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Evolution of a species

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posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 08:15 AM
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This paragraph or two will hopefully prompt us to see the next step in our evolutionary process, and maybe present us with the first key problems our species faces.

1. Good living space for our species and multiple other species on the planet. I personally believe an apartment is inadequate space to live, but that's just me. How much ground should humans inhabit on one planet teeming with other like (like ours)? 1/6? 1/4? 1/20?

2. The free energy problem. Cars etc should be able to freely support themselves or be extremely cheap.

3. If we one day have AI doing much of the labor, mainly for harvesting food, producing these new cars, building shelters (when needed) What are grown humans supposed to be doing with their day? maintaining the machines (maybe 2 hours a day)? study, exercise ( I truly believe everyone should be doing martial arts) or just be free pray and celebrate?
4. Sholuld we have some "experts" ( i know the problem with this already) release some great heath info for a diet)
Can we come to terms in terms of at least established spiritual truths and get past hurting each other? What genetically makes us violent?
5. Exactly how rigid should schooling be?

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