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Federal Crimes/Cases chart Shows the Extent We Have LOST our Civil Liberties!

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posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 10:40 AM
I found this today, and now Fully realize the Extent, we have lost our most Basic Rights and Civil Liberties. The Chart is of Federal Crime Cases in Court since 1980!

It shows, violent crime has stayed even, Property crime has fallen, but the two crimes that have risen are: Drugs and PUBLIC ORDER!

I then wanted to know MORE of what the Meaning of "Public Order" was as "crimes".


crime which involves acts that interfere with the operations of society and the ability of people to function efficiently", i.e. it is behaviour that has been labelled criminal because it is contrary to shared norms, social values, and customs. Robertson (1989:123) maintains that a crime is nothing more than " act that contravenes a law." Generally speaking, deviancy is criminalized when it is too disruptive and has proved uncontrollable through informal sanctions.

link to original source of crimes chart:

During 2005, criminal cases were commenced against 91,578 defendants in U.S. district court. Most (88%) were charged with a felony offense. Thirty-four percent of felony defendants were charged with a drug offense; 38% of all defendants were charged with a public-order offense -- including 20% with an immigration offense and 11% with a weapons offense. Fourteen percent were charged with a property offense. this link gives the complete information of how many were sent to jail, pleaded guilty etc. The above external reference is also from this link.

Tables at a glance link: below is from this link

Defendants in cases concluded in U.S. district court
Violent Property Drug Public order*
1980 2,871 13,544 7,119 15,638
1981 3,022 13,851 8,077 15,887
1982 3,111 15,340 8,987 15,301
1983 2,737 16,384 9,774 16,963
1984 2,814 15,969 11,361 18,380
1985 2,871 16,250 12,984 19,009
1986 2,818 17,286 14,746 19,202
1987 2,850 17,175 16,443 18,153
1988 2,697 16,261 16,710 18,524
1989 2,805 16,188 19,750 18,916
1990 2,857 16,128 20,035 19,684
1991 3,124 15,749 21,203 20,115
1992 3,601 16,876 22,728 19,910
1993 3,581 17,440 24,127 19,484
1994 3,367 16,545 21,854 19,907
1995 3,041 15,777 19,569 18,964
1996 3,091 16,149 21,718 20,440
1997 3,482 17,521 23,528 20,361
1998 3,470 17,165 25,500 23,530
1999 3,093 17,321 28,352 26,866
2000 2,964 16,664 28,381 28,861
2001 2,977 16,347 29,290 28,450
2002 2,927 16,871 30,775 29,783
2003 3,040 16,868 30,508 34,690
2004 2,962 15,774 29,309 35,346
2005 3,304 14,669 30,129 38,578

Note: Includes all cases handled by U.S. district court judges and Class A misdemeanors handled by U.S. magistrates. Beginning with 1994, the data reported are based on the Federal fiscal year beginning October 1; prior years' data are based on the calendar year.

I tried to have these set in the right columns, but it does not take, there are four columns of numbers, violent, property, drug and public order are the last set of numbers in the columns.

Do you notice anything about the numbers? They went up dramatically the last ten years, also what about the last 4 years? What are those numbers? I would bet they have even possibly DOUBLED on the "public order" column!

I believe this shows how people have been charged with "public order" crimes more than have been charged with violent and property crimes.

The public order crimes can be from people demonstrating or supposively using our right to voice our opinion.

These statistics show, where are country has been heading for awhile now.
Again, what are the numbers from the last few years? Will we ever know?

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 02:09 PM
I have found a site with all the public order offenses listed:

a few of them listed are:


166.005 Treason

166.015 Riot

166.023 Disorderly conduct in the first degree

166.025 Disorderly conduct in the second degree

166.065 Harassment

166.075 Abuse of venerated objects

166.076 Abuse of a memorial to the dead

166.085 Abuse of corpse in the second degree

166.087 Abuse of corpse in the first degree

166.090 Telephonic harassment

166.095 Misconduct with emergency telephone calls

166.116 Interfering with public transportation


166.155 Intimidation in the second degree

166.165 Intimidation in the first degree

those are just a few, there are many many more listed on the site including all kinds of "weapons" offenses.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 02:12 PM
This is excellent.
Keep the people in order.
Control the masses.
Make every independent thought and action a crime.
How disturbingly convenient.

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posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 02:17 PM
Star for you bro-

This is shocking and very revealing, I had no idea. I had no idea and I was a government agent for years. Still, this is not a good thing for us. When the lions share of prosecutions are for matters related to "public order".

Man, this really says a LOT!

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by uaocteaou

I agree, I had no idea and it very definitely tells you about the "state" of our consitution!

The last 4 years though, have been the worst consitution abuses - I would REALLY like to see the numbers of how MANY people have been brought up for "crimes" of public order, since 2005

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 03:29 PM
Thank God for the second amendment.They may have us at a disadvantage with all the bogus laws on the books.But when it all finally comes down to confiscation of our last bastion of hope. The people will erupt in mass. Then we can right all the wrongs our court system has bestowed upon us.

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