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Time to decide run or stand fast. Prepare for one or the other!

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 03:10 AM
I asked my wife that question last december. She said that she would rather stand and defend rather then run and hide. OOORAH!

So I bought a house/ trailor on 2.5 acres with my va loan...after 20 years elibible.

I've made 100k+ in a year and discovered that I would make much more if I would "play politics" within the corporation.

I tried for 6 months. Couldnt Now I make minimum wage..and live life more abundantly in my heart. Money buys things. Things dont make your heart feel content.

Long intro to my survival package....Months of research..This includes the possibility of bugging out.

Latest addition ..2 rolls of silver eagles and 5 1/10 oz gold eagles.

Add to this as you see an opening please.
God bless you and keep you.

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 03:14 AM
oops didnt paste the stuff..

I have been preparing for the shtf scenario since bush senior invaded iraq even more so since 911,

first instinct was pearl harbor event...second
my skills
usmc trained electronic technician- 20 years exp. analog/digital training, programming, radar systems,

computers, communications , video systems
since 911
security guard - tactical course hand gun training.
locksmith 1 year
a/c heating course
self study -
economical structure building techniques and short term emergency building.
windmill - 500w generator (avg wind 20mph = 200w ) 449$..need tower/charge regulator/batteries.

charge controller 99$
tower design

in process. aquaponics - the merge between aeroponics and aquaculture. Simply put. Fish tank

water is filtered through grow beds and recirculated back into the pond. Advantages over traditional

methods is 80% less water loss, faster and denser growth of veggies, fish growth = to amount of food

given. One 80 gal fish tank holds 80 talapia harvestable in 4 months avg 1 lb. this tank feeds 2 4x8

grow beds. Replensh water at 1% / week. No weeds to pull. Much fewer pests to control. 15 mins/ day

to test temp/water variables. NO pesticides allowed...would kill the fish! In fact only use natural ph

adjustments if necessary. Quantity. An Aquaponic farm of 2 acres with 12 greenhouses in the east us

produces enough food to feed 2000 people a year. Try that with agriculture!

my checklist

survival research and preparidness

knowledge- search and download the following to cdrom/flashdrive. for use in a notebook pc.
solar battery i can read this stuff
army survival manual
water purificition techniques
food identification in local area.
emergency medical proceedures
shelter designs / formulas
recipes --survival
alternative energy designs
home foundry plans
home brewery -- good for barter!
alternative healing recipes
water well drilling
and growing

gear for 2
good boots
guns/ammo - shotgun- handgun - rifle ..22 with low velocity rounds..silent
tent / bags
duck tape
paracord 200ft
medical pack
skinning knife
night vision goggle
communication radio
am radio
notebook computer
solar battery charger

all water tanks full 2000 gallons
rainwater catchment
sistern... TBD

12 months supply- rice/beans/flour canned veggies and fruit
see costco emergency food supply...275 meals for $85

shelter- ferrocement underground "root cellar"

battery backed up surveilance with motion detectors. notebook computer accessable.
root celar coverage
window coverings..primary dwelling
propane tank enclosure- if on propane... use papercrete.

water well if possible ..otherwise 2000 gl tank added to 1700
gas generator / gas -- can run municipal water pump at fill station if needed...i just pick the lock.
mabe...heard that this has been outsourced and water will be guarded.
windmill / battery bank

greenhouse- aquaponics....RESEARCH a full on life saver if you have water

available. Grows crops with 10% of the water that traditional soil based gardening

...I haven't completed the list but have food and firearms and 500 rounds for each.
Also building a chicken coop this weekend for 25 chicks.
total spent ..on my credit card $5000 or so..

Sorry for pureists ... If my taxes are bailing out banks then I"ll use survival as a reason to charge!

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 03:27 AM
... Where's your set-up at?

I'd just like to know for when I have to start relocating / moving back.

But seriously... nice. I've been trying to convince my wife it's better to be prepared and have nothing happen instead of having nothing when everything comes down... but nope.

She's a "realist". Her circle of family friends never extended past local farmers, unlike me, where my father and his other 'Nam vets prepared for everything.

Heh... once she finds out why the credit card bills never seem to decrease, she'll figure out I'm getting ready. Slowly, but surely.

Anyway, once again, nice set up. My hat's off to you, sir.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 12:33 PM

I'm living in northern Arizona. Upper desert. Hence the concern for water and using Aquaponics for the farm. I'm still in building stages though.

Sadly I just hung up with the well driller and it isn't feasable for me to dig a well 1200 ft at 14$/foot. So I'm going ahead with a 3000 gal water tank.
That will give me total storage of nearly 5000 gallons. I think that is enough to rehydrate and cook food along with drinking water / beer production for a year.

I think beer will be a nice barter item.
When hurricane Ike hit Galveston 5 months ago I was dealing blackjace to a few folks from that city. They were getting called by their son saying he found some beer and paid $200 for a case and was drinking it warm.


I involved my wife by giving her a choice of two ways to prepare for the inevidable.
1. Bug Out..means spending weekends looking for a place to go and preparing it.
2. Dig in. This was her choice.

Don't get me wrong she still winces at the credit card payments and every time I charge more she goes silent for a while.
BTW I didnt post that I charged my silver and gold purchases. I had no idea that was possible. Kind of like a cash advance that will increase in value!

Good luck

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 12:40 PM
im gonna say youre well prepared. im going with the possibility of running, or staying. its winter in philly, and my house is quite warm but my bags aocked, too. im also packed kind of light because if theres no gas, my vehicles may not go far. good luck to you, and for that matter good luck to us all!

posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:17 PM
You can purchase metals on a card? Huh...

That is one of the better things I've heard!

posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 12:12 PM
Yes. You can purchase coins on a card. I have my next 2 rolls of sivler eagles being delivered tomorrow. Why not use the credit card?

If the banks are going to go "bankrupt" then I"m going to get all that I can now. Sorry if you think i'm being corrupt, but I've paid them enough usary in my lifetime to shove it up their combined usaries.!!

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 01:23 AM
Oh no, I don't think you're corrupt... I was just taken back in that this is one of those things that mentally made me take a step back. I never would have thought that one could buy money on credit... but now that I think about it, that's exactly what a cash withdrawal is.

It's eloquently simple. It makes sense. And hell, if things turn out for the better, it's a great way to pay off your bills; charge the coin purchase, wait for the general increase in value, sell them, and you've paid off the purchase with interest!

Win - win, no matter how it's looked at.

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