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We need an Alternative Plan

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 08:55 AM
I have been talking about this for a while on here, but I have only just got the inclination to do it, we need to come up with our own ideas, on how to fix this mess.

I'll start with what I think has and is going on. The gradual decline of our economy (this is no longer just about America, or Britain or any other country, we are all in deep *censored beep*) is due largely, to a minority seeking to introduce a new economic framework, in which a centralised bank, will control the global currency. This may not happen right away, but I do believe this is the general plan, to consolidate the remaining power, into the few to manipulate the many.

We have seen this 'economic crises' spiral out of control and the best idea they have come up with so far is 'throw more money at it'. Not only is this not working for obvious reasons, but every bit of money that we 'create' to 'bailout' these banks, is putting us in even more debt!!

Also, over here in Britain, our government allowed 150,000 foreign workers to flood our market and I must ask why?! There is over 2 million unemployed currently (appx) and around 300,000 have been in the last year, yet they allow in another 150,000 foreign workers?! How can this help? I can understand why it has been done in the past, but now, when jobs are so desperately scarce and with no sign of improvement! IMO, they are trying to sink the ship.

We have all seen it, it's been getting more and more attention of the past months, seemingly culminating in recent days, The NWO or The Global New Deal. Now before we start, I think clarity is needed, I am going to work under the assumption that the proposed 'Global New Deal' is the beginning of a New World Order. I'm assuming this as most of the stuff I have read on the NWO over the past few years, has included an economic crises of some sort, being used as a catalyst, a rallying post shall we say.

I believe that none of the current 'stimulus packages' are going to work, and I also believe that they know this. I think that this is all going to culminate in a proposal for a centralised bank, a centralised government and of course, military (UN?). Maybe the whole world will jump on the bandwagon immediately, or not, at the moment, it is looking like the EU, America, Mexico and Canada (Still not sure how Canada, but I'll know it when I see it) are going to be the head Honchos and IMO, this will make Eastern countries very wary, China especially (which is being set up atm as a new 'Russia' from what I've seen).

This crisis will end with the total destruction of our old economic structure (which was terrible anyway) and be replaced by the propsed centralised world bank. I'm still not sure if they're only going to create one, quite literally forcing us into accepting the only option left, or if they are going to introduce a few and let us choose. Although these 'choices' may sound appealing, they really aren't, they will all be basically the same thing, attempted in different ways.

So, the idea. We come up with our own, the people, not just the people of our respective countries, but all of us, the global community. I am going to give my brief idea here and then I would like to ask all of you here at ATS (and you anonymous people too!) to think of a way in which we could turn this around on them. Hopefully, we will find an answer with which can benefit us, the many, rather than the few.

First things first. I think a global government is needed, you may disagree and thats fine, but IMO, it is the next logical step. however, the political structure we have now, cannot and should not be used for it. If we are going to go global, why on earth, would we still keep a hundred or so people controlling us (sorry, 'speaking for us') when we are more than capable of controlling ourself?!? I shall bullet point for now, I will expand if needed as I have ranted considerably and for this I apologise.

-A lottery (more like Jury duty), around every 3 months, will select people randomly to 'govern', this will be difficult at first, no doubt. Most people of this world haven't a clue how economic's or politics works and IMO, this is on purpose, they wouldn't have a clue where to start. This would need to be accompanied by an overhall of the education system, economics and poltics would need to be a large part of the education system from an early age, as well as critical thinking skills.

-These thousand people or so would plan and implement laws and agendas, set down by the government preceeding them. This would mean that their own agendas, could not be furthered and short term gains of the individual government would be sacrificed for long term gains of the many (Ideally, lol).

-There would be a permanent government, but these would be purely administrative and would have no power in the political or economic arena, this would prevent career politicians, these IMO, are the most likely to be furthering agendas, for themselves and others.

-With the age of the internet, this could be relatively easy to set up and maintain, a form of voting on laws and bills through our computer, this could be directly built into the Operating Systems and whenever an act, law or bill is being passed, the public votes on it. The only problem would be to protect it from manipulation but IMO we don't vote in our Heads of state (Especially us in Britain, put your hand up if you voted for Fuhrer Brown?! Yea, thought so.) so this would be a problem to be overcome.

This really is just a rough idea, the purpose of this thread is to get the people thinking about other possibilites and not just accepting whatever is thrust into our faces. I would like anyone who reads this, to leave an idea or even just a suggestion for current ideas, we need to address this soon, as it is getting closer and if we don't have an Alternative, we are screwed.

Please, leave your own ideas or even just constructive criticism. Even if you don't believe any of this try and think of ways we could better our current situation, better our economy and put the responsibility into our hands again and taking out of the hands that have abused our trust for too long.


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