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We, The Sheeple?

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 06:26 AM
"Sheeple" is a term used here a lot - but is it really true?

No doubt there are those who buy into the MSM and government party line, but there are also many with open minds, and many more who simply don't care.

Does not caring make someone a "sheeple"? Quite simply, NO.

It may make them selfish, but in many cases they know what goes on and simply choose to ignore it and get on with life as best they can - not an ideal scenario but it's their choice.

Which brings me to my point - there is an increasing number of people who are interested in "alternative" topics, and who no longer believe our governments.

Over the last few weeks I have had conversations about 9/11, Iraq, Terrorism, CCTV, NWO with people ranging from retired teachers, to doctors, to taxi drivers, to musicians - in other words from all walks of life.

I also had a quite unfortunate conversation with an ex-RAF serviceman who is now a teacher, in which he basically said anyone who believed in this was just a crackpot.

My answer was (and always will be) that we should at the very least keep an open mind, and not dismiss things out of hand just because we don't like what we are hearing.

When I'm out, I usually wear my ATS hat, and this may be the reason why people feel comfortable starting a conversation about certain topics - they may feel that because I belong to this site I automatically believe in every CT.

What I have noticed though is that there has been a huge increase in people talking about "conspiracies" and there are obviously many reasons for this.

However, I'm going to say straight out, that it's because of the proliferation of the net and the increasing disillusion with government and the MSM as well as the sites like ATS now gaining more and more membership and acceptance.

This is a good sign.

The people I have spoken to have all been strangers and although the age range does vary, the single biggest group is people between 30 and 55.

I believe the time is coming when people will start demanding answers - not asking, demanding

It's no accident that there is more and more in the news about UFO's for instance.

The MSM has already sensed which way the wind is blowing and are trying to get onside with other news than the usual government/murdoch sponsored tripe.

This though, is a process which will take time, it will not happen overnight and nor should we expect it to.

Education takes time.

People are learning and beginning to question.

The majority are not "sheeple" but are simply misinformed as they have been programmed to be, and it is our duty to help and continue the process of informing those who question the official line rather than mocking them by calling them sheeple.


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