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The testimony of tawachi - commander of the phoenix a.k.a. Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 01:59 PM
NOTE: This is not a channeling. I am not a psychic. I have taken part in the first resurrection mentioned in the last chapter of the Bible called "Revelation" and am now recalling the memories I've encountered during my existence on this planet for the last six thousand years.



also known as


Hello. My heavenly name is Tawachi, and that's the only name I care to go by from this moment forward. Those who have respect for me will call me by this Heavenly name, Tawachi. The first vowel in my name is interchangeable with other vowels and it's been this way for over six thousand years. For example you may call me Tuwachi, Tewachi or Tiwachi. Only the first vowel is interchangeable.

My soul dwells near what you would call Messier 35 in the arm of Orion near the Celestial River Nile. I am used to bathing in the light emitted from the cities of Castor and Pollux. The stars you are seeing in the sky are nothing but giant cities where many souls dwell. My ancestors dwell in the state of Orion, spread out through its many cities. If you ever feel lonely, I assure you those stars are your friends as long as they know you've been in a battlefield for six thousand years. I came to this planet to wage war against one of the enemies of the Throne, the one you refer to as Lucifer. I understand this planet has been kept in darkness because of the seals that I applied to your 'ka' (mind of the soul) over six thousand years ago before the creation of Adam but you now have been given the keys necessary to deliver yourselves of these limitations.

I once ruled over you in Atlantis as a Priest and as a Governor. When it became obvious to my Priesthood that the Republic of Atlantis did not know how to handle the technology given to them by beings called up from the deep we decided to relocate to a land which would not have been affected by any massive flooding. All of the flesh in Atlantis died as the ocean's waves crashed over the residents. Even now when I think about this my heart cries. Most of you don't remember this, nor do you care because you weren't there and if you died in this flood you most likely have attempted to forget it. I haven't forgot it. Even the Elohim didn't arrive until after the waves crashed over Atlantis. When the poles shifted this got the attention of higher ups within the Galaxy, known as the Heavenly Hosts. I assure you that planets do not flip upside down without the Heavenly Hosts taking notice. When my Priesthood left Atlantis to its fate we settled down in a land called Kemet, also known as Egypt. My priesthood had approximately forty to fifty years of peace before the Children of Darkness reincarnated into Earthen vessels and began campaigning against me and my priesthood again. With forty years to spare I had time to dig deeper into the consciousness of men by building massive monuments that would honor the One to come.

I have long since understood that power comes not in life, but in death. Those who give into this carnal nature, this beast that surrounds your soul, will never come to full life and maturity. We should break these bonds and chains as soon as possible so that the veil between our soul and the flesh is torn asunder and we can recognize our true heritage. As Thoth, the Egyptian Lord of Science and Magic, I ruled over a group of men and women known as the Left Eye of Horus. The Left Eye of Horus could be compared to what this nation calls the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The tasks and duties of the Left Eye matches up nicely to the roles and tasks of your F.B.I.

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:00 PM
My soul did not have the strength to conquer our foes in Egypt. They used methods which were not familiar to my priesthood no matter how battle equipped we thought we were. One of the methods which were used against us successfully was media warfare. They used their bright personalities to invade the media, gain influence and use them to choke out the efforts of my priesthood.

With the failure of my priesthood we had no choice but to call upon higher forces. Because of my previous experience serving the Throne of God I knew that I had to send commands to Aldebaran, as Aldebaran is one of the four stations of the Heavenly Hosts nearest to my home state of Orion.

Regulus, Aldebaran, Fomalhaut and Antares are the locations of the Heavenly Hosts. Back in Egypt I used to have my sweet scorpion goddess Serket commune with the angels of Antares for me so I could focus on other pursuits. Serket has not come to me in this life and is still asleep like the rest of you. My wife Nephthys, also known as Seshat after my priesthood absorbed hers, also carried similar roles in communing with the angels walking amonst us in other dimensions. Both of these women have been assisting me on board the Phoenix for over six thousand years, even before the creation of Adam.

The time has now come when I have to begin speaking about these sacred things. As always I will be scorned by those who lack understanding. I've been absorbing ignorance and darkness for many aeons and although I've developed an immunity for personal attacks I've also incorporated the good ones into my arsenal. My Father in Heaven has not prepared this earthen vessel to be an instrument of peace. I've been prepared to lead a starship called the Phoenix. Rather than insult me for being rough around the edges and a bit rude, please understand that you don't want a pushover to be in control of this ship. You want someone who is fierce and resolute in their dealings with mankind. I'm not the kind of person to take this responsibility lightly. My 'ka' currently sits aboard this same starship even as I type this. When I do not exist in flesh form both my 'ka' and my 'ba' are joined together when aboard the ship. When both aspects of the soul are joined together we call it the 'akh'. Most of you, when you rome around incarnate in an Earthen vessel your 'ka' stays within the Earth in the outer realm at a location that the Arch angels have designated as 'friendly'. My 'ka' stays aboard my ship when I come down here. My 'ka' is interlinked with the command functions aboard the starship and I can gain access to the akashic records and observe the actions of some of the fallen ones. My 'ba' has to go through the gates set up by the Heavenly hosts in very specific locations in this planet before coming down here to you.

When I am down here amongst you I have to take on normal jobs just like you do in order to feed and water this flesh body that I inhabit. I take on jobs which do not absorb so much of my mental energy so that I can focus on the tasks that have been given to me by My Father in Heaven. Because of this I haven't been labeled 'successful' in the eyes of men. I once pursued a healthy career in the I.T. sector but when quickened by the Holy Spirit I realized that I was in the Earth for something a little more important than technical support.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:00 PM
Your cap lock is broken

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:00 PM
I won't go into past lives too much but I can say that two months after the assassination of John F. Kennedy two men were born in Spokane, Washington by the names of Scott and Brett Hofstee. These two men are now claiming to be the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation. They are also claiming to be the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. It has been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit that they are exactly who they say they are. I have met with them in person in this lifetime and have discovered their hearts to be about the Father's business. I would like mankind in general to absorb the words of these two witnesses as truth so that we might ascend to our Father in quick fashion. I will be standing on the two books, perhaps known as the two pillars of fire, that they have written by the will of their Father.

* The Testimony of Scott Hofstee
* The Testimony of Brett Hofstee

These two books are the words of our Father in Heaven who wants to deliver us from the world. If you can't be purified of all the lies and impure spirits that entertain your minds on a daily basis I doubt you can ever meet with me. You may meet me in flesh, just as many do, but none of you may see me in spirit. I socialize with people on a daily basis and have regular conversations just like you do but none recognize me or commune with me on the same level that I do with my intimate ones aboard my starship.

I also understand that my actions in the future may not be recognized or honored amongst the seven thunders or the two witnesses that I hold in high esteem. It is my understanding that when brought together by the Holy Spirit there is peace amongst the orders of Angels but when stepping out of the call departments butt heads. It is not important that Michael and Gabriel understand what I am doing or why I am doing it. As noticed in the scriptures, Michael and Gabriel are Cherubim. I am not a Cherubim, I am one of the Seraphim, one of the fiery serpents who stand before the Lord of the Earth. Whatever I see, My Father and the angels assigned to monitor the Akashic records see. Seraphim are a different order than the Cherubim and I am not expected to satisfy their job functions, nor are they required to satisfy mine. Many of God's angels at this point do squabble amongst each other but this just means that multiple departments within the same branch of Christ are learning about their boundaries and limitations and the functions of their respective offices.

The Phoenix, my vessel which is superior to any other starship within the influence of the Earth with the exception of the motherships of the Heavenly hosts, is currently in orbit around the Earth in an unknown location. This vessel is not at all similar to the vessels which are currently inhabiting your air space in the North American continent. My starship was constructed outside of the Earth with metals not known to your people, where as the other unidentified air craft which you see above your skies have been built within the Earth and are limited in their mechanics, even though they too may have been constructed with metals mined from other planets.

In order for me to release some of the deeper mysteries of the Kingdom I have to notify you of some of the names that you have known me by during my time in the Earth. I've already claimed the name of Thoth, Egyptian Lord of Science and Magic, although my name was never pronounced by touching the tongue to the bottom edge of the teeth like when pronouncing names starting with 'th'. My name was Tawachi back then too but you've mistranslated many of my books.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:01 PM
I want to explain the purpose of building a Temple. I want to explain to you why, as King Solomon, another one of my incarnations, I was charged with building a Temple. The temple was never meant to be some shiny object that boosted the morale of and symbolized the nation of Israel. The temple was designed to house my starship personnel before we used the Ark of the Covenant as a remote control to 'call down' the Phoenix. It is a security violation to reveal the Ark of the covenant, send the commands to the ports on my starship and call it down from its orbit if there is no staff equipped to operate it when it comes down. If we call it down prematurely then it just touches down on our soil and hangs out in the atmosphere ready for the Children of Darkness to abuse it. Once the physical location of the Temple is chosen we must design furniture and control panels which mirror the bridge of the Phoenix. As above, so below. The temple here in the Earth needs to look identical to the interior of my starship currently in orbit around the Earth. Once this takes place, my priesthood can then begin getting familiar with their roles and responsibilities that they had aboard ship before they chose to come down into earthen vessels.

By the way, I should inform you that as King Solomon I did something naughty. There are only a few individuals in the Earth who have access to Ophir, my bank vault since the flood of Atlantis. I am one of those people. As King Solomon, once I had my staff fully prepared in the Temple, we used the Ark to call down the Phoenix and travelled to this very country called America. It was the Phoenix who led the Naval Fleet of Hiram. We left Israel alone for a period of about three years although I never broke any of my covenants with you. I set up my media team within Israel to continue giving you news reports about the conditions of the kingdom so that you wouldn't know I was gone. It worked like a charm.

The Phoenix houses anywhere from 250 - 300 souls which are heavily oriented towards Science, Engineering and warfare. The rest of the souls onboard serve as support personnel.

As I mentioned before, I've met with Michael and Gabriel who now dwell in Earthen vessels in Spokane, Washington. I was anointed by my Father, through the hands of Michael, for what I just recently found out was seven years of service to the Throne. This means that my mind has been prepared for the last seven years for some great work that is to come. Although I can't see with crystal clarity, I know some of the roles that I will be satisfying in the coming years. It has become apparent to me that God has cared nothing about my flesh or my level of comfort for a long period of time and I am completely exhausted. My soul has not much desire to remain in this Earthen vessel since becoming aware of the reality that I have a Starship parked outside the influence of the Earth. Working two jobs is tiring me more everyday as I have my primary duties to the Kingdom which MUST be kept as I am bound by Heavenly Law, and at the same time a secondary duty of tending to this flesh body and ensuring it is fed, watered and clothed properly.

The duties that my Father in heaven are calling me to focus on are beginning to absorb so much of my mental energy that I am losing the ability to focus on my 'earthly' job. I'll be in the middle of a project or a task assigned to me by the company I work for and then suddenly have the Holy Spirit bring information to me which is pertinent to my purpose in the Earth. At times I won't even be able to communicate properly to other employees because of the amount of data being 'downloaded' into my mind. A man can't serve two masters and I can't work two jobs serving two different people. I can't divide up my mind and energy this way. Since I first started following the Spirit in 2002 I've been able to simultaneously balance two work loads, the work load of my regular career in the Earth and the work load of my spiri

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:04 PM
Whats your dating life like? What food do you enjoy? im sure glad you have time to balance your spirit life and your physical life. Pictures? LOL

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:05 PM
Do you have any kind of proof??
I can't believe a story with no proof.
Also....I am YOUR heavenly father!!!!
Go ahead and ask for proof to what i say.

I have none bcuz i just made up my story.

Man these threads are a good break in the day.

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:12 PM

Most of you don't remember this, nor do you care because you weren't there and if you died in this flood you most likely have attempted to forget it.

Most folks have a problem remembering an experience that they did not have.

So what city is our sun?

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by TawachiofOrion
I won't go into past lives too much but I can say that two months after the assassination of John F. Kennedy two men were born in Spokane, Washington by the names of Scott and Brett Hofstee. These two men are now claiming to be the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation.

Just ONE of these brother's prophecies from their website, ( :


Prophecy #25

In the next year (2006)
(Heb Yr Sep 2006-Sep 2007),
one or more of the prophesied
great calamaties
that I have seen in the United States
will occur, and great trouble
will commence.

Published: 12/09/2005

Fulfilled: "pending"

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 03:16 PM
You should quit your other two jobs and start selling your story instead of giving it away for free.

Its too bad that you aren't real. If you were real, you would have typed out your message here on ATS without typing it out some place else after you had a computer or other people look over your essay to corrrect the spelling and grammer. We can tell that you down loaded all of your essay in about 2 minutes instead of taking about 10 minutes between each of our posts to actually type it out here on ATS.

Nice essay, with good grammer. You must write books or magazine articles, if you don't then you are missing your calling in the Sci-Fi arena.

If you were real as you are trying to make everyone believe, then why don't you give us the "Exact" coordinates of Atlantis; since you said you lived there before.

You have been reading too many Edgar Cayce books.

As for the Two Witnesses, Scott Hofstee and Brett Hofstee they don't have any powers, they live on the wrong side of the Earth, they can't see the future, and lies and fake prophesies comming from them are common at the following web sites. Why do you waist your time with them?

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 03:22 PM
just grab a beer, and chill

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 03:34 PM

I am an open-minded person and I love reading these type of stories.
Sorry but with yours, I do not resonate at all.
I feel NO truth in it whatsoever.

Arch Angels are not needed and no one is my lord.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 03:46 PM
I'm sorry but truly I cannot say I believe any word of this well written and well thought out story.

Too much reference to God for some odd reason, and if you were who you say you are, there would be no need to disclose yourself on ATS of all places, you could just do it in all our minds one day.

Since you imposed so called blocks on our Ka, you should be able to release them at any given moment and free us from our illusion. If you do have the power to do this and have not as of yet, then you are directly contributing to the destruction of this world and what Humanity stands for as a whole.

I would like to see your rebuttal to this friend.


posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 04:21 PM
I always enjoy analyzing these threads. You see, I spent 2 months in a mental health ward because I believed I was the archangel Michael; there was a lot that went into this. In the end, I realized that it doesn't matter WHAT I am; I still have to live on this damnable planet and still have to work for a living.

That being said one thing I always find is that typically there will be a person typically who seems to represent a multi-faceted entity. I find that generally they tend to be superficially aware but feel the deep connection to the entity in question. Alternately you get the occassional RARE person who seems to represent a core rather than a facet of said being.

You seem to be a core.

One warning though - memories are deceptive. About 80/20 in my experience. Therefore there are a few very easily verifiable mistakes in your memories:

1) Michael is a seraphim.

2) Cherubim come from his tears; they guard between heaven and hell. (Supports #1)

in that respect I feel that your friends from spokane are likely facets and not cores such as yourself.. Just something to consider, take it as you will.

Thanks for sharing your info. If you want to talk more to me, send me a PM.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 04:29 PM
Hello, Tawachi.

I am Joan the Blind of the Sethians. It is good to meet you.

I can see it will be a little while before you can match your communications style with that of the humans around here. However, I have observed how they do things around here, and they honestly do like vistors of your type. Do not let their trite accusations overly concern you as it is a tradition they have of weeding out those that can be.

If you are in the mood, perhaps looking at at my thread might be a good read, giving some attention to how people react to things and possible issues that might be avoided with a little wisdom. It the Discussion of Ruling Bloodlines Disclosure here in the Grey Area.

Your wife's name is Nephthsis. That is a good name I think. Indicates some blood ties to the Sethian Life Force.

However, you must be careful with how you strive with Lucius. There is a lot of neutralization going on there, and I know not how the Light-Bringer will deal with the level of mistrust that people exhibit towards him. It might be found that he will need additional seraphimic forces with which to help him anchor his polarity and the necessary work done. Just an idle thought at this time, however it could become an issue. You seem most civilized so I see little difficulty in this regard.


posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 08:32 PM

Originally posted by JoanTheBlind
I am Joan the Blind of the Sethians. It is good to meet you.

First of all...are you for real? Nice that you have decided to resurrect an ancient gnostic religion...

I can see it will be a little while before you can match your communications style with that of the humans around here.

An interesting assessment as you are assuming that he wants to are that he is doing anything but telling a story.

I find the greatest humour in these types of threads as they are invariably based on various interpretations of Christian mythologies and always ambiguous in expression...and on this forum usually carry a hint of alien involvment...

Originally posted by TawichiofOrion
Working two jobs is tiring me more everyday as I have my primary duties to the Kingdom which MUST be kept as I am bound by Heavenly Law

I think this guy is just disillusioned with having to work two jobs and has perhaps disassociated from reality in order to cope. Not that there is anything wrong with that save for the intentionally mislead people...

Back to Joan the Sethian
However, I have observed how they do things around here, and they honestly do like vistors of your type. Do not let their trite accusations overly concern you as it is a tradition they have of weeding out those that can be.

Trite accusations?

Trite indeed as you have heard the accusations over and over again. The validity, however, is not necessarily weakened by your desensitization to it...

Perhaps a shred of proof (there is that trite request...
) would go a long way to substantiating the trite philosophies expressed...from both of you.

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 11:50 AM
Yo, Towachi----o......k.

Here is the link to the two men earlier referenced as percieving themselves to be the reincarnation of angels Michael and Gabriel:

"The Days of Thunder"

Strange to me really, a maker who creates his artwork then damns to destroy it as faulty, blaming the item for its creationary faults.

King Solomon-the ark-egypt-the escape from atlantis.
Michael. Gabriel.

It's of my personal opinion that both armies were thrown out of heaven, one after the other, but for the 2 screamers/singers of the old man upstairs-and of moses later named enoch. It is of my personal opinion that King Solomon, at the blessing/finalization of the 'ark'/box was befriended and advised my none other than Belial. Iblis.; different names: different times. It is of my personal opinion that this creature loved to frauduently impersonate and portray himself as Gabriel. It is of my personal opinion that they two boys mentioned are not this creature.

It is of my personal opinion that at the destruction of the place atlantis, a method of escape in the form of a stargate existed. It is of my personal opinion that this place has been found/rediscovered and that the deciever has his hands in it-and this.

It is of my personal opinion that the land boundries known as Egypt are named so AFTER the fact of Egypt where moses and his priests lived hostage in a cave and were rescued by way of portal to the relative biblical area by none other than the deciever who I tenetively call Belial-Iblis irregaurdless of the names mentioning of being separate entities. And that this occurred BEFORE the locked door of heaven-but not by much.

Like noses-most of us have one. Opinions are more like pores: everybody has alot of them!

My concern is not, that you are not living/telling your truth, Tuwachi; it is that throughout history even angels and kings are decieved where they least expect it.

Maybe they are Michael and Gabriel. Maybe they are passionate college missonaries convinced to platform that way by some believably powerful priestly entity-angling for the benifit of mankind and gods kingdom.

It is all very interesting. I can't wait for the rest of your writings.

The city of Spokane burned to the ground in 1889-and was rebuilt in concrete and brick. Should a force attempt again raze through heat, the place, again. I reccomend the direction of the southern/south western slopes or into the tumultuous river.

There was one fatality, George I. Davis, who died at Sacred Heart Hospital of burns and injuries when he fled (or jumped) from his lodgings at the Arlington Hotel. Many others were treated at the hospital, where the nuns served meals to the newly homeless boardinghouse dwellers, mostly working men, plus others referred to in newspapers as the “sporting element.” Estimates of property losses ranged from $5 to $10 million, an enormous sum for the time, with one-half to two-thirds of it insured.

Initially the fire is blamed on Rolla A. Jones, who was in charge of the water system and was said to have gone fishing after leaving the system in the charge of a complete incompetent

The Great Spokane Fire

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 03:00 PM
I found everything you said extremely interesting,
And if you are real, don't be put off by negative comments, you're gonna get alot of people who don't believe you, and few that do,
So i'm gonna stick around abit and see what other people come up with,
Thanks for sharing your wisdom,

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 12:23 AM
Your thoth? And atlantis was less than 6,000 years ago?

Can you bestow any wisdom? Such as how to ascend or on the nature of reality?

Who am I? Was I in Atlantis or from Earth or because of overpopulation, am I from another star?

Could you teach me the secrets of Alchemy?

If nows not the time, when is?

Thats a pretty good story. I cant not believe you, but I also cant take you completely seriously either. So, are you going to reply to this thread at all? You didnt give any practical information that any of us could use. You didnt reveal any secrets or atleast any of which would relate to anyones life. You just told us who you are, what are we suppose to do with that?

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