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The Conspiricy WITHIN ATS

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 04:42 PM
I, like many of you, come to this site to figure out the truth. Or at least try.

Recently here on ATS there has been rather heated discussion about banning topics related to Zionism and Psychedelics, as well as other sensitive subjects. The logic behind banning these topics comes down to the fact that it is possible that there are groups which frequent this site with the meaning of derailing the topic.

The two subjects you traditionally don't talk about because people have strong feelings are politics and religion, right? Well, guess what we write about here? Your going to get strong opinions and some people, perhaps even collaborating, to promote agendas.

It is a well known fact that ATS is the webs largest site for discussion of "Alternitive topics".

We, the private owners of ATS enforcing those standards is not censorship. If the government forced topical standards on us, THAT would be censorship. Simple

The owners and Mods of this site are the governing body of this site. They make the rules and enforce them. I do understand that this is a private site and they are allowed to do such things, but I feel that THIS should be the last place to be censored. As the governing body of this site, the mods have the power to curb this. Not the members. We can only watch our own mouths. We put our trust in you, as patriots of this site, to protect OUR best interests.

When these outside influences (call it cyber-terrorism) start to make an impact on the site, the good members are punished by taking away THEIR rights to post intelligent conversation? Seems to me like an awfuly "Patriotic Act". Instead of dealing with the real problem of disinfo agents and such who are making these threads turn in the wrong direction, it is easier to make a blanket rule that effects everyone. I think that this is wrong.

Originally posted by SkepticOverlord



The issue of free expression on ATS has run an unusual course on this thread that initially had nothing to do with that particular topic.

From this point forward, those wishing to discuss their options of the "freedom of speech" (or lack thereof) on ATS should do so in this thread: Freedom Of Speech, ATS, and Ending The Eternal September

Any contributions to this thread on the issue of freedom of speech as it specifically applies to the policies of ATS will be removed.

Thank you.


The above quote was in response to the thread being "derailed" into the subject of ATS censorship.

So instead of talking about the real issue, with the people who have a say-so present, we are told to post on a different thread. We are told that our post will be deleted if we continue. Isn't that "drawing a line in the sand"? The mods can call conspiracy against themselves yet when they take a step to ban all related topics and conspiracy is called upon them...conversation over. Go somewhere else.

So when a thread or post comes up thats acually the truth what better tool to use to hide it than misdirection, whilst we're all shouting about our rights, your rights and the owners rights, that little gem that showed us the truth slips away into the void never to be heard of again.

I think to see the big picture you have to look at the big picture. I understand that those "negatives" that the Mods do not wish to deal with may be touchy subjects but what isn't on this site? We talk about everything! But don't talk about drugs or Israel. How can you expect to come to a place filled with so much honest information and have two of the most IMPORTANT subjects banned? Its censorship. That's all you can call it. It doesn't matter the rhyme or reason. The masses are being punished by the elites because some small unknown group has caused them terror. Sound familiar?

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 05:08 PM
There are already several threads on ATS dealing with this topic.

Freedom Of Speech, ATS, and Ending The Eternal September

The ATS Issues Thread well as the A Conspiracy Against ATS? thread.

Please contribute further questions and/or comments to one of the above linked threads.

Thank you.

Thread Closed.

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