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Isaac/CARET drones in 1987 kid's show.

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 11:39 PM
I knew there was a reason I walked into the Goodwill Store the other day. Sitting on their shelves, priced at $1.50, was the following VHS artifact from 1987:

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future - Future Force Training, Skill Level: 1

Hoo, boy do we have a winner here.

I mean wiener.

Specifically, this wiener:

He addresses the viewer and informs him (I don't think I'm being un-feminist when I assume the audience to be made up entirely of spoiled-rotten, little boys) that he's been chosen to join an elite, airborne fighting force and participate in their campaign to liberate our planet from "Lord Dread" and his mechanized army.

As if to remove any doubt as to his own status as a wiener, the soldier with the feathered, 1980's pompadour hairstyle puts on his faux-gold, weenie armor:

The viewer is then subjected to a mind-numbing cavalcade of imagery that is characterized by epileptic-seizure-inducing, rapidly strobing lights.

You see, this tape is a crude attempt at providing an interactive, multi-media gaming experience to anybody who owns Mattel's Captain Power XT-7 spacecraft toy.

The battery-powered XT-7 toy had a grip and trigger on the underside of its fuselage, enabling children to hold it like a firearm and aim it at their televisions. The toy's light sensors had a way of "interacting" with the flashing lights on the TV screen, thus enabling kids to "shoot at" targets and accumulate "power points" on the toy's digital readout.

You can learn all about it here:

Journal of Antiques, May 2007

A critic once described the Japanese Sci-Fi film, The Attack of the Super Monsters as "crack for young boys," and I can think of no better description for the nonstop, grand-mal seizure of commercialism that is Captain Power.

What interests me about this tape (besides its criminal level of awfulness) is that the very first foe with which the viewer must contend is the "Sky Mine," a form of autonomous, unmanned aerial vehicle:

Look a little familiar?

When expanded to their "double-pronged," or "forked" configurations, they even resemble the Dragonfly-inspired drone aircraft recently incorporated into the series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

They even fly with the type of skittish, jerky movements described by Dragonfly Drone experiencers. Of course, that might be due to cheap, sweat-shop animation techniques, which seem to be done at something less than 24 frames per second.

I've digitized and uploaded the tape to Demonoid, along with a similar analysis (and a link to the above-mentioned Attack of the Super Monsters as well). Those who are interested shouldn't have too much trouble finding it, but I'm not including a URL, as I'm assuming ATS wouldn't appreciate links to unauthorized bit-torrents of copyrighted materials.

In light of theories about disclosure happening gradually, via the popular media, one could make much of this, if so-inclined.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 01:13 AM
Good eye man, there is some similarity there.

I might be inclined to take a look at that film, since I have been out of the CARET loop for awhile.


posted on Apr, 19 2009 @ 07:12 AM
Since day one when the first pictures of these kinds of Objects where first photographed, there has been an incredible amount of people thinking they are doing the right thing with Animations of their own, depicting similar Objects.

This has thrown fuel on the Hoax fire, convincing many that this is nothing more than a fabrication, too many people willing to accept that the whole deal is a hoax, even here on ATS the official thread about them has HOAX right next to the thread title.

Who determines this? is it because of one persons opinion, so the word Hoax is posted next to the title? or did the PTB tell someone to do it to deflect attention?

Because someone tells you it's a hoax does not mean it is, what would you expect the people who would build this kind of thing to do? jump up and say ok you caught us, we have these Aircraft, which can be cloaked, hovering over your neighbourhood?

Is you answer yes to that last question you have a serious problem, and need to go stand outside a fema camp right now and take a bloody ticket, of course they are being called hoaxes, of course they are appearing in TV shows, of course they are in cartoons, what a better way to make people think it's all in peoples heads.

TV show props do not hover over houses or forests or lakes, they are on TV, so what is being seen? just because the effects can be reproduced on photoshop, does not mean that is what happened in the first place, people who do that just make the matter worse for investigating the truth IMO.

It's so true what some people have said in threads about being fed disinformation, some people swallow it by the spoonful, if someone said putting your hand in the fire wont hurt, would you do it? of course not because you know it will, so if someone tells you something is fake, why take their word for it without looking deeper than some bozo on you tube claiming they made the pictures in photoshop, for all you know, Mr Rothchilds grandson could be the one making the claim, go find out for yourselves, stop being lazy and accepting things on blind faith.

Words like this are just that, words, posted by who? do you know them personally? who they are? where they are? NO, so why believe them?

Mostly because you want too, because the alternative is just too horrible to contemplate, denying things does not make them go away, accepting them well that just means you have accepted that you cant win, or don't want too.

This is not directed at any one in particular, I'm just sad to see some many accepting things, because someone else said so, laziness is going to kill us all, ignorance already has IMO.

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