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Climate engineering

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 02:20 AM
I decided to post this subject here, because I couldn't figure out what would be a better forum for this.

There has been a lot of indicators lately that goverments want to decide how to solve climate change problem by themselves. Reasons are obvious and simple. Every goverment on earth wants a climate that is most suitable for their own benefit and good. That does not include any though to the matter that their decision might actually affect negatively the lives of billions of others. New Scientist has one article that tells about this a little. I'll provide a link.

new scientist

What do you think? Does a space flight capability owning nation has the right to change climate in ways that will prevent negative effects of climate change in their own territory, even if it causes a lot of trouble to other countries?

Isn't HAARP one of the part of this kind of politics? Russia also has their own version of exact same thing. What I suspect is that they are preparing to take domination of climate for themselves. I smell conspiracy.

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