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Bush should have executed Gitmo detainees, says former CIA officer - without Trial

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posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 07:22 AM
A CIA officer, has come out saying Bush should have executed Gitmo detainees WITHOUT a Trial?! That is NOT what a civilized nation does, that is what a third world country does with a dictater. I am completely apalled that someone would even suggest that!

link to article: Bush should have executed Detainees at Gitmo

A former CIA officer has said its ridiculous that the Bush administration didn't execute numerous prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, regardless of whether they have had a trial, when it had the chance.

"Many of those individuals that are there are enemy combatants and that's based on the Geneva Conventions and should be executed," said Gary Berntsen, who spent 20 years with the CIA, to Fox's Gretchen Carlson on the show, Fox & Friends. "It's ridiculous that the Bush administration, after seven years, didn't deal with many of those that we know are enemy combatants."

Can you imagine what the world would think of us, if we had just began executing prisoners? We have already lost face in the world and there are more people joining organizations against the U.S, due to our torturing detainees, imagine how many MORE would join, had we started executing people.

Berntsen also advocated for the execution of self-described 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, saying that he no longer serves any intelligence purpose for the U.S.

"After seven years, the intel is dried up. Execute him," he said.

Last time I looked, the U.S was not a complete barbarian country, what is suggested is complete barbaric actions!

Vid on site linked


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