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More UFO's over NJ

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posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 01:08 AM
Hey folks,

On March 1st, 2009, in Bricktown, NJ, I saw something very strange.

There were two separate incidents.

The first one happened at approx. 9:00 P.M.

Me and my friend were taking a ride to go get cigarettes when my friend said "what the hell is that?".

I looked up and saw 4 bright lights in the sky. I said "they are just planes"

They were in a formation, one leader and the other 3 behind in a row.

Then the leader took off at a very high rate of speed and the others followed seconds after and went out of sight.

The second incident was more significant.

It was about 9:50-10:00 P.M now, we were back at his house, outside smoking a cigarette.

I spotted 2 bright lights, same as the ones before, then 2 more just appeared , they were now in a circle formation.

Then I saw something different.

I saw a red light, approaching the other lights.

then 4 more red lights appeared behind the original one.
(they were very similar to the Morris county lights)

The bright white-yellow lights assumed their formation from earlier that night.
(1 in lead 3 in a row behind)

The red lights were not in a formation, just randomly scattered.

Then, one of the bright white ones started to approach the red lights.

Then one of the red lights began to approach that light.

They, met and hovered in front of each other for about 5 mins.

Then, all the white lights just vanished, gone.

The red light slowly started heading approx. NW.

Then shot off at a high rate of speed.

Unfortunately, my friend and I aren't fortunate enough to own a camera phone

If anyone that lives in the Bricktown area and saw something, speak up! and if anyone got video of this please post it!

I'm currently asking locals if they saw anything that night.

There doesn't seem to be any sort of police report or anything like that.

Please post any information/pics/video if you saw this.

Additional Info: 2nd incident only.

Distance- about 5-7 miles from us.

Size- Hard to tell, I'm going to guess about the size of a large house.

9 objects total (5 red, 4 white-yellow)

They were not blinking, they were steady lights.

No sounds were heard.


Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum

[edit on 3/3/2009 by Shakezoola]

posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 04:25 AM

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