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The Ominous Omnibus Bill

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posted on Mar, 1 2009 @ 02:33 AM
I've been going over this Omnibus bill 1105 and man this is pork for the pork.

Here are some of the things that it covers....

> over $1 billion, with a “b,” is set aside for just salaries and expenses Representatives. For members who serve on committees or take on leadership roles, the rewards are great — $25 million allocated. The House Speaker job receives $4,879,000, with $25,000 for official expenses.

> Over $5.5 billion is for HIV/AIDS prevention efforts — there’s now an AIDS office in the White House

> the UN gets $50 million for “family planning,” which includes abortion

> NASA gets $4.5 billion for Science, $500 million for Aeronautics, $3 billion for Exploration, $5.7 billion for Space Exploration, and $169 million for Education; the National Science Foundation gets $5 billion; NOAA just over $3 billion.

> Because the War on Drugs worked so well here in America, the government plans on taking it global. Over $875 million will be dedicated to fighting narcotics in the Middle East and Asia, with $315 million more for South America, excluding the already mentioned wad for Columbia.

> Head Start program an additional $235 million

> low-income schools will receive an additional $539 million

> Special Education jumps to $11.5 billion

> English Language Acquisition, $730 million — I’ll leave you to guess what that one’s all about

> Safe Schools and Citizenship Education, $690 million

> Over $5.3 billion is allocated for School Improvements; Innovation and Improvements, $996 million

> Egypt gets $1.3 billion for border security as well

> Over $2 billion goes to Israel for “border security programs and activities in the Sinai,” with $670 million to help them procure defense articles and services

> over $4.5 billion to be presidentially administered under the foreign military financing program

> $19 million for the Election and Political Process Fund, which influences elections in foreign countries.

> $17 million targeted for China and Hong Kong

> Syria, listed as a state sponsor of terrorism by the U.S. government, will see $900,000 directed toward them as John Kerry (D-Mass.)

> $116 million for the Democracy Fund, to help spread the joy of a mobocracy across the world

> $545 million to fight narcotics and terrorism in Columbia

> $545 million for family planning/reproductive health globally

> $2 million for the Congressional-Executive Commission on the People’s Republic of China (what do they do?)

> $115 million for the National Endowment for Democracy

> $400 million for the Office of Violence Against Women, mostly in the form of grants

> $60 million “for grants to encourage arrest policies

> $81 million for USAID

The IRS’ administrative costs weren’t listed, but they do plan on needing over $2 billion for Taxpayer Services, with $5 billion earmarked for Enforcement. Operations Support will cost them $3.8 billion and only $2 million for Business Systems Modernization.

There's much in the bill that relies on the judgement of the Secretary of State concerning such things as aid for foreign countries, including the Russian Federated States, and given the personage of the present secretary, this is very scary.


My head hurts reading this thing. This is just some of the pork thats in this bill that passed.

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