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Mexican cartels false flag to start NAU?

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:35 AM
Living in Texas, we are on the front lines for this cartel problem. It just dawned on me, with the Mexican government failing miserably on controlling these monsters, it could give the U.S. reason to handle it themselves. In turn giving a reason for the NAU as a "needed" thing. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Upon reading the thread:
States Propose Resolutions to Secede from U.S.---UPDATE

And the most terrifying part of the REAL I.D. Act? Those overseeing the information encrypted in our I.D.s are from a PRIVATE contractor that isn't even a U.S. based company. In fact, of the 12 board members heading the company, only TWO of them are from the United States. The other ten?They're from Canada and Mexico.

I couldn't help myself. I asked him if this had anything to do with the North American Union. His answer? "Yes, that's a part of it also. It's kind of one big plan, you know, that they have. And one segment of it is this enhanced driver's license."

This would explain the FEMA camps all over the U.S. as well. NWO one step at a time.

The [SNIP] is about to hit the fan on the border states. Tell me what you think.

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:02 AM
I've considered this as well and FWIW...

The game story, written by Douglas Gayeton, takes place over the course of two days in 2014, beginning in Mexico City. A US spy plane carrying Guardrail IX, a device capable of disrupting wireless communications, is shot down over Nicaragua. Intelligence discovers a plot to transfer the device to rebels in Mexico City, and the Ghosts are sent in to retrieve it... The mission is aborted when a coup d'état begins in Mexico City and the Ghosts are ordered to Mexico City immediately, where a summit involving the leaders of the United States: President Ballantine, Canada: Canadian Prime Minister (unnamed), and Mexico: President Ruiz-Peña, who are signing the North American Joint Security Agreement (NAJSA), is taking place. The summit is attacked by Mexican revolutionaries, who kill the Canadian Prime Minister, and force the Presidents of the US and Mexico into hiding...

President Ballantine is safely evacuated to Air Force One but is unable to take off due to the danger of being shot down. President Ruiz-Peña is evacuated to the US Embassy in Mexico City where a bomb destroys the embassy, but the Ghosts fend off a massive onslaught long enough for help to arrive. The Mexican President agrees to allow US forces to fight the rebels and restore order. Mitchell is tasked with destroying artillery to open the road for an assault on Chapultepec, where 50 M1A2 Abrams tanks given to the Mexican government as part of NAJSA lie idle. He is later ordered to rescue the American tankers who had been training the Mexicans in how to use them and "borrow" a few tanks.

The rebels use Guardrail IX to monitor US communications and the rebel special forces called the Aguila 7 ambush the Ghosts protecting the President. Mitchell is ordered to rescue him. President Ballantine's rescue is successful, but the Nuclear Football is stolen by the rebels and with the Guardrail IX, the rebels are able to control US ICBMs, which cause China and Russia to ready their own.

Funny how there's often a correlating video game to these events, like the one with Russia/GA...Hmmmm.

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posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 02:02 AM
The Ultimate solution- A FINAL SOLUTION to the crime problem- legalize drugs!

Legalize drugs, tax them, and Gangs will be hit so hard most of them wouldn't survive.

Legalize Gambling and prostitution, They will vanish completely.

But there's no profit in that for either side, so it won't happen.

Gangsbangers are shooting at each other at an intensifying pace, and they are helping usher in the NAU and martial law

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 02:26 AM
It's Funny all week we had this huge debate about mention of drugs on ats...

and a few days later I have nothing to add anymore

It real is open and shut lol

It IS a REAL conspiracy in many ways and on many levels

and Legalization is the only answer and this is where all the illegal money, prison money from the fed, rationalization of a police state, reason for war in Afghanistan and many, many other things stem from

so actually there isn't anything to stay

You want big brother to go away...cut his funds... legalize it

Biggest issue in the world really... and nothing but a One word thing you can say about the subject

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 10:33 AM
I am not trying to fuel the banned drug issues here on ATS. Please don't go off subject. It is about the warlords pushing into our lands. I know the reason is supply and demand. That will never go away, especially the demand part. Humans love to party. The subject is why is nothing done about it?

It just seems that the boys and girls in charge have gotten so good at their diversionary tactics, that it all makes sense. People think all the problem is over seas when it is right here in our backyard. Why no high voltage fence, why is there no real military presence stationed along the borders?

They have already put enough fence around the FEMA camps to go clear across TX, AZ, NM, and Cali. I can deal with some bumpy roads and highways here in the U.S. Put our soon to be "Servitude" labor to good use. Not just build better ways to get around with kidnap victims. We Texans have enough guns to stop the problem ourselves, but we would probably be sued by the cartels.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:27 PM
IMO, expect a false flag attack on one or a few of the states bordering with Mexico, this will give an excuse for them to go in. Mexico have sent in the army to combat the Cartels, but I think they will get their a!$'s wiped, America will have to step in to protect their people from attack and maybe just stay to help clean up.

I'm pretty sure this is whats coming, but nothing is certain, nice to see other people think similar things.


posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 10:36 PM
Mexico is going through growing pains of sorts. Up until Vicente Fox came to power the PRI had a strangle hold on Mexico. Like many forms of totalitarian government there were but two classes of citizens. The extremely wealthy and privileged and the extremely poor, with virtually no middle class what’s so ever. Patronage, craft and corruption then become the vehicles of those on the bottom rungs of the system to acquire the capital to gravitate towards a middle class existence. Eventually corruption becomes endemic in such societies. The Mexico City Police Officer who takes a five dollar bill instead of writing a ticket. The little old lady who offers her rural plot of land for marijuana cultivation with a plate of rice and beans for the locals who farm it, sees nothing evil in what she is doing, just that some men come by from time to time and put to use something she no longer has use for, and put a few pesos in her apron pockets at the same time. The sleepy little town police commandant who takes a sizable bribe to turn a blind eye to a boyhood friend who is running migrant workers across the border who themselves can save a portion of the fee by carrying a backpack stuffed full of marijuana on their backs. Mostly small time and mostly penny ante until the PRI collapses and the states political, police and military apparatus begin to loosen their control.

Suddenly it’s no longer a two class system with one in complete control and one utterly disenfranchised. Now the barriers to real wealth generation are lifted. Many of America’s wealthiest families’ wealth sprang from black market commodities and various forms of crime.

Russia too degenerated into a lawless wild west when the communist party fell. A new class of new rich is emerging in Mexico. Right now they are battling one another to formalize their positions and to force protection from the government. In another generation those who survive will invest their wealth into more traditional and acceptable forms of commerce and dawn the patina of the upper class just like previously happened in the United States and is happening now in Russia.

If anything these developments hinder the New World Order. Well armed, and well motivated, the cartels have a never ending supply of foot soldiers born of a society where life itself is relatively meaningless and cheap. If they will fight to establish security against their own government they certainly will fight to establish security against ours as well. The larger and better armed and more violent prone the populations of Mexico, the United States and Canada are, the harder it becomes to force a North American Union. The more bent towards lawlessness these factions are the less likely any form of coercion be it monetary, political or violent is going to dissuade them from their endeavors.

In many ways this is the poorest thought out part on the part of the powers that be. While its doubtless the powers that be have kept a hand and reap a profit in the illegal narcotics trade, in many ways it has become the only open door for massive or significant wealth generation in economies that corporate monopolies have a strangle hold on. In the process it breeds a violent prone highly motivated and aggressive type of personality that is bent on not being dominated by law and order.

If you are looking at all the different pieces of the puzzle as a chess board this is a Rook that can cause incalculable damage to the New World Order. Fighting Mexicans on Mexican terrain that they are intimately familiar with and much more adept at defending than we are attacking who view life as a cheap and easily replaceable commodity and a society where vendettas and revenge and machismo pride make up a predominant portion of the mindset is a great way to bog the New World Order down.

Washington and the New World Order are organizations where yes men rule the day as they play to the sycophant Masters. They keep over reaching in every move they make and it is slowing down their time tables, bogging them down, and taxing their strength.

Mexico will prove another costly mistake for them and sooner or later one of them is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back. Let them have at Mexico until the sounds of Viva Revolucion haunt their dreams. Don’t discount a fifth column in the United States either when their homeland is attacked. Round up all the Mexicans and you can pretty much forget that class of water or fresh rolls arriving at your table anytime soon or getting past the weeds in your driveway to drive to the Restaurant.

In my humble opinion the New World Order needs to find some strategists that weren’t inbred!

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 10:40 PM
If there is a sinister NWO plan, they would use gangs for sure to create unrest.

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 10:41 PM
Yeah, if you guys are gonna fall for that garbage than you are doomed!

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 10:56 PM
Some of you people sure have some nerve!! First you steal Mexico's land and then complain when they try to take it back? I think you are getting what you deserve.

I'm joking, but in all seriousness I often hear that statement from la reconquista supporters or those who proclaim to be "Liberal". I still think the incident that outlines the whole situation is the famous case a year ago of the border guards who did their job and fired on a drug smuggler running the border, only to be charged.

posted on Mar, 6 2009 @ 11:38 PM
Proto, the Mexican's are not a thorn in the NWO's side. The NWO is manipulating them, and the gangs are in their pocket.

The Mexican illegals and gang members in the US will be used to stage terrorist attacks on a very large scale, triggering martrial law.

They are trained by Spetznaz, these militants. They have quite a horde of weapons and technology and will launch a very deadly strike.

Russia and China will be the new backbone of the NWO as the US falls. In a few weeks there will be a green light active for these plans. After then, everything will be in place (police state gridwork, plans, full activation of camps) and the matter of (likely) astrological timing.

Don't get me wrong, many cards may be played at once to cause a cascading global crisis. This is just one piece.

These Mexican gangs have influence in Canada too...alberta, BC, toronto, they are there.

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 12:03 AM

The Mexican illegals and gang members in the US will be used to stage terrorist attacks on a very large scale, triggering martrial law.

I don't know, maybe? I used to live in Los Angeles, and have a lot of friends in both low and high places. I don't see the Mexican Street gangs cutting that kind of a deal beyond a take the money and run scenario.

Many bulk smugglers will take weapons in exchange for cash. They love weapons. The more bang the weapon gives the more commodity they will trade for the weapon.

It's a great trade, stolen weapons can be bought at a pittance of their retail cost in most cases, and bulk product is relatively cheap and plentiful compared to it's ultimate retail value to the person who trades it for the weapon.

As far as the Russians training them? Many ex commando types from a wide variety of governments lease themselves out on a mercanary footing to cash rich cartells. Sometimes they are gathering intelligence on the side and not exactly retired but believe me it's hard to subvert and enlist powerful cartell heads who are not only flush with cash, weapons and foot soldiers but are in that position because of their dominant not submissive nature.

Will they cut double cross deals and play stupid gringos and foreigners to seperate them from their cash, gain intelligence, weapons, or safe routes of passage? Sure. Will they deliver on a scenario that ultimately negates their power and atonony. Not on their lives. Would they believe the Russians, Chinese, or U.S. would keep their word at the end of the deal? No, they all watched the Godfather too. Available in 39 different langauges and three different viewing formats!

Would a small group of special opps pose as a cartell gang. Sure just like a small group of Germans posed as poles at Danzig to create the pretense for launching blitzgrieg against Germany.

Are the Mexican cartells going to step aside and let American, Chinese, or Russian tanks roll through their territory? Not if they are the Mexicans I have always known.

One of the problems in my humble oppinion to just being relegated to behind a computer and relying entirely on electronic data is you miss the intricacies of the cultures, personalities and the mindsets and perspectives of the actual players.

I tell you, get to know them well enough and you really would prefer to stay behind an esoteric computer. Cologne and showers, something the world could use more of. Really funny smelling food and drinks, something the world could use less of.

See the world, don't just view it. Take a clothes pin a long and a box of twinkies and a roll of charmin though!

posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 03:41 PM
U.S. rattled as Mexico drug war bleeds over border

More and more related to this. It will be pivotal to start martial law, it is part of the next false flag.

At the top tiers there is no conflict of interest. The lower one's may appear against each other but it is a ruse.

Russian commando's training mexican militants to create terror in the US is part of the plan.

You can't look at this in terms of nations and groups - the people pulling the strings transcend nations, and have their own agenda which they carry out through their puppets. There is always concerted effort between seemingly unrelated organizations working towards foreign interests. Like the US's demise, so a new world order can be built from its ashes.

Russia & China vs US is the game we are fed, and unfortunately have to deal with, fraked as it sounds. If our leaders weren't agents of evil and destruction, and working for the detriment of mankind, this wouldn't be the case, and perhaps the war would have true meaning. Until then we are lambs to the slaughter of yet another engineered war.

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