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Bank bailouts and about giving us stock??

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 09:49 PM
This came up over dinner on Sunday night and we all got talking about the bail outs and the fact that AIG just got more loan guarantees to the tune of $30 billion or so.

We started talking about what that is going to do to us, the little people. The ones who will have to shoulder the burden of these loans with the inevitable taxes that will follow. It also got us talking about the ways to make these huge companies repay these things in a timely fashion and where the monies should go. More importantly, why none of those monies are coming to us, the tax payers.

I came up with this..why not issue stock to anyone who paid taxes this year or next year or what ever. You see where I'm going with this?

If we, the tax payers, were issued stock in these bailed out companies, we would actually have some say and power in this whole bail out scandal.

Shares of class A stock from the following companies...

11-08...The TARP has so far committed the following funding:

AIG $40 billion

JP Morgan $25 billion

Citigroup $25 billion

Wells Fargo $25 billion

Bank of America $15 billion

Merrill Lynch $10 billion

Goldman Sachs $10 billion

Morgan Stanley $10 billion

PNC Financial Services $7.7 billion

Bank of New York Mellon $3 billion

State Street Corp $2 billion

Capital One Financial $3.55 billion

Fifth Third Bancorp $3.45 billion

Regions Financial $3.5 billion

SunTrust Banks $3.5 billion

BB&T Corp $3.1 billion

KeyCorp $2.5 billion

Comerica $2.25 billion

Marshall & Ilsley Corp $1.7 billion

Northern Trust Corp $1.5 billion

Huntington Bancshares $1.4 billion

Zions Bancorp $1.4 billion

First Horizon National $866 million

City National Corp $395 million

Valley National Bancorp $330 million

UCBH Holdings Inc $298 million

Umpqua Holdings Corp $214 million

Washington Federal $200 million

First Niagara Financial $186 million

HF Financial Corp $25 million

Bank of Commerce $17 million

TOTAL: $203.08 billion

These figures are from Global reserch way back in November so the numbers are most likely higher.

If these companies had to buy the stock back from the tax payer in a timely fashion, then we would actually benefit from this mess as well as big business. Buy back the stock or split it to make it more attractive for us to hold on to it.


posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 10:09 PM
In light of the fact that the government is actually owning stock of many of these companies now we should demand that it be passed on to us, the taxpayers that send the money in to the fed so they can bail them out. Instead the politicians will do what they always do. You see in their eyes we would be too ignorant to know what to do with the stock, so they the feds will hold it and run these companies from the top and make profit off these stocks in the future so now the gov has that money plus our money and we won't ever get a dime of it back in real wealth, but hey, look on the bright side, they can fund 10 or 20 percent of univeral health care, or maybe start a new interstate highway they can't finish, or best of all they can take all that new money they might make in the future and invest it somehow in another country!
I like your idea, yet 300 million american citizens could all agree with you too and it won't ever happen.

posted on Mar, 2 2009 @ 10:07 PM
Well I did it.

I just shot an e-mail to the President outlining this very idea.

I refined it a bit and will see if the White House responds to this idea.

While I doubt that it will make it to his desk, maybe some staffer will read it and pass it along.

And for all of you shaking your I did not do this from my home computer...

No black vans are going to find my house!!!!

On a more serious note it will be very interesting if they do respond.

I'll keep you updated.


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