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‘Survivors’ of the Philadelphia Experiment debunked

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posted on Apr, 17 2004 @ 06:35 AM
On 10 April, 2004 we added the last of 12 chapters unveiling the biggest hoax created concerning the Philadelphia Experiment. At you will find many verifiable facts published for the first time that will conclude a long term investigation into the so called "PX" experiment but more specifically into the claims made by one Alfred Bielek.
Mr. Bielek gained a degree of public recognition for the first time with his well-know testimony at the MUFON conference in 1990. At that time he stated that he was a true eyewitness and participant to the Philadelphia Experiment. The facts published here will clearly demonstrate that Mr. Bielek, as well as his companions Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron, willfully crafted one of the biggest hoaxes to spread from the internet.
According to his own records, Bielek has been on over 50 radio talk shows and a featured speaker at over 40 conferences. We will outline in the body of our presentation the following re-evaluation of Al Bielek.

· He never participated in the PX
· He never witnessed the PX
· He was no where near the PX test when it occurred
· He has changed the nature of his story many times over the years with additions, embellishments, deletions and wholesale fabrication of events
· He has stated historical events that can be completely verified to be totally false

These points are a sampling of what we will present in our report.

What remains amazing is that Bielek's story was widely accepted by the media and his 'fan community' without criticism. People of all backgrounds were quick to repeat his quotes, often just borrowing them from someone else's web page, without checking the claims or presenting any critical analysis of whether they 'could' be true. The most astute observer and researcher of the PX is Marshall Barnes. He has been doing a thorough investigation of the Philadelphia Experiment since the early '90's. Barnes asked basic questions that no one else thought pertinent and with time he began to find great discrepancies with Bielek's claims. Starting from a basic dissatisfaction with Bielek's so called "facts", observing that not one claim was supported by a "hard evidence" [which means that it can be verified] Marshall began a large-scale investigation. Eventually a small number of people joined Marshall in his endeavors and the result of this long-term research is this report.

Among this group of researchers were Marshall Barnes (USA), Fred Houpt (CAN) and Gerold Schelm (GER), making this investigation a real international event. Our group effort can demonstrate that the claims of Al Bielek and his companions is nothing short of very impressive media manipulation, dis-information, partially correct data mixed into fabrications and completely false statements. Where there will always be those of the opinion that Bielek's media circus is the creation of a government-guided operation, what we can say with certainty is that to some degree it has been a profitable venture for Bielek and friends. Whether they were selling hokum and malarkey never seemed to stop the curious and naïve from buying tapes and videos and attending conferences.

The fact is that the one factor missing for over a decade, is a step by step de-construction of the PX-Bielek saga as it was told by Al Bielek. We have accomplished that and we are confident that his version, his story, does not hold up to severe scrutiny. The references used for this presentation are the common transcripts of some speeches and interviews given by Al Bielek, which are still accessible on the internet. Additionally, we make reference to the content of Al Bielek's own web site,, which has presented the photo material referred to in this report. Often, we use Al Bielek's own data to point out where he has either lied, mixed and matched bits and pieces of the real story or else just made up a great deal of nonsense. When we say that someone has 'lied', we are required to show evidence for the accusation. We have documentary evidence showing Bielek lying on several of the main subjects and the source is emails and official documents, which we have provided as part of the report.

Note: All members of our group of investigators are convinced, that the Philadelphia Experiment itself actually happened, but we are also convinved, that Al Bielek and his amigos never participated in any way.

[Edited on 17-4-2004 by bielekDEbunked]

posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 02:07 AM
Tom Bearden was told a secret to the tech behind it.
It is ;
The use of a nonlinear surface to combine pump z waves made in sync, yet out of phase.

I thought about this for a very long time and worked hard to apply it to any real known science. What I found is that no such known science exists. Even the Joe Cell used by thousands in Australia, a Tom Bearden design, is scientifically unexplainable when you get down to specific reasons for the radials he used for the stainless steel tubing/cylinders.
So after reading this paper in 1991 as my navy ship I was on , returned from the Persian Gulf, I had a lot more time on my hands to learn of other things, other lost technologies. I used Rex Research, Borderlands Sciences, and others. The physics however is what I was lacking knowledge in; so I began also to read up on that. Got into Stephen Hawking in 95, and in a magazine article he theorized that black holes may be creating particles.
I took that to it's extreme and finally realized a complete general parameter based theory of field unification under use of projective geometry , in order to encompass the true meaning of space-time.
Once I had that nailed I found a certain language of the crop circle enigma were giving us plans for certain zero point devices ! Not all of them do this. It took a lot of searching. Even one image was not even drawn, I had to read about it... but eventually found in this more than plans, but actual diagrams of how key particles will assemble together.

To make this long story short; the machines I found plans for many years ago would have cost a fortune to make using special cnc equipment, so I searched for and in 2010 found a device that can do this all using magnets and various easily made parts, instead. This is something that anyone can make in a garage for under 2 grand or so in materials and tooling. Less than the cost of a used lathe having no tooling necessary to machine hemispheres.

So sorry for drifting off topic;
the Philadelphia Experiment was witnessed by Einstein and took place right off the pier in the harbor. Aside from the elaborate coverup, I should point out one interesting fact that nobody has taken note of;
That the FBI raided his apartment taking many many files as soon as he died. Those files have never been recovered. The PX took place just months after Tesla's death. It appears to me no coincidence. Tesla had found while testing submarine batteries that a wrench left on top of one would disappear, and then reappear when the terminal was shut off !!! The power was used to rotate a number of ac or dc motors in parallel, I'm not sure which yet. Well ac motors are used in the coral castle as particle centrifuges. It allows the strong negative to overcome the weak positive. John Hutchison's famous levitation was a product of that same rumor of Tesla's discovery.
You run 2 or more tesla coils in near vicinity off the same modulated power source (in parallel) and the field effect will not only move objects, but cause metal to liquify. ( I know one of his secret recipes btw). John was never able to make an object disappear however. He did not run ac motors off the power, that's why; and the number of poles and type of motor being ac would effect this process.
Hutchison built a simple version of his idea of the Ark of the covenant and it was quickly disassembled by order of the feds.

Well sorry for the long story. Hope someone found this of interest.


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