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The problems with our species....

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 10:04 PM
Forgive me for being long winded

I am generally concerned about the current direction in which our society or better yet our species is heading.

Ponder for a moment the serious effects of the changes that have been in process for thousands of years.

No matter if you are a evolutionary or a creationalist the fact remains that at the early days of our race we were hunters and gatherers. Our ancestors fashioned tools and devised traps to capture and kill animals. They went out and foraged for edible plants, surely some discovered inadvertently which plants were not edible. They created primitive means to prepare the food that they captured or collected. That was life. There was nothing strange about it. It was what it was.

Now compare that to today’s way of life. Sure, there are some who are still hunt but I would venture to say that that would be only a marginal section of society which would become even more marginal when you consider that a number of those hunters are more interested in the “sport” element than the practicality. There are also farmers, but the number of people who depend on the farm for food is also extremely low, with the majority of farmers engaged in the activity as some form of business, which isn’t all together negative but has some possible negative ramifications that I will discuss later. The majority of us go to Kroger or Publix or even the local grocer (Local grocers are also disappearing, to be discussed later.) and have our veggies and meat handed to us in a nice paper sack.

In today’s ideology a person who forages or hunts wild game as a means for sustenance would be considered by many as a strange or even scary individual. The current mold of society almost directly influences us in ways that are contradictory to our most basic instincts. As if that is not bad enough….

Staying in relatively modern times for a moment, not to long ago the primary means for trade was the barter system. If I had a goat you needed and you had a pig that I needed we could probably work something out. The transaction was most often not a multi party ordeal. The two traders involved in the bartering were the two which would be affected by the deal.

Slowly this system evolved into a currency based system which encouraged trade for the convenience of carrying a few stones as opposed to carrying a 200 pound calf. People soon began to set up small business offering general merchandise that they acquired by traveling. There was often a small market up to account for the traveling and such and the “buyers” could have the merchandise that was not originally available locally, at a convenient location.

Sooner or later, the Mom and Pop type businesses evolved. Eventually people became reliant on the “mom and pops” not because they were not capable of obtaining the product themselves but because they were unwilling to put forth the effort required to obtain the product on their own. Eventually, that thinking and “addiction” of consumers paved way for corporate giants like Kroger, Publix, Wal-mart, etc. The result was that the money earned was no longer fed back in the local “system” but instead filtered to some out of town identity who would use the funds to carnovorize another town’s livelihood.

The concern that I have is that people no longer had to exert effort for the direct reward of the product. Sure, people work to get paid but instinctively speaking working for a piece of paper with an assigned value isn’t quite the same as spending your days trying to capture your food.

Over time the primal instinct of survival has been changed dramatically. What percentage of today’s population would be able to survive in a primitive situation in which they had to literally find their own food?

Is it even remotely possible that there are no ramifications for that behavioral modification?

I think not. I earnestly believe that the current “economic crisis” and all following financial crisis’s are a direct result of our race forgetting our instinct.

This problem was caused by the Government, it wasn’t caused by the bankers, it wasn’t caused by a secret society. The problem was caused by the gradual process of euthanizing the human instinct. Until we are able to get back to the basics as a race we will continue to experience this type of suffering. Which, is in fact only perceived suffering because some where along the lineage of human beings we forgot what it was like to live in a cave, we have forgotten how to obtain the necessities in life and instead we have chosen to live in dependence to one another.

Any one agree, disagree?

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 04:46 AM

This problem was caused by the Government

This was supposed to read :

The problem was NOT caused by the Government...

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 06:06 AM
reply to post by KingPen

You missed the fact that most people in the World live below the poverty line, including me.

I've lived in the 3rd World mostly, and been to the USA living the lifestyle of middle class, shopping at Krogers, Best Buy, etc..

I could tell that we poor people can live without the perks of 1st world middle class life and we are better at improvising and survival.

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