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Sir Peter Horsley - ET MEETING

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 11:31 AM
An interesting Case: Sir Peter Horsley was Deputy Commander in Chief who had a meeting with a Huminoid extraterestrial in 1954.

Published in his Autobiography - Sounds from Another Room.

Great Words of Wisdom were told by Mr Janus (ET):

“The Earth is going through a dark age at the moment” “Material possessions count more than a Mans soul”

“Like a child, Man is preoccupied with technological toys which he believes will bring him riches and happiness. This shows up in his superficiality of his culture and a careless disregard for nature. In his greedy quest for more complex machines Man is prepared to sacrifice almost anything – his natural environment, animals and even his fellow humans. The dreadful specter of blowing up his world hardly makes him falter in his headlong rush”

The article in short is from "the Need to Know" by Timothy Good

See Link Below for full details:Here > >

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:18 PM
I'm reading this. Thank you for sharing, as I have never heard of this case, and it gives hope. Ets would never come and tell us that we are living in a dark age, where toys and material possessions are more important to some than lives, earth, nature, the well being of other species (our animals that we treat savagely), and that we could have a space age future of discovery and wonders and beauty, if there wasn't hope, that we have a chance to reach for the inpsiration they provide. I am very inspired as it is by our visitors.

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