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MJ-12 Microsft Google UFO arrival priming?

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posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 03:11 PM
I've been noticing a couple of coincidences and thought I would bring them up to expand the discussion into possible conspiracy.

I've read a lot about MJ-12, and the possibility of an exopolitical conspiracy dealing with visits from ufos. That study lead me to think of global mind control of people through propaganda in the form of imagery and logos. The global consumer brands are good examples. Most people can recognize what the golden arches for McDonalds, or the Nike Swoosh represent. The logos and color schemes are in the neural network long-term memory of many people.

This is relevant to the 1976 Iran Ufo because of the reported color patterns visible to witnesses. The colors were red, blue, green, and orange (which is red and yellow combined). So the colors were essentially red, blue, green, and yellow.

If that sighting is legitimate, and a throught-control effort is underway to gradually introduce the human population to the existence of ufos and identify them, then it would make sense for those in charge of the conspiracy to introduce to the human population some sort of logo or brand identity with those colors displayed by the lights of the crafts: red, green, blue, yellow/orange. That way, people would be subconsciously accepting of them because of their familiarity with the color scheme as consumers.

To be effective, the brands with the color scheme as a logo would have to be used by billions of people, and subconsciously imprinted on a person's memory daily. The people would be primed with the color scheme, thus would be familiar with the color scheme on a subliminal level when the arrival occurs with many crafts displaying lights with those colors. The people would be less fearful subconsciously of the familiar.

So, any guesses as to global brands used by billions of people daily that could be candidates for a thought-control effort to prime humans to be less fearful of the colors of ufos when they arrive en masse?

Amazingly, there are two that I know of. And they are huge.

1. The Microsoft Windows logo: on the Start button on the lower left of every computer running Windows around the world, the requisite color scheme, red, blue, green, yellow, matching the Iran 1976 UFO, exists. Billions of people see this logo and color scheme daily on a subconscious level. They are deeply familiar with the colors.

2. The Google logo: also seen by billions, and also containing the color scheme, red, blue, green, yellow. The favicon image in the browser address bar for displays these colors as well as the logo.

This color scheme is essentially the same as the 1976 Iran UFO, that is red, green, blue, and orange. Orange, as mentioned, is red and yellow combined.

So these two brands, Microsoft and Google, use color schemes in logos seen by billions daily, that just happen to match the color of the lights of the 1976 Iran UFO, a very credible sighting.

How would the conspirators be able to influence these companies to adopt these colors, and assure that the products become so ubiquitous? That would be complicated, difficult, and remote. For a thought exercise, I consider the possibility that the other beings are operating on a level that allows them to suggest thoughts to humans, via technology or some other means (like revelation from God or angels, akin to how things are revealed to prophets). So the inspiration for the technology was divinely inspired, as were the color schemes.

As a disclaimer, when very manic I saw a red/pink light about the size of a SUV moving at a high rate of speed along a train track along the back of my house, and also saw several emerald green orbs a couple of days later, hovering in woods outside the window of the hotel I was staying in. Both instances occurred deep in the night, and I was compelled by something to look out the window when the sightings occurred. The area is near Hanscom AFB in Massachusetts.

Food for thought!

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posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 03:24 PM
The railway track sighting is interesting. I had the same here in the UK, it was travelling along a disused railway line. Mine was bright yellow, eight sided orb with like heiroglyphics carved into its front, flippin weird as mate, sort of strutted left to right as it moved forward. Not standard stuff at all. Anyway why do they use the rail routes?

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by ufoorbhunter

My thought at the time was that the red orb was eluding the radar systems by travelling along the tracks. Doing so makes sense as a way to fly through relatively urban areas with a low probability of detection at a high rate of speed. I was manic at the time, and was open to contact or sighting or whatever, because of my mental state. It did not come as a shock to see the red orb. The speed was awe-inspiring.

A few days later at the hotel, the green orbs were hovering in the woods. I was on the 4th floor, about 40 feet up, and they were in the woods about 100 yards away and about 20-40 feet higher than the window.

At the time I knew nothing about the green orb sightings from around the world. Honestly, I never really gave UFOs much thought other than as entertainment in the movies or on television. The sightings I experienced at the time I surmised were hallucinations due to manic psychosis.

The experience was so real, that I became very scared, and threw something at the window, shattering it. I closed the curtain over the broken window and never looked out again.

What frightened me was that the green orbs would blink on and off in patterns of two or three, or were all on at once. The patterns seemed intelligent to me, and felt like communication, which scared the hell out of me.

This occurred a couple of years ago, and as I have gotten better I have never been able to shake the memory and the feeling those lights gave me. When I learned about the green orb history I was very surprised, but it actually made me feel like the experience was something more than an hallucination.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 04:51 PM
Thats interesting.
Can't seem to find it on a search, but I'm sure I read on ATS a while back a thread by somebody who claimed that you could communicate telepathically with the greys.

You had to meditate though.
The method involved picturing your brain in 4 quadrants:

Front-left: RED
Back-left: BLUE
Front-right: GREEN
Back-right: GOLD

You had to imagine 'switching' between the 4 in that order, like tracing a line through your head. After a while the crown would feel warm, and apparently after long enough you'd be on the right frequency to telepathically communicate with the grey aliens.

Could just be a coincidence of course, but could that little tale lend a bit of credibility to this idea?
Maybe, just maybe.

I'll let you lot ponder it.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by selfisolated

Thanks for the insights on this. I searched and the thread is from 2006, entitled "Proof Positive of Alien Comms" -- it is a big thread.

Really is amazing that Alien Agenda would transmit to ATS his technique, and that the coincidence that I posit is a potential conspiracy would so closely match the technique.

This really makes me wonder why those colors were chosen. What is it about that part of the spectrum that is so important, what is the key that we are missing?

I originally thought of the color scheme as a thought-control technique to subliminally prime us for the arrival. In light of the color meditation technique to contact greys, I am led to believe that seeing the colors as we do when using Windows or Google could open a remote viewing portal for the greys, into our consciousness. If that happens, then they could telepathically monitor any one of us, at any time when we are using Windows or Google, and perceiving the red, green, blue, yellow color combination.

I am new to ATS so I had no idea about the meditation technique until you mentioned it.

If this is thought control or portal opening, how do we shield against the remote viewing? I can't stop using Windows or Google.

My inquiries herein delve into the possible, not the probable or actual. I am intriqued by incredible coincidences, and seek meaning in them when encountered. The thoughts in this thread are amounting to an Incredible Coincidence.

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