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Anyone ever been to Sedona Arizona?

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 02:57 AM
I have been looking at Sedona as a vacation spot alot here lately and was wondering if anyone had been there and could verify that it is what it is.

For those who do not know sedona is supposed to be an energy nexis where the vail is very thin and energy flows very freely. Around sedona there are many spirit healers, yogis, phycics, shaman and many other praticianers of the paranormal.

I would like to go and have months to plan the trip but I take a lot of people on here seriously and if I get enough it is a waste of my time responses and its all hype I will look into other places.

I believe places like this exsist but I also believe the power of sugestion is strong as well and can mimic the effects of true paranormal in a ill trained person. When I get there I will know if the energys exist there I just want to know if they do before I get there so I can plan a different vacation if they dont.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 04:20 AM
Yes it is full of energy, however IMO it is very misused and abused, by people interested in money, rather than well being, if your saying what I think you are, then yes it's worth it.

But for those who just wanna have fun?

I love Sedona, very peaceful town, full of Spirituality and Mysticism, However listening to friends recently, I get the impression that newcomers wanting to live there are now frowned upon a lot more than they used to be.

Since it became world famous for several reasons, every tom dick and harry who ever felt a bump on a lay line, or saw a puff of white smoke, or feels they are the saviour of planet Earth, wants to go live in Sedona, (not you OP, talking general special people with God awarded talents)

There are a lot of places in that area that I would recommend, Az travel guide

Sedona is a great place, but has become a tourist trap, and has the prices that go with it, other places in that area and not to far away, are
Grand Canyon


Meteor Crater

Camp Verde

There are lots and lots of hidden Gems out there also, from Volcanoes, to genuine Ghost towns, History, Legends, the biggest part though has to be safety, for anyone who even just travels through that area, heading in any direction, This will help

Flagstaff makes a great place to stay and a great hub if you want to visit different places, it's right in the middle of everywhere, even the hidden places.

A lot of people have headed for Sedona, a lot of them stayed, and a lot of them saw money in those there tourist pockets, it is normally those who don't go over the top to sell themselves in Sedona, that have the most insight, those who seem to understand, and believe that they don't have to tell lies to tourists, to be wealthy, not just in the wallet but in the soul as well, and they do exist in Sedona, but let them find you is my motto

Yes Sedona is a good place for a Vacation, But staying slightly away, and commuting in every day, would save you $$$$$$, unless you have the good fortune to drive your own version of home, then all is well.

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 05:28 AM
I'm also interested in Sedona.

Can anyone recommend a few things to do there, if passing though for a day? Not necessarily recreational or generic touristy, but more along the lines of ATS-interesting kind of things to see and do. Thanks!

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 06:34 AM
I was there in the 70's,my friends big brother had a commune there,at the time was not unlike Haight Ashbury dist,but like other places I'm sure it has changed,I'm relocating not far from there so yes I too will have to spend some time there,although I'm not into any so called awakening,just interested is all,plus may me a hot lookin redhead there

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by azzllin

You were so helpful thank you so much. We were considering flying there because well, Indiana is a long way away but with the links to the other places you sent me we may consider driving now so we can hop between places.

You hit the nail on the head. I don't want people out to make a buck hammering me the whole time I am somewhere. I mean I believe if someone helps you in your search for enlightenment you should compensate them somehow but when someone is just doing it for the money or just plain scaming the gulible that is wrong.

Again thanks.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 02:16 AM
...people may not believe this, as its all a bit too Close Encounters...but anyway:
For many years - from a young child, I have always had this *place* appear regularily in my dreams. I see it so clearly, smell the hot dry air, feel the cleansing heat of the place...and for some reason hear this low tonal buzz there too.

It *feels* like home to me - yet there is a deep mournful sadness mixed into that feeling.
There is the feeling of loss, of feeling may seem wierd but it was almost a feeling of "Where has everyone gone? Where did they go?" type thought/ if experienced by someone returning home and searching for their family etc...only to find the place empty.

Anyway, a number of years ago I made friends with a Native American Indian lady who used to frequent ATS in the early days - though she has since passed away - and I shared with her this recurring dream...

...I described the place, that I *felt* it was somewhere in the USA, described the colour of the rocks, the rock formations etc.
Well - blow me down if she didn't say "I think I know the place you have been dreaming of" and sent me a picture of EXACTLY the place I dreamt of for years.

It was Cathedral Rock.

There are other elements to that recurring dream which would probably be more suited in the UFO/Aliens Forums here...but that was an incredible awakening, to be shown this place in my dreams did in fact exist and where it was.

I haven't fully delved in to what may behind those dreams, the whys and hows...on some levels I have, but theres more under that surface to be peeled back yet when the time is right.

Who knows. Maybe one day I'll travel to Cathedral Rock, stand there, smell the air, feel the energy of the place...and see what whispers to me.

posted on Mar, 4 2009 @ 06:47 PM
On the subject of 'Energy Nexis''...

Totally believe there are areas which are I guess convergence points of *energy*.

I know of and/or have been to a few right here in my own country, New Zealand.

Definitely some trippy places here no doubt.

I'm thinking of one I have been shown where all the stereotypical events/anomalies happen - such as your watch doesn't work, and if its a digital watch well forget it it ain't gonna work again. Cellphones don't work within that area, yet will right up until you reach the place. GPS systems don't work there...any readings you get from there put you apparently in all manner of places. Again, your GPS will be accurate right up until the place then its just nonsense. Compasses, blah blah, all the usuals.

This particular place is considered a place of healing for my people.
It has been used for centuries by us so the stories go. Its a place to be taken to if you need to find some answers about yourself, to just ground yourself and cleanse off all the attachments and baggage that we allow ourselves to become burdened by in our everyday lives.

Like many of these places it is also somewhere that doesn't have a map to it, isn't advertised or the location of openly shared - it is a place you are taken by the elders to 'when the time/person is right'.
I know that sounds all airy-fairy but in many ways thats how my culture has always operated...things are not demanded or requested or expected...they are delivered to you, taught or shown to you when you are judged as being ready to receive it - or in need of it at that time.

My own experiences at that place I can share as they are mine to do so:
What I found mindblowing about this place was the inner 'dichotomy' I experienced there.
My mind was both silent and still yet bustling with sound and images. Peace and conflict...chaos and calm. I guess that was what I needed to experience and why I was taken have some stillness and calmness WITHIN all that inner turmoil so that I may be able to further examine the chaos in a way that didn't draw me into it, from a grounded mindspace that kept me safe.

There are other quite powerful places I know of. Interestingly I work within the Mental Health sector - have done for some 14 years now. I know, the irony is not lost on me...

There is a place close to where I work that is quite a healing place. It is the brow of a hill/cliff-face overlooking the citys harbour/ocean. It is a place where our two main winds from the North Island and the South Island connect and converge.
I've taken some of our clients there...those who are experiencing episodes of mania particularly. I walk them up to this place and get them to stand in a certain spot...and the effect is amazing. They just come down quickly...calmness comes over them...its like the energy of those winds just blows away or takes the edge off the energy of that persons mania. Better than popping a pill for sure.

One other interesting *energy* area I know of is one I actually discovered by accident - yet upon telling my elders about it they were already aware of the place and instructed me to never return to it again and to never tell anyone or show anyone where it is. Indeed a few of them were quite upset with me that I had been there - even though it was accidentally - and gave me a right ol' telling off before doing a karakia/prayer over me.

I was out hunting once...had been 'in bush' for a few days now and was hunting in some adjacent mountain ranges to my usual hunting spot.
I tracked a few deer for a while, briefly caught sight of them off in the distance a few times but mainly just followed their tracks through the bush.

The tracks led up over a ridge and down into a valley. I followed them down into this valley then nearing the bottom/basin of this valley noticed that the tracks actually somewhat doublebacked on themselves. The deer had gone down a bit further, then turned around and came back up.
I also noticed that the tracks were deeper, more erratic. From reading tracks over many years you get to pick I guess the 'manner' in which an animal walks.
These tracks weren't normal everyday 'just ambling along' type animal tracks, they were spooked. They were hurried, paniced and bolting away from something.

No worries I thought, carry on following the tracks. The tracks actually went to the side of the valley and led up along a ridge to the other side of the valley and back down the other side again. Again I think I only ever caught sight of the deer once while tracking them back up and along the ridge. I thought that strange - as deer, in my experience most animals in the bush, are essentially lazy animals. Well, maybe thats a bit harsh, but they generally take the easiest routes to wherever they wish to go as opposed to winding their way through undergrowth, up hill and down dale when they could have just walked straight through the basin of this valley.

By the time I got to the top of that valley again it was around mid afternoon...I had been tracking these deer for hours and figured oh well, good on them, they get to live another day, I better start heading back to my encampment as its a fair hike away.

I started back down into the valley with the plan of tramping directly through the basin and back up the other side. As I got closer to the basin my *instincts* just started kicking off. Something just didn't feel right about this place at all. I noticed that the birdlife, which is normally abundant in the bush, was becoming few and far too the insectlife. I also noticed that it grew quieter and quieter the more I walked down into this basin. The sounds of birds etc just died right out.

My inner-voice was just saying "dude, no good, this place is no good" to the point I actually locked down the bolt of my rifle and flicked off the safety ready to fire. Thats something I just DON'T do...I always leave my rifle-bolt partially open for safety and only ever fully lock it down and disengage the safety just prior to taking a shot at a deer or pig.

I just got this chill that got colder and colder with each step. I noticed the colour of the foliage was less lush and rich, it started to look more and more faded, eventually going from a pale green to an almost gray colour.
It was practically right at the bottom of the basin that I noticed I could hear nothing. No sound. Anyone who has ever been in a florishing bush knows that they are surprisingly alive with sound. Birds, animals, trees moving etc. This place had nothing. All I could hear were my own footsteps and breathing.

I snapped off a branch - heard that loud and clear.

Tossed the branch away and up into a clump of trees...heard it clearly impacting and falling through the tree canopy. Yeah. This wasn't normal at all.

So, as they say, discretion is the better part of valour...I made like those deer, doublebacked and hightailed it out and AROUND this basin...

Again the freaky thing was as I hurriedly made my way back up and out I notice that sounds came back, I could hear the birds and usual bush noises coming back getting louder and louder. Once out of there, boom, everything was 'normal' again.

Not surprisingly I didn't stay my intended week in the bush...instead the very next day I packed up camp and hiked my butt back outa there and headed home quick smart!

What was that place?
Well...I didn't go right into the very centre of that basin.
But if I was to just go with my instincts I'd said it was a place of death. A place where the energy and feel of death just seemed to hover. It was NOT a pleasant place at all. You bet I've listened to my elders and have NEVER gone anywhere near that place again.

The real scary thing was standing there close to it...inside me was this push-pull going on...part of me screaming at myself to get outa there fast and part of me just wanting to keep walking right into it. Feels yucky to even remember it.


posted on Mar, 5 2009 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by bcroper

Well, this is all very synchronistic I must say ... up until the other day I'd never heard of Sedona !

But when I was updating my website the other day I was searching 'google images' for some photos (on Earth), to go with a video that I'd added about rock anomolies on Mars ... and after laboriously looking at hundreds of images the only ones that came close were from Abu Simel in Egypt and Sedona in Arizona.

Now I stumble upon this thread (simply because I recognized the name) and discover that it is a place known for it's spiritual / paranormal / alien energies.

Here's a link to the page on my website that I'm refering to if you'd like to see exactly what I'm babbling about; 4532942544

EDIT TO ADD; the link doesn't seem to take you directly to the page mentioned ... it only goes to the 'Welcome Page' ... but if you scroll over 'video page 1' in the sidebar and click on 'the alien pages 1')


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