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Police in USA vs police in Europe

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 01:55 PM
Video of what happens to abusive police in Europe:

Whilst in USA the police are in total control, and the people do nothing for some reason. Im looking to find a video like this from USA, but none so far.

Nightmare in USA

While this is going on, they show you THIS on TV to brainwash the people:

Anyone else that have any comments or videos on how the police differs from USA to Europe?

I live in Norway and im happy with the police in my town.. they are good people, and definitly dont join the force for the chance to get in some fights and to abuse people.

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 02:25 PM

Our police will happily kill you, plant drugs in your house and most of the time get away with the crime.

Luckily, these guys got caught... but that is a rare occurrence.

Or better yet, how many videos do you have to see of police abuses such as tazers, botched raids, etc.

And you all in Europe wonder why we fight tooth and nail for our RIGHT to bear arms.... we have to worry about criminals, thugs, violence spillover from Mexico and the police at times.... LOL

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posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 02:26 PM
The video you linked was a bit of soccer violence that happened in Portugal in a very hot SL Benfica vrs FC Porto match. That was not a policeman, I think it was a private security guard. And this happened years ago, as Trapattoni was the benfica coach in that video, and he coached in 2004-2005.

So it has nothing to do with police violence and is not a recent event.

I find this thread dangerous, as it advocates violence against police forces. What do you want, a police state? The more violence against police the more the governments of the planet have police spending justified, and the end result is a downscale of personal freedoms, as we will have one cop on every sidewalk. Most police are good people, but what ruins it is the psychopathic percentile. See links in my sig for further information.

Do not get dragged into violence, it is not the solution vrs tyranny unless tyranny overplays their hand and goes violent first. Isolated incidents mean nothing in the big picture, but overstated can facilitate the climate of fear needed to justify a police state, which is something the controllers want and need. Don't play into it.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by Zepherian

It doesnt matter if they are security or police, its the principle of abusing authority vs someone. Seems as if people wont have injustice.. they stand up against abusive authority, like karma.

I dont see that in USA. People just stand by and watch. People are realy divided.. they live in a country of strangers, where they dont care about eachother.

In Europe people are much more brotherly, and gathered. They care and cooperate much much more, while americans are more in the "do it yourself, and ill do it myself" mentality.

This is not a thread to advocate violence against police in general. If anything its about getting what you reap, like the abusive person gets abused. Not anyone else. There are innocents on both sides, both civilian and police. And they dont deserve to receive violence.

posted on Feb, 27 2009 @ 03:03 PM
Well, we are not so far down the dehumanization process as the american populace seems to be, I can agree with that. But it's happening. It's a natural result of corporate culture and all this elitist memetic poison being almost forcefed to people via television and other media.

But we here have older cultures, perhaps more resilient to the degradation of our society. But it's still happening.

They destroy the agriculture, they downscale our wages, they give us conflict based sports to watch. A bit of popular justice dosen't change the overall scenario.

The problem of the US is the US uber alles mentality and the extreme capitalism in the minds of the people. Money is the only measure of worth. Here, in Portugal, since there is no money that aspect has been less noticeable, yet we are still in the controllers claws in other ways.

A couple more generations and we will, if we don't wake up too, be in just as bad as psychological state as a lot of the american populace dealing with the current crisis which is legal, economic, military and cultural over there, whereas here it's not so widespanning, yet.

But there's still a spark of humanity within all of us, so anything can change over and be right again, given the chance and the stimulus.

Edit to make the post seem less arrogant and US bashing, which was not the intention.

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