married... (March 7th 2009)

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 07:26 PM

It's true.

I'm taking the plunge tomorrow.

It's going to be fairly simple, nothing fancy - Justice of the Peace on the front lawn of the County Courthouse under the Old Oak Tree.

Yay! Stepford, here I come!

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 07:48 PM
Congratulations, welcome to the fraternity.

Remember though what they say about wedding cake, it is indeed a contraceptive.

for you

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 08:55 PM
*stocking up on wedding cake*

No need to breed. We're still both big kids ourselves.

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 11:27 PM
reply to post by GENERAL EYES

Well congratulations!
May your lives be filled with colorful Geometric compatibility.

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 11:42 PM
Congratulations and best wishes to you and your intended...

You are so brave... I have yet to take a step over that bridge into marriagehood...


posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 12:21 AM
good luck man its not an easy thing to be married in this day and age

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 01:20 AM
Congratulations on the nuptials, Gen...

Here's to many years of happiness...even if it does include snuggies...

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 05:44 AM
Congratulations!!! May your marriage be a joyful one

Make sure you dont get drunk before the wedding

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:42 AM
Thanks everyone.

T-Minus two hours until lifetime commitment.

(And here I am on ATS!!!)

When I post again, I will officially be "the little woman".

[edit on 3/7/09 by GENERAL EYES]

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:48 AM
General Eyes....Congrats to you honey.

I'm very happy for you

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by OzWeatherman

Congrats on ya big day!!

Hope you have many happy years together

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 05:38 PM

congratulation General

be always nice to your girl and care about your family

best wishes from austria


posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 05:40 PM
Congrats on the nuptials GE.

We'll have a drink to celebrate with/for you.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 08:16 PM
Shhh... Hear that? That's the sound of a thousand ATSers' & BTSers' hearts breaking.

Just kidding! We're all happy for you, General. Congratulations and best wishes from Teratoma. Wish I could be there to throw handfuls of rice at you two.

Edit to add these two:

[edit on 3/7/2009 by Teratoma]

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by GENERAL EYES

I'll say it one morw time........

Congratulations General!!!


I hope you and the lucky man to be have a bountiful life with one another.

[edit on 7-3-2009 by gimmefootball400]

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 11:09 PM
Congratulations GE

- Carrot

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 05:42 AM
Congrats GE!!!

Way to go you and i wish you all the best, xxxx

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 10:19 AM
Ah, General, so I see that you have started this thread at last. I have been stressing this for a long time.

Though I couldnt post earlier, I was monitoring this thread from my university computer when no one noticed.

Anyway, Wish you a happy married life!

This calls for a dance party.

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 07:55 AM

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 08:11 AM

Another one of the good ones off the market

Seriously, I hope you have a great marriage, I hope happiness and good fortune comes your way. Congrats.

[edit on 3/10/2009 by whatukno]

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