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The iPhone of 2015 Promises Flexible Screens and Contact Lens Displays

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posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 01:48 AM
Watch what future holds:


Fake? No, that is the future iphone which you and your children are gonna probably buy, unless you are the unlucky ones who pass away (sorry

The most interesting feature of the iPhone 2015 is its first generation Contact Lens Display System.

You can see the world the way you want to see it, that is an amazing achievement.

The problems associated with contact lenses (protein build-up, 8-hour wear limit, annoyance of constant inserting and removal) will be lessened with oxygen-permeable lenses. O2OPTIX, a company currently specializing in such breathable lenses, already sells a lens capable of week-long wear without removal. “O2OPTIX is made with a revolutionary silicone hydrogel technology allowing up to 5 times more oxygen through the lens than the leading traditional 2-week lens, to help protect from the signs and symptoms of corneal oxygen deficiency.” It only makes sense that seven years from now a lens will be developed which can last even longer making wearable contact lenses less of a pain.

Ofcurse problems, but all problems have solutions just need more research.

If you can't wait for the future than ummm build a time machine
Problem solved.

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