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Sylvestre Matuschka - Demolition Expervert

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posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 10:14 AM
Sylvestre Matuschka ...... the darkest side of man..

or was he?

Somewhat of a source -

Sylvestre Matuschka (born 1892, date of death unknown) (in Hungarian publications: Matuska Szilveszter), a former officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, was arrested in October 1931 and charged with arranging the derailment of several trains. It is conjectured that he caused the crashes in order to obtain sexual gratification.

here is another gem of a find.. a song by Jello Biafra and LARD...
from their 1990 album "The Last Temptation of Reid"

Part 4 in my "Jello Was Right. series.

here is the song "Sylvestre Matuschka"
(find the audio in youtube format below)



Sylvestre Matuschka!
Sylvestre Matuschka!

One more
Buried nugget
Of the dark history
Of the darkest side of man...


Sylvestre Matuschka!

Austria, 1931
Hungarian, hero - World War I


Family man

"Idealist? Or just plain mad?"

To him, life must be a smash!
He blew up trestles and railroad tracks

So he ... could masturbate
While watching ... trains wreck!!!

Sylvestre Matuschka!
Sylvestre Matuschka!

It's a message from God!
It's a message from God!
It's a message from God!
It's a message from God!

It is my duty
End of the line
Screeching metal
Injured cries
Bombs explode
Up through my spine
I squeeze
I pump
I... spray!


Six years, Vienna jail
Shipped to Hungary, then in World War II
Released, resistance needs,
Experts for demolition teams
Some say.. that's how he died
Was he in Korea? No one knows

Have any trains wiped out
Near a nursing home
in your town?
(or world trade centers for that matter)
(where are his students??)

Sylvestre Matuschka!
Sylvestre Matuschka!


(recited over the last verse)
It is a message from God!
It is a message from God!
It is a message from God!
It is a message from God!

Those with eyes shall see
Those with ears shall hear
A prophecy
To the enemy
The world shall belong
To the children
I've done my duty

(last verse)
So all you sexually totalitarian born-again
And blue-nosey horney toads
Remember this:
No matter how many books you ban..
No matter how many records you burn..

The seeds of fertile fetishes
Are planted at an early age!
And some where out there..
Some one amongst you...
May at this very moment LUST
For derailing TRAINS!!



posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 10:15 AM
now don't get all uppity and run away.
this happened.
this man existed.

are you sane enough to comprehend that many... MANY men like him.. live today.. and are paid to commit atrocities akin to his.. and far worse...

some may say he's held in high regard amongst others in his "industry"..
where are his students?
where are those that hold him in adoration as a hero?

look at all the subway and train wrecks in today's news..

the Madrid bombings the London bombings .. the India train catastrophe...

someone really likes doing this..
someone is really at this...

someone is really good at getting HIGHLY PAID for doing this type of thing.....


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