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Strange Dreams ... any ideea ?

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 05:38 PM
First of all i`m a white male and the two dreams i am talking about occurred in the same bed/room. Come to think about it one of them is a recursive dream (the dream changes a bit from time to time but it end the same way). I used to be able to control my dreams, mostly i managed to be lucid and act of my own free will. This because most dreams are linear and it`s hard to resist the temptation to do what the dream wants.

First Dream (actually dreams)

I`m in my house, actually in my bed sometimes sleeping sometimes awake the fact of the matter is the lights are closed. Then something (alien, monster whatever i can`t make it out ) comes out of a corner and i can`t move or scream or cry. It tortures me and this sux because i am lucid and i`ve tried all that i could think of. Another annoying fact is that there is usually someone else in the house not sleeping but i can`t yell for help, sometimes the thing gets distracted by the people in the other rooms and i can move, but i can never scream for help.
Actually i don`t feel pain, not a lot at least but i`m scared out of my mind.

Second Dream

If ghost are real than they are aware, not just resonating energy.

This all took place one night about 5 years ago.

03:00 actual time i woke up
I was having a nightmare (i can`t recall any of the nightmares of that night) and i woke up. The violent wake up where you end up almost standing. The the balcony door opened and the curtains started blowing around. I never forget to close that door, but what the hell, maybe that time i forgot,so i want and locked that door.


Another nightmare, woke up again and guess what. The balcony door opened (movie style with screeching and everything). Than scared the crap out of me, so i started to talk to IT, swear actually. The idea is that i told it to leave me alone and come back in the morning because i was to scared and sleepy. this took abou 2 swear words for any normal one.
And closed the door again (2 lock-like devices it`s hard for me to open them)

Woke up, no nightmare this time and you guessed it the door flew oped. That was the time i decided to get the hell out of there promise or no promise. I think it got upset because it didn`t visit anymore.

No one died there (first owner).

Got more freaky dreams but first there 2 ones. can remember nightmares because i don`t have that many.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 07:39 PM
Just curious, have you ever tried listening to the monster/ghost in your dream? Ive found that sometimes your mind will disguise things in your dream as scary, but they actually have an important message for you if you can get over your fear. Its like a little challenge. If you are lucid next time, try willing yourself to remain calm and listen to the "thing". It maybe a message your ego is trying to block you from hearing. Just a thought from what I have experienced.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 03:53 AM
i have had ghosts in my dreams too, but i feel like their presence was more than just a dream presence, cause i felt their presence like a siezure in my body

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