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Think UNSCAM, think RICO! Bush sells Iraq back to the United Nations

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posted on Apr, 17 2004 @ 04:24 PM
Looks like the Iraqi-insurgent paymasters have won the first round of the next game.

The Bush administration is being panicked into selling the disenfranchised Iraqi people back to Ba'athist caregivers at the United Nations, including 'Deputy General', Maurice Strong, and his 'stovepipe' socialists.

Will readers help me to get Kofe Annan, Maurice Strong, Benon Sevan and the Privy Council of Canada charged with grand larceny (they stole $10+ billion from the U.N.'s escrow account in New York) and 'UNSCAM' investigated as a racketering influenced corrupt organization (RICO)?

Strong's scum and the Bilderbergers are moving fast to kill off the UNSCAM investigations...


1. The U.N.'s own investigation will be carried out under terms devised by none other than Kofi Annan himself the same Kofi Annan who presided over this cornucopia of corruption in the first place.

2. Henry Hyde's congressional hearings will struggle to get a grip on Strong's fraudulent concealment techniques that may include laundering UNSCAM loot through AXA life insurance contracts on the victims of 9/11. A U.S. failure here will usher in another decade of U.N.-sponsored kickbacks to fascist American bashers and the enrichment of John Kerry's Bilderberger bankers.

3. The investigation in Baghdad, under the authority of the Iraq Governing Council, may be iced. Worried about discrediting the U.N., the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad has asked the IGC-hired investigating team to write a proposal, bidding for the right to carry out the investigation already well underway. It seems the IGC investigation will now be able to go forward but don't hold your breath.

Think UNSCAM, think RICO!


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