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What do these have in common?

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 08:10 AM
Maritime Law
Tel Aviv
Denton County Meteor
and the


Well, lets just say that the connections are being made. While all the media rambles about total nonsense and most alternative sites basically talk even more rubbish there is a plot whose clock is ticking. Time is running out.

The connection comes from The Tribe of Dan... the serpent. His crew travelled all over the world conquering various cultures and replacing it with his serpent one. He was forsake by God and foresaw to come back and be the judge of Israel. But lets not solely concentrate on Dan and the Bible.

To really understand what is going on we must also delve into the world of old Arcadia... the pre-flod Altlantean era. Once we explore the various mythos and symbology during that time period... certain clues begin to appear that begin to make a lot of sense. Things like, Hiram, the creator of the Freemasons. King Neptune , who had his demons intermarry with humans and create the demon seed called Bistea Neptunis. Which by the way look a lot like Binjamin Netanyahu.

The four horseman, the multi-headed beast coming out of the sea... they all begin to make more sense when we get out of the frame to see the picture.

Here is the video put together making my case:
(sorry I can't figure out how to post the video)

Another clue i put together linking Tel Aviv with Denver

posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 09:07 AM
The danites are the ones god told to kill the 'peaceful and unsuspecting people' to steal their land right? god was being evil again, crazy.

I would suggest looking at the bible that IT is the evil book, it worships a god who kills and murders while the devil which it says is evil is in fact an alright guy. God wanted us to remain slaves, 'toys' or ornaments in his garden but satan taught us about right and wrong, he offered gender equality and democracy not gods evil dictatorship.

So anyhow without getting too off track, the bible then tells us to fear these serpent men who aren't human - it s literally demonizing anyone who speaks against the 'truth' that god is love, freedom is slavery, etc -god tells us that he is our master, satan tells us we are our own master yet it's become so twisted by the evil conspiracy inside religion that anyone who speaks out against the powers that be is instantly called a serpent.

I think calling someone a lizard is just a form of demonization, it's an ad hom attack -instead of dealing with the issues it's attacking the character, If we want a better world we need to put aside ad hom and focus on issues and solutions.

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